December 2017 at Delmar : Recap

It is hard to believe that 2017 has come and gone so quickly. However, here at Delmar College we are excited to welcome 2018 with open arms! What did Delmar College get up to in December to finish 2017 with a BANG?

Delmar College would like to congratulate 3 of our classes at our Esthetics and Wellness Spa. Our Clinical Estheticians, Nail Technicians, and Professional Estheticians that finished the year with a Diploma – Congratulations! There is nothing like starting off 2018 with success, and opportunities at your door.


Congratulations to our January 1400 hr. Hairstyling class who graduated in December. We cannot wait to see what comes next for all of you!



We here at Delmar College shared the joy of Christmas this year by starting our new annual “Toy Drive”. While searching of a charity that we wanted to partner with and donate to we came upon the “Magic Of Christmas” charity. This charity spoke to us here at Delmar College because of their reputation and their undoubted desire to spread the magic over the holidays.
“The Magic Of Christmas”  is a complete non-profit organization that runs off  of their donations and the many volunteers. They decorate a city transit bus to be a reindeer and sleigh filled with the hundreds/thousands gifts, volunteers dressed as Santa’s elves, and they drive around Calgary delivering presents to the homes, families, and hospitals of children in need.
We couldn’t be more Proud to Donate $230.00 worth of toys as well as the numerous donations from students, staff, and loyal customers of Delmar College. Thank you to everyone who donated!
Want to donate? Don’t worry. Our next toy drive will be posted and you can help us help children and local families during the holiday season 2018!



Another Thank you to: Social Media Coordinator Brittany Connors , Esthetics Director Audrey Eastham, and Director of admissions Shauna Defreitas for taking the time to purchase & donate so many wonderful toys with the $230.0 0!  



Could you imagine FREE MEN’S CUTS?  Well Delmar College was at it again! We’ve hosted a very successful Men’s taper workshop for our senior Hairstyling students. Can you believe in 1 day with 10 students we had 60+ men’s cuts come through the door!


We would like to thank all the volunteers who came in and helped our students by receiving a FREE hair cut! If you’re bummed that you missed this one – DON’T WORRY! Delmar College will be hosting another Men’s Taper Workshop this month. Keep an eye out on all our social media outlets to stay informed!

This month promotions…
(All promotions are able to be seen on all our social media)




…We’ve shared some pretty amazing amazing student work..
(Check out our website to see more student work)



….Started getting our Student Barber Shop ready for clients come February!


Feature wall for Delmar College’s Student Barber Shop


….We’ve done another “Delmar Morning Chatter”  vlog with Social Media Coordinator Brittany Connors on our apprenticeship program.
…We’ve published blogs from current & past graduates of Delmar College…




2017 has been an amazing year, and December a great month! Stay tuned to see what Delmar College gets up to in 2018!

Coming up..
* new enrolment
* Specials
* New “Delmar Morning chatter” VLog
* Student awards & Blog 
* New Services
* Flash sales
* 8th Blog post of  “diary of a hair student” by Morgan Calvert
…..& Much Much more!


– Brittany Connors
Social Media Coordinator


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Social media Coordinator Brittany Connors





“Path to red seal” guest blog by Morgan Mclarren

Have you ever thought to yourself  “what’s next”? Now that you’ve completed your 1400 hr program, what is the next process to get licensed and red seal certified? We asked Morgan to tell us where her path took her. Here is her story.




-Morgan McLaren


I am sharing my path to obtain my red seal journeyman certificate. This can look different for many people, but if you’re someone who has yet to attend beauty College, or is in school currently for a hair styling certification, let this story help you out!

If your not in school yet, I will let you know how I decided on which beauty college to attend. I have met many people who have attended different schools in Calgary, or other cities. I asked other stylist their thoughts and opinions on their schools they attended. I also took tours of several beauty colleges in Calgary. My opinion was definitely affected by watching my best friend, and coworker Stephanie Fiori who attended Delmar College and went on to successfully get her Red Seal. She recommended Delmar to me because it is so focused on passing government exams -both theory and practie. I can now say the same thing! I would not be where I am today without Delmar, their instructors (especially Sonya Afshari) and their curriculum.

Middle: Instructor Mrs. Soniya Afshari   Right: Morgan McLaren


Our theory exams are also very to to the ones you will have to write. So be sure to study the best way for you. Learn how you memorize the best. Is it by taking practice multiple choice exams? Is it by someone reading questions out loud and you answering? Or, if you’re like myself, I remember information best by jotting down notes. I created study cards throughout the school year and truly thanked myself later for having them as a tool for studying for my government theory exams.




I chose to start my apprenticeship while still attending Delmar. I would recommend this, as I did the 3 day program and had the time. I have me loads on insight into the salon environment, and the expectations. It was inspiring and motivating to work at karma, and was my light and the end of tunnel with school! My coworkers gave a ton of support and cheered me on throughout school and afterward. Be sure to choose a salon that works with who you are. I know personally I wanted a salon with a “family” like culture, and lots of education. I did not want to be rushed on to the floor as a stylist, and wanted to truly be a sponge taking in all I can and building my confidence.

Find someone at work as a mentor – someone licensed and that you can go to Witt any questions. This person can keep you accountable in signing up for exams and helping you with feedback on practical work.

The scary part:

The scariest part about the red seal, is the government exams (at least it was for me). I personally struggle with a lot of test anxiety leading up to and during exams. I no longer had my instructors to hold my hand, or motivate me to get them done. My advice is that no matter when you decide to sign up, it’s going to be scary. So just get it done right away! It makes more sense to have all the information from school fresh in your mind, because It can take a while to get through all 5 exams with waiting on available examination dates.

I personally called shortly after graduating in to the apprenticeship board, and asked what my next step was for singing up for my first exam. I was asked to mail in a copy of my diploma from Delmar, and once it was received I can submit payment online. This was the same for each following exam. As soon as I found out I passed exam, I would sign up for my next one right away. If you put it off, and makes it so much harder. I was calling, submit payment through my trade secrets been anxiously wait to receive the date of my exam. Be sure to be on top of checking their website and your email as not to miss the dates and be prepared! Once you have a date, take the time to study or practice drills, get a good nights rest the night before and have some sort of reward for yourself for getting it done. I personally would reward myself with some sort of treat for getting an exam done, because it is something to be celebrated!

There’s how many exams?

There are 5 exams I had to write to receive my red seal.

1. First period theory – you can sign up right away to do this exam.

2. First period practical – you can sign up for this as soon as you pass the first theory exam, and so on for others.

3. Second period theory.

4. Second period practical.

5. Red Seal theory exam

Stay motivated and get’er done!

No matter what, this process is going to be stressful! I tried to look at it one step at a time. Go to school, graduate, get an apprenticeship then do the exams one by one. It’s okay to feel like you’re struggling, know you have support from Delmar, friends, family and coworkers in this journey. Never stop practicing, studying and be on top of you. You’re ultimately responsible for getting licensed, and you have to take all the steps necessaryto do so. If you’re wondering when to sign up, do it as soon as you’re able. Know that by getting your period two and red seal done, you get government grants as a reward! It’s totally work all the stress and time it takes! It personally took me a year and a bit from graduating Delmar to get all my exams complete. YOU CAN DO IT!

-Morgan McLaren

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Social media Coordinator Brittany Connors

“Wake up Call” A guest blog by Mariah Rycroft

The moment you finish your 1400hrs here at Delmar College our graduates move on to the second step of their learning process, Apprenticeship. Sometimes, we tend to only  hear the success stories and then get to thinking “How hard can it be?” Not every Happy ending comes with a successful beginning. Today, we hear from a graduate of Delmar College and her story of how hard it really can be. 

– Mariah Rycroft

     The day I received my diploma from Delmar I was beyond excited. I couldn’t believe how accomplished I had felt. I made it through the hours of studying and practicing for both theory and practical exams, made it through the numerous highs, and the numerous lows, it was a dream come true. I was so excited to get out there and get my hands in hair and start building up my clientele, boy was I in for a bit of a wake up call.

      I received a job at a boutique salon, which I thought would be a great environment for someone fresh out of school. I soon came to realize the environment of this salon was not what I was looking for. There was not a lot of educational opportunities for a beginner like myself in this particular salon, and for someone who was starting to realize school could only teach you so much, it was very disappointing. This was only the tip of the iceberg so to speak. It was hard to realize that this was it? When starting out you’re told that you that you will “assist” and “learn” from senior stylists. For me this wasn’t the case. I was bullied at work. I was under appreciated, and I was looked down upon.

    After only working there for a couple months, it was decided that I would no longer be working for that salon. I then would go on to spend the next couple months working retail to help pay the bills. I had started to convince myself I had made the wrong decision in choosing hair as a career.Then, everything changed when I received the opportunity to interview at Redbloom salon.

The amount of support, education, and confidence I’ve regained working at this salon has been impeccable! I now love waking up everyday to go to work! Which was always something that was important to me when deciding what to do with the rest of my life.

There are a few things I believe are important for those wanting to enter into the industry, or those ready to graduate and take the next step.
One: Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you chose an easy career. It is not easy whatsoever! With that being said, it is also a very rewarding career to be able to make people feel beautiful and confident!
Second: Never lose your passion! No matter what life throws at you. When I lost my job, I was going through multiple personal issues as well. I thought I would never be able to regain my passion towards anything. Luckily, I had an amazing teacher at Delmar, who I stayed in contact with, and she was able to push me to get back out there. I will never be able to thank Brittany Connors enough for giving me tough love. My mom also played a huge part in regaining my confidence, as she never stopped believing in me.
Lastly, I believe to be of the most important is to be picky! Be picky in the salon you choose to apprentice in. Do your research, see what each salon will offer you education wise, and support wise. It makes a world of difference when you work for a well organized business.

All in all my experience outside of school has been what some would call a roller coaster, but I couldn’t be happier to be on this crazy ride, and can’t wait to see where it will take me next! 

-Mariah Rycroft

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Social Media Coordinator Brittany Connors

Delmar Student Ambassador: Sammer Shamoon

Our Student Ambassador for October & November was awarded to Mr. Sammer Shamoon. Here is his story:

– Sammer Shamoon

Q1. Why did you choose Delmar College?

– I chose Delmar college for variety of reasons. One of these reasons is Delmar college very good reputation and I can say it’s number one in Calgary and probably Alberta. Another reason is many friends who studied hair styling recommended Delmar college.Also I looked to the college website and  Facebook , checked all the pictures and the reviews and simply I found what I was looking for. Big thanks to Shauna who helped a lot when I wanted to register for the course.

Q2. What award did you receive/prize?

– I got a really nice Jaguar scissors  as a prize.

Q3. What does it mean to you to have been chosen as the school ambassador?

– honestly, I didn’t expect to be chosen as the college ambassador because I only started studying less than two months ago. I’m glad that there’re professional instructors who appreciate and noticed my hard work and how much effort I put every day at school. It’s an honour to represent such an amazing institution as Delmar college.

Q4. Why did you want to become a stylist/barber?
– I’ve always been interested in hair industry. Hair styling and barbering is the thing I wanna do now! This decision came after lots of thinking and researchs about the industry. Also , I’m surrounded by people who share the same passion. Friends and Family whom they work as barbers or hairstylist are always encouraging and help me since I decided to study at Delmar college.


Q5. So far what has your experience at Delmar College been for you?

– It is an amazing experience so far . Lots of learning, cutting, new information and most important meeting all these incredible instructors and students. Everyone is friendly and professional. The atmosphere inside the college is indescribable . It’s a big family! Everyone is smiling and working hard. Being happy where you study or work makes the difference in your experience.

Q6. What advice would you give to someone about Delmar?

– My advice is if you wanna be involved in hairstyling or barbering industry Delmar college is your best choice. Taking the first step is all you need after that they will take care of you and make sure that you graduated as a hair artist.

Q7. What is your goal/step going to be?

– For now my goal is to learn and get experience as much as I can . After I graduate I’ll work in one of the salons in the city to get more experience. My long term goal is opening my own salon.

Q8. Has this been the right path for you?

– This is the hardest question to answer. I believe everyone can do and be whatever he wants if he works hard. Hard working is the key to success. Failing is not the end of the road as long as you get up again and fight.

Q9. How did you decide to become a barber/stylist?

– Simply, I wanted to do something different. Something that I know I’m going to be good at .  An art or magic. Barbering and hairstyling is the path that I think I can fulfill my passion and dreams.



– Sammer Shamoon




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Social Media Coordinator Brittany Connors

Diary of a hair student #7 by Morgan Calvert


Hello Everyone,


Thank you for joining me again for this this months blog 🙂

School is basically just like working in a salon now that in into my last four months of school. Its been fun being on the salon floor and finally starting to feel like an actual hair stylist! 

I don’t have much new information about the actual program at this time, other than its been a lot of fun and the time in the program  has been going by very quickly.


Here’s some pictures of all the cuts and colors I have actually  remembered to take pictures of. 🙂






Thanks again for reading my blog this month!

– Morgan Calvert


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img_5366Social Media Coordinator Brittany Connors

October & November at Delmar: A recap

With fall coming to an end, and winter approaching quickly Delmar welcomed and said goodbye to many.

Congratulations to our November Hair styling class. All the best to Niveen, Brittany, Tiffani, Harsh, Jamie, Megan, Komal, Emily, Rakinder, Keeley, Jordan, and Mystique. We wish you all nothing but success!



November 3 day Hair styling class


Congratulations to Our March 5 day Hair styling grads. Meghan, Nicol, Mary, Rebecca, Kate, Samina, Cara, and Rima. We cannot wait to see all your successes in the future!



March 5 day Hair styling class


Another warm congratulations goes out to our Clinical Aesthetic graduates. We are so pleased that you chose Delmar College to start your journey, and cannot wait to see all your successes!

One part of Delmar College that many may not know is that Delmar College Hosts the Apprenticeship Program for all of Southern Alberta. A huge congratulations goes out to our First Period Grads Agatha, Chelsea, Kathy, Caitlin, Jenessa, Robyn, Fe, Samantha, Queeny,  Jaina-Brooke, Cindy, Chanaya, Christelle, Makenna, Nancy, Shannon, Juveria, Meagan, Marjan, and Mohamad.  We cannot wait to see you all back here in 10 weeks for your Second Period.

Photo Booth Library

2017 1st period Apprenticeship Class


We welcomed many new classes between October and November! 



A huge welcome goes out to our new October Professional Esthetics class.


October Professional Esthetics class


… Delmar College’s First Barber Focused Hairstyling Program!



… October Hair styling class!


October 2017 Hairstyling class



…  November Hairstyling class.



November 2017 Hairstyling class


We’ve welcomed October and November Clinical classes to Delmar’s Newest Location 5769 4th St. Sw Calgary.


We finish our “Welcomes” with our October Makeup 101 class, and November evening Nail tech class!  Cant wait to see all your creations!


Here at Delmar College we love to promote everything new and exciting – Here are some of those moments that we’ve shared with you!


We started fantasy themed makeup applications in our Makeup 101 class. keep following us to see what they do next!



Makeup 101: Fantasy


Our Lash extensions  are in full swing!



3 day Lash extension class



We had many awards given to students for : Student of the month (each class), retail awards, and school Ambassador!



Student awards!


… shared much of our client feedback from our student hair salon.



…Shared our student work ( don’t forget to add #delmarlifeyyc to your posts so we can see them)




We’ve featured work from our Recent Photo shoots. Thank you all for all of your hard work and creativity! A huge thank you goes out to Brandon at Analog Dog Creative for some amazing images.



Hair Graduate Megan Boguski wrote a blog about her experience here at Delmar
( click here to see it )…

As well as the 6th Diary of a Hair student by Morgan Calvert. (Click here to see it)



Delmar College Announced the Opening of our Newest Location of our Wellness Spa located at 5769 4th st. Sw calgary, AB. It is now open for clients. Call and Book in today!

Delmar College also created a monthly video blog called “Delmar Morning Chatter” with Social Media Coordinator Brittany Connors to answer questions we commonly get regarding our programs, Student aid, Apprenticeship, and much more! Be sure to catch  all of our videos on our YouTube channel.

Don’t forget some amazing deals that we have going on here at Delmar!


All deals are able to be seen on all of Delmar College’s Social Media outlets!


Coming up…
*Delmar College’s Student Ambassador Blog’s for both October & November will be posted in December!
*Student of the month for October & November
*New Year Specials
* 7th Blog of Diary of a hair student by Morgan
* Delmar Morning Chatter #2
…. & Much Much More!

Be sure to keep checking in with us to see what is new at #Delmarlifeyyc !



What a Busy and Wonderful couple of months it has been at Delmar College. I cannot wait to share with you what December holds to finish up a great 2017!

– Brittany Connors
Social Media Coordinator




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“A Mom, a student, and now a Graduate” A Guest blog by Megan Boguski

      Sometimes we do not always get the ‘cookie cutter’ life plan that we dream of when children. Sometimes, we as individuals need to take control of our lives and make decisions to better our future. We asked recent graduate, Megan Boguski to share her experience about her 1400 hr. Hair styling program here at Delmar College, and how she managed a very busy schedule.  Here is her story: 

Megan Boguski

As a mom with a busy 3 year old making the decision to go back to school did not come lightly. Hair school was a dream I’ve had for a long time. Thankfully, when I had my meeting with Shauna at Delmar it went from a dream to a goal. I knew school would be a huge commitment both mentally and financially for not just myself but my husband and son. I signed up for student loans, found an amazing daycare facility, and I enrolled in the full time Hair styling program with 8 hour days, 5 days a week!


Megan & Son Linden

I started the first week of March. I had been told beforehand that it was not an easy program and a lot of studying was involved. The director said this once again in orientation, and even explained the financial penalties of dropping out at each stage of the program.


Meghan & Instructor Mrs. Connors

The first semester of school involved learning everything needed for the final exams like roller sets, perms and finger waves, which any stylist knows is not easy! We also had 2 tests a week. As a wife whose husband works 12+ hour days in construction, I knew I would be doing all the housework, cooking and daycare drop off / pick ups myself. My nights almost always involved staying up till all hours of the night making sure I was ready for the next test.


Megan & Class at the Walk for ALS

My first month was a frustrating experience. I didn’t take cosmetology when I was in high school, nor had I been in school for over 6 years. I had to learn how to study all over again! I felt like I wasn’t getting some of the hands-on practices that I was being taught. I was lucky to have an amazing teacher Brittany Connors who offered tutoring, and with my family’s help in watching my son the tutoring classes allowed me to excel!


Megan and her Completed Art Of Lift class certificate!


Coming back to school as a mom was one of the toughest things I have done but also so rewarding. I worked as hard as I could, taking advantage of all the opportunities given to me. I had volunteered at 2 different modeling agencies styling hair for photo shoots, the Calgary hair exchange, an advanced color class by one of my instructors maricel and more. To add to my experience I was able to win retailer of the month from August to October winning me a new set of tools.


After 9 months of hard work; with my Delmar diploma in hand, I’m so excited to have found an amazing salon to work at called “Blossom Salon” which is located on Bannister Road SE Calgary. Now I get to spend more quality time with my son then I ever had when running a day-home, and best of all I’m doing something I love and continuing to grow my career.

If you’re in need of a new Hairstylist look me up! First appointments with me receive  50% Off service!

Megan Boguski




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Social Media Coordinator Brittany Connors

Diary of a hair student #6 by Morgan Calvert

Hello Everyone,

We’re all just entering our seventh month of the 1400 hour hair program, and we’re finally on the salon floor full time. Its been a lot of fun,  having clients and getting to work with real human hair instead of the mannequins.

When the instructors tell you that working on a real human head is easier then mannequin hair they  aren’t kidding at all! I use to think they were just telling us that so we wouldn’t panic about being on the salon floor but now I realize that it’s just truth.


So if you’re struggling to get your sections even or neat, just know that its way easier then you’re being set up to believe.

Also working with color is super rewarding and I have so much fun doing it and making clients happy with their new looks when leaving the salon!


I’ve come to the conclusion that my favourite things to do on the salon floor are dramatic transformations. For example I had a client that had been blonde for eight years and decided that she wanted to be a dark auburn, it took me five hours to complete but I felt super accomplished when I finished the job and my client was happy with her hair! (see attached photo below)



Color Correction done by Morgan Calvert


I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my work this month!

Thank you for reading.
-Morgan Calvert




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   Social Media Coordinator Brittany Connors

Delmar Student Ambassador: Reagan Mongrain

What Program are you currently in? How long do you have remaining?
-I am in the 1400 hour, 3 day hair styling program that started back in August. I have about 8 months of training left which seems crazy because I feel that I’ve already learned a crazy amount and I can’t believe there’s still so much more. Looking forward to learning it all!

Why did you choose Delmar College?
– Choosing a hair school was way easier that I thought. I had taken a couple school tours, Delmar being the last one and after talking with Shauna I knew right away I wanted to come to Delmar. Their curriculum stood out to me that they focus on you learning with mannequins before sticking you on the floor with real people. I had also heard many good things about Delmar from coworkers at the salon I worked at.

What award did you receive ?
– I received ambassador of the month and as my prize I got the Paul Mitchell protools express ion style+ flatiron; which I am super excited to use when I start my first day at the salon after school!


Reagan receiving her Ambassador award.

What does it mean to you to have been chosen as the school ambassador?
– It is an honor to be chosen as the school ambassador! It shows that the teachers really notice the effort and hard work I put in everyday. It is really nice to be recognized for your hard work because it gives you that extra push to keep going.

Why did you want to become a stylist?
– As a little girl I always loved doing my friends hair whenever we would play around. I loved that everyone had a somewhat different hair texture and they all did different things. I love to make people feel happy and beautiful, it makes me feel good as a person when I did something for them.

What is your goal?
– My goal right now is to rock all of my practical evaluations so I’m able to work on all clients when our class goes to the salon floor. My next step out of Delmar is to go back to Hedkandi Salon where I was working before hair school. I’ll receive even more education at Hedkandi and begin working my way to being a stylist.


What is your favourite part of the Hair program?
– I loooove color! I find all different hair colors to be beautiful and you have so many options to play around with! Going to Delmar and learning to cut hair has made me more interested in haircutting but I still think my main one is color.


So far how has your experience been at Delmar?
– The experience has been pretty great! All of the teachers are super helpful and you can go to anyone for questions. I’ve learned so much already and I’ve only been in the program since August!


What advice would you give someone about to attend Delmar?
– To always be paying attention and listening or it’s going to be harder. It’s such a fast paced program and there’s so much new information being given to you everyday and if you aren’t paying attention you most likely won’t be able to catch up.

Has it been the right path for you?
– I would say yes, definitely. Working with people and their hair brings out a side of me you don’t usually see. I get so happy and giddy over my work if it turns out nice. I love to have the opportunity to be as creative as possible, and in this industry you can!

– Reagan

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Social Media Coordinator Brittany Connors

To Barber or not to barber? Guest blog by Alison Confrey

Delmar welcomes a new barbering/stylist program to the list! Starting this exciting new path of men’s grooming at Delmar College is going to be taught by Alison Confrey.  Here is her story!


By: Alison Confrey


Hi! I am Alison, Delmar’s first 1400 hour Barbering/Hairstylist instructor. ‘To barber or not to barber?’  That was the question facing me in 2014 when I was offered a position as a Barber in the Downtown Core. Not a very difficult question you say!

However, I was living just outside Dublin, Ireland at the time so it was a huge one for me! I am Irish through and through and had never considered living outside of Ireland. So, the challenge of moving to a new country was a major decision for me and my family. This also meant leaving behind everything I knew about ladies hairstyling and moving into the world of barbering which was an even scarier decision at the time. In my 25 years as a busy stylist, I also taught apprentices and managed salons. However, barbering to me consisted of older men going to older barbers for their ‘short back and sides, please’!

My family decided to ‘bite the bullet’ and move to Calgary arriving in freezing temperatures we had never seen before! It wasn’t long before I started work and to say that I was nervous is a huge understatement! However, looking back, it was the BEST decision I ever made!


Some of Alison’s work



Wow! I was shocked at how much the men’s grooming industry is booming here. It is so much more than the ‘short sides and back’ I was anticipating! Being in the downtown core, surrounded by oil companies, banks and law offices, has proven to me how much guys are into how they look and how their look is perceived by others. They are completely up-to-date and focused on men’s trends which is incredible! All my fears were ‘quashed’ and it is exciting to work with colleagues who are vibrant, fashion-forward go-getters!



Some of Alison’s work


Being a barber is such a fun, creative and exciting career and I encourage you to get involved! Coupling this with learning new skills like hot shaves and hair tattooing has made me decide to be part of Delmar’s new program. It is so exciting!


Delmar has put together a totally new program combining everything you will need to enter into the wonderful world of barbering including all haircutting (both scissor and clipper), fades, hair tattooing, hot shaves, facial massage, facial hair design and much more!!!! Your major will be in Barbering and you will be able to join any barbershop with confidence in your skills! You will also get a solid grounding in all the techniques required to pass your government licensing exams necessary to become a Licensed Hairstylist.


Delmar’s First Barbering/Stylist class!


We are very excited to begin this new journey which is a HUGE step forward in the industry! Follow our progress through the program!

For more information regarding our program, please contact Shauna at . We can’t wait to meet you!


No gimmicks just great education