The Evening Esthie’s: Episode 1

We live in a world where we want reality. Look at our choice of television shows, and celebrities who are famous for being themselves. We want the truth behind things, and I think, more importantly, we want to know how others experience something.

So why not get a taste of what it is to be in one of our Esthetics classes?

Today is the first of several posts to come that will follow our evening Esthetics program (or the Evening Esthie’s as they like to be called), basically from the end of their first module to the end of their program. Each month, or more, we will hear it from one of their perspectives. Their success stories and their struggles.

Who are the Evening Esthie’s? They are Teneika, Lacy, Kasandra, and Cathy. Our first blogger from the group is Cathy. So, without any further ado…


Cathy here from the Evening Esthie’s, taking a minute to look at my journey so far in completing my Esthetics Diploma. I just finished Module 1! As the course began I was sure I would wax off someone’s eyebrow. Not sure if this is a common nightmare for anyone first learning to wax, but it was mine. I apologized to my models when I first waxed A LOT! Now I am speedy and efficient. My first customer actually fell asleep. Her feedback was that I was gentle.


Hi. I’m Cathy.

Pretty clear on my professional image and how to carry myself. My previous work experience has given me lots of practice. I really like working with, and for, people. I have a great class, and we are becoming fast friends. Our instructor Vanessa is amazing. She is so comfortable to be around, and is a great communicator. She has so much experience and I love her teaching style.


This is my instructor Vanessa

Besides waxing and professional image, I have learned about Infection Prevention Control. Covering the fungi, parasites, viruses, and bacteria we carry and can be exposed to; products I will use to protect myself and my client from infection; how important sterilization of tools is; and how important it is to be consistent and follow rules and regulations of the spa. Follow all safety precautions for yourself and clients.


Red polish is challenging


Currently I am working on manicures and pedicures in the student spa. Slowly seeing an improvement. Studied hard to know all nail disorders and diseases. A lot to know, but bottom line, sure do not want a fungus!


So 4 tests, 1 project, filling all my quota’s, and mod 1 is done. I look forward to class and learning something new, making new friends, having clients and model days, and so much more.

The Evening Esthie’s work hard, but we play hard too. Lots of laughs and life experience in this class. Let’s face it… we are the best!!!

Thanks Cathy! Stay tuned for more posts from the Evening Esthie’s in the new year.



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November at Delmar: a Recap

We started November on a high note and welcomed our November Nail Technician class on the first of the month.


We hosted another graduation ceremony and reception on November 2. Congratulations to all of our graduates in attendance, and thank you to guest speakers Lina Chammoury of Edges Salon & Spa, and Lisa Coombs of Joico.


The $100 Gift Card for $50 Sale launched again!


Student of the Month, Jamie Osaka, was featured in our last blog post (click here to read it), and she won an awesome prize for, well, being awesome! She is our first ever school-wide student of the month recipient. How do you get this title? Simple. Just be a Delmar ambassador and your instructors could nominate you. From all those nominations, one name will be chosen per month.

Some of our students and staff spent a Sunday getting creative with some amazing presentations and demonstrations at the Grey Eagle Casino for the IBS Beauty Roundup.


Delmar College was happy to welcome our newest Professional Esthetics class in November!


Congratulations to our March Hair Design class on their graduation! We wish you all the success in the world.


We extended another huge Delmar welcome to our new November Hair Design class! They are doing some amazing things, and we cannot wait to feature some of their work.


We caught up with Delmar alumni, Morgan McLaren. She took over our blog and shared a piece with us about what inspired her to become a hair stylist. (Click here to read it)


MAKE UP FOR EVER stopped in and held an amazing class with our Esthetics and Makeup students. A huge thank you to Pro Business Manager Jacqie for coming in and sharing so much with us. All of our Makeup students receive an amazing kit from MAKE UP FOR EVER’s Pro line, and we are proud to be partnered with them.


Our Esthetics department held another Industry Scavenger Hunt day. Our esthetics students are paired up into teams and sent out into Calgary to complete some beauty industry related tasks. They win some pretty cool prizes, but more importantly, they get to meet people in the industry.


Congratulations to first period Apprenticeship grads! We look forward to seeing you all in second period.


We held another highly successful Eyelash Extension course. Here is one of our recent students Sarah, working on her lashing skills. For those who are interested, we will have another class running in January.


What an amazing month we had! Thank you to everyone who made it so. December brings the holidays, and all the cheer that goes with it. We can’t wait to showcase all the glitz and glam that will happen around the college! December also brings a giving spirit, and all of us at Delmar would like to embrace that and help our fellow Calgarians during what can be a hard time for so many. For the month of December we will be collecting nonperishable food items for the Calgary Food Bank. If you bring in a minimum of three of those items to your next appointment in December, you will receive 20% off your services that day.




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Student of the Month: Jamie Osaka

My name is Jamie Osaka and I am 25 years old. Never once, in a million years did I ever think I would have a talent for making people feel beautiful inside and out.


After two and a half years at Mt. Royal University, I dropped out and was feeling like I was not smart enough to secure a “practical” career. I’ve gone through my life watching my friends, family, and peers find their niche; the one thing they love to do and they made it into a career.  After various jobs as a server, working in a pad printing company, more retail jobs than I can count and being a receptionist; I thought maybe it just wasn’t going to happen for me, maybe I didn’t have a “thing”.


I have made wonderful friends in my classmates!

Then, by a total stroke of fate, I met a hair stylist who told me of an opening position as a receptionist at a hair school. After applying and getting the job, I found myself drawn to the beauty industry as a whole. I didn’t know what I loved about the trade, but I knew I wanted to learn more. My manager and the lead for creative directing saw my passion and curiosity, and had me helping students with make-up projects. After the first photo shoot, I was hooked. I have always loved makeup and the transformation it can bring about in people. Driven by this inspiration, I began researching schools to get certified in makeup artistry. However, I was always plagued by the worry of not being able to make a realistic career or make enough income for me to be satisfied or to support myself with.


Some fun makeup I got to do on my classmate Lisa

Though these worries were very prominent in my mind, I pushed on in my search to expand my knowledge. After interviewing at a couple of different schools in the city, I had my interview with Linda at Delmar, and instantly I felt like I was at home. She opened the door to the spa and my views on life changed. As she was explaining the Esthetics program to me I couldn’t help but think that this was the ultimate career move. It was my passion meets practical. I never considered the science behind esthetics or the passion and talent it takes to be a success in the field.


After the first couple of weeks, I was completely obsessed. I knew I had found my career, one I could be proud of and practice for the rest of my working days. I was determined to be the best esthetician that I could possibly be. My educators Rae and Angela have ignited a fire in me that I never thought myself capable of having.  With their expert guidance and teachings I have learned to have confidence in myself, accept my mistakes and to learn from them. And I now realize I am exactly where I belong – and I could not be happier.


Me and my classmate Christopher when we won first place in our Industry Scavenger Hunt.

Every day in the spa is a new adventure, every client (both new and old) pushes me to learn more and be the best esthetician I can possibly be. I absolutely love coming to school, I adore being able to teach my clients things that will help them meet their skin care goals. Most of all I am devoted to being able to make my clients feel beautiful and see themselves in a brighter light, and to make them feel like I care about them, because I honestly do. Now that I am nearing the end of my program, I am excited to say that I am following in the footsteps of my educator, Rae, and have accepted a job at a prestigious spa in downtown Calgary. And though I am very excited to begin my career, I cannot deny my ambition of becoming an educator of esthetics myself in the future. My ultimate dream is to be working alongside the amazing people who have helped me and pushed me to become the professional I am today.


The day we got our kits was so exciting!

My advice to anyone thinking of entering the program, or those who have just entered, would be to believe in yourself. Listen to what your heart is telling you, and stay true to yourself. Be prepared to work your butt off, expect frustration (especially when mastering French polish or remembering all the steps to a facial with an advanced treatment add on). Be open to criticism, and learn from your mistakes. Let your classmates help and guide you, because they will make you better, give you an amazingly strong support system you never dreamed of having, and they will be there to pick you up if you fall.


Some beautiful nails I got to do

But, most of all, be open to letting yourself be amazed by what you are capable of. Look forward to deep gratification and pride in your profession. If you love making people feel beautiful, or helping people to see themselves differently, if you love the beauty industry you will fall in love with and excel in this program.


Did I mention that I love doing nails?

From the very first day of class I have asked myself every day, “why did I wait so long to do this?” Manicures, pedicures, polishing nails, waxing, and giving facials, is what makes me truly happy. And I love it most of all because “a bad day in the spa, is still better than a good day in the office.”



Jamie Osaka is our first ever school and campus wide Student of the Month. She was nominated because of her outstanding positivity and work ethic. She is truly a Delmar College ambassador.

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Hair + Creativity by Morgan McLaren


My outlook on hair is that it is another form of creative expression. Being someone who went to art school before hair school I can’t help but see the similarities. To me the transition has been just as fulfilling because I still get to use my creative skills every day.


When you look at hair, art, and design there are a lot of parallels. In hair we have to use our imagination and creative problem-solving  in order to create the desired look for clients. In art, a blank canvas is an opportunity and every client comes to us with their canvas (their hair). This is when creative problem-solving truly comes into play because you were working on a canvas that other artists before you have worked on.


Initially, we study the shape of our clients hair and work with that shape to create the most desirable form for their facial features. Then comes colour, where we have to work with their natural colouring as well as their artificial colouring to create our vision. To me colour is a lot like painting, our formulations are a mix of the primary colours just like when you paint. All this while figuring out the most flattering tones and which colours truly work best together. Popular today is the balayage technique, this free hand painting on your clients hair makes you truly feel like an artist. Each technique we learn can be expressed uniquely creating our own touch!


When it comes to styling, it really reminds me of sculpture work.  You are creating a desired texture with product to best showcase your form and colour. Also popular today is hair tattooing, which is like drawing into your clients’ hair. It’s so much fun doing that kind of work because you are challenged drawing on an uneven surface!

In regards to inspiration, like art and design, it is better to pull it from unlikely places. In hair, if you’re always looking at hair photos you are not pulling from abstract inspiration. I believe true creativity in hair comes from other places. You may be inspired by colour in nature, art, your daily life, food, and an infinite amount of other places. I think the combination of creativity and technical skill in hair makes it so fulfilling.


Like art, sometimes you get an artist’s block in hair. You may go through times where you feel uninspired. I think that is why education is so important. It challenges you to keep learning and expand your abilities. I am always left full of inspiration and fully motivated after a class.


Hairstylists use their creativity to create a look for their clients that suits their personality and lifestyle. Like design, you have certain parameters you have to work within and I think the hardest thing is controlling your creativity.




Morgan McLaren is a recent graduate of Delmar College. She is currently apprenticing at Karma Salon in Calgary, AB. You can call 403-282-2485 to book your hair service with her. You can also check her out on Instagram @morganm_hair

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*All images are used courtesy of Morgan McLaren*


October at Delmar: a Recap

October brought a lot of celebration around the college. From celebrating new beginnings to congratulating graduates, we said “welcome” and “congrats” almost every week of the month. So, take a scroll, and check it out…

Welcome to our new October Hair Design students!


Welcome to our new Hair Styling Pre-Employment students!


Welcome to our new October Professional Esthetics students!


Our Hair Design students enjoyed some inspirational and educational guest speakers. A huge thank you to Jo-Anne Dicken, owner of The Fringe; Hillary Gibson, Bedhead educator; and Chelsea Mann, Wella educator. We loved having you all!

Congratulations to our graduates from our first ever, Makeup 102 Advanced class!


Makeup instructor, Erin Halisky, wrote an amazing blog for us. Click here to check it out.


Here are some awesome pictures from the work that our Makeup 102 students did throughout their program. A huge thank you to Dana Zarowny for coming in and taking some of these fantastic pictures during their class.

Congratulations to our April Professional Esthetics graduates! We wish you all a lifetime of success!


Linda Villeneuve, our Director of Esthetics, wrote a fantastic blog about how she would like to change the beauty industry. Click here to read it.


Our March Hair Design class had their final photo shoot with Brandon from Analog Dog Creative. It was another success, and we are starting to see the professional images come in, so stay tuned for posts on our social media sites featuring some of their creations.

Our evening Professional Esthetics instructor, Vanessa Oakley, wrote a blog piece for us, all about how to care for your skin as the weather changes, and also how to prep and remove all that Halloween makeup that comes with the month of October. Click here to read it.


We finished the month with a very festive, and happy Halloween! Thank you to everyone who decided to participate in dressing up for the day.

We hope you had as great an October as we did!


Audrey Brown

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Makeup Artistry by Erin Halisky

I think of makeup as an art and I have always been a fan. I started drawing, colouring, painting, sculpting on anything I could get my hands on ever since I was two. My mum became a Mary Kay lady when I was a teenager and that’s when I discovered makeup. It was a daily art for me. I was always that crazy kid in school experimenting and trying new things. I used to get made fun of all the time for wearing fake eyelashes!



Onsite working with a beautiful bride for hair and makeup


After high school I had no idea what I wanted to do for a career. Job after job, nothing had interested me. I ended up getting my first cosmetic job at a little drug store and I absolutely loved it. Getting to go to updates and schools of each brand to see the latest trends in skincare and the makeup world kept me intrigued.


I worked my way into a management position at a larger boutique store, and at a young age had a big responsibility. I loved it. And I loved everything about the beauty business, so that is when I decided to make it a career.


I packed up all my things and moved to Vancouver to attend John Casablanca’s full time makeup artistry program. Best and funnest thing in my life I had ever done.


In my mind makeup could only go so far from what I knew, and then what I was learning; from glamour to airbrushing to special effects, the possibilities were now endless.




I moved back to Calgary a year later and worked full time at MAC for a few years before I got onto my teaching path. I never ever thought of myself being a teacher, but I love it so much.


Here I am with my most recent Advanced Makeup class

To be able to share my creativity, talent and skills with others who have the same interest, and to be able to help them grow as an artist, it’s so rewarding!


My favorite makeup looks to do are everything! But my most favorite thing to do is anything with airbrushing and special effects because there is sooo much to do. And prosthetics are super cool.



You can cover tattoos, do car decals, actual paintings, body paintings,sculptures and monsters! Anything can be your canvas.


Before tattoo coverage


After tattoo coverage

Halloween has always been my favorite time of year. It’s a time to get crazy and creative! Transforming anyone into the imaginative! One of my fave pages on Instagram is Prorenfx. How they transformed Heidi Klum into Jessica Rabbit last year for Halloween was unreal!


Halloween makeup by me

There are a ton of makeup artist that inspire me but my #1 has always been my past manager and now good friend from MAC, Noelle Dow. She taught me everything from techniques to application and even communicating to customers, clients and now students! I wouldn’t be the artist I am today without her.



Erin Halisky is a Makeup Artist and licensed Hair Stylist. She teaches all of our makeup programs here at Delmar College, as well as teaches in our Hair department. Stay tuned for more posts from Erin, as she will be a regular contributor talking about all things makeup!

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Infection Prevention Control by Linda Villeneuve

“Strive for excellence and never compromise, even if we have to change the industry one Esthetician (Clinical Esthetician, Nail Technician, or Makeup Artist) at a time.” That has been my code of ethics ever since I started my own spa back in the ‘90s.

Being an Esthetician, Clinical Esthetician, Nail Technician, or Makeup Artist in Alberta is challenging. We are not a regulated industry, something I have worked to change for most of my career as an Esthetician.  I am on the board of a world-wide organization (International Professional Standards Network) based in Australia that is working to change standards globally. So although we tend to look inward at our own province, there is a global movement to strive for excellence without compromise.


Alberta Health can only cite spas or salons on infractions that are currently in the health regulations. Unfortunately our industry continues to lag behind when it comes to updated health regulations. We all have stories about low standards in the Esthetics industry!

One of the ways I worked to keep my spa ahead of everyone else was to seek out advice and disinfection products from an industry leader, STAT Healthcare. With their help I was able to maintain a very high standard of Infection Prevention Control. I brought that thinking with me when I developed the Delmar Spa back in 2010.


This is our autoclave that we use in our student spa. It is used to fully sterilize metal implements, and is an integral part of keeping our clients and students safe

Now I am once again leading the industry by announcing that every student that attends Delmar College will graduate with a certificate in INFECTION PREVENTION CONTROL.

This certification is something our graduates can be proud of. Adding this document to your portfolio shows industry that your commitment to excellence has already begun. Even without regulations in place, you will ensure that your standards exceed health standards as they exist today.

Think of how much this will mean to your clients! Seeing your certificate on your wall, they are assured that you are taking the necessary steps to protect every client that comes in contact with you. That peace of mind is worth more than you know.

We can all be a part of the conversation about industry standards. Educating the public is an integral part of that conversation. INFECTION PREVENTION CONTROL certification is one small step that speaks volumes to the changes necessary to create a safe working environment for ourselves as professionals, while also protecting our clients.

But I have always envisioned this strive for excellence to move beyond the education of new industry professionals. I also wanted to appeal to the existing spas and salons to bring their standard up as well. A collective move to excellence can only serve to help every one of us to a higher professional standing.

I am thrilled to announce that one major spa chain here in Alberta has taken that step towards excellence! They want to make sure that every one of their employees takes Delmar’s one-day workshop and exam so that they can proudly display their INFECTION PREVENTION CONTROL certification. This will move the industry forward on an even larger scale!

Now that we have added Lash Extensions, and Micro-blading to the Esthetics field there is even more reason to move forward with improved standards. Alberta Health continues to work hard to update the Personal Services Regulations but industry isn’t waiting for that to happen. As professionals in the field we have to continue to strive for excellence, without compromise if we want to keep our clients safe.

We will change the industry one Esthetician, Clinical Esthetician, Nail Technician or Makeup Artist at a time but we must unite on this front and keep the conversation going about INFECTION PREVENTION CONTROL.



Linda Villeneuve is a certified Esthetician and Nail Technician, and our Director of Esthetics. She oversees the management of several of our programs, and is constantly working to bring integrity and recognition to our industry.

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Halloween Skin Care by Vanessa Oakley

Autumn is here, the days and nights are getting colder, drier and harsher. Usually around this time we start thinking about what we are going to be and do for Halloween. I want to prepare you for the season. As the climate shifts, so should our skincare. For a lot of my clients I recommend that a person switch to using a richer moisturizer than you use in the summer months.  I also think that exfoliating at least once a week is great if you are noticing that your skin is starting to look a little dull. If you are ever unsure what your skin is telling you, please make an appointment to see your skin therapist! After a facial she will have a wealth of knowledge for you on your skin’s particular needs. Some people tend to forget about sun protection as we move closer to the winter months. Please remember that it is always time to protect your skin from the sun.


Here’s some of my theatrical makeup (I love Ben Nye)

Now that we have dealt with the drying effects of October in Canada, we are ready to get into some Halloween Makeup!! Always look into the types of makeup or face paint you might choose to buy this year. There are so many different kinds to choose from like latex, creams, wax, adhesive appliances, oil based, cheap-o dollar store and professional brands that are becoming more readily available. If you can, always go for quality.


I did this makeup for a photo shoot where we were playing witches

Another thing to consider with your Halloween makeup is, to actually remember to remove it at the end of the night. Not all makeup and removers are created equally, some will need different products to get it off and some can’t be done with just soap and water. Depending on type and brand, you might find yourself needing cold cream, coconut oil, baby oil or even good old fashioned makeup remover to look like yourself again. Especially for the little ones, you want to remove the face paint easily. This could effect what you choose to buy.


Fantasy makeup by our Professional Esthetics class

So…on the big day, wash off all of the debris from your day. Whether it be school or work or whatever your normal day throws at you. Gently exfoliate and hydrate your skin so that you are super clean and refreshed. Moisturizing your face will prevent your face paint from flaking off during the night’s adventures. If you are going out before the sun goes down please make sure not to miss the sunscreen. My favorite is the Physical Fusion from SkinCeuticals. (For the little trick-or-treater’s, simply wash, moisturize and SPF.) Once this has fully absorbed you are ready for your ghoulish design!!!


Skull makeup I did for Halloween a couple of years ago


I hope that you have so much fun and don’t eat too much candy!!

Happy Halloween




Vanessa Oakley is an internationally certified Esthetician and an instructor at Delmar College. In her past career experience she worked in the theater industry, and has a love of theatrical makeup and costuming.

no gimmicks. just great education





September at Delmar: a Recap

September is synonymous with back to school, fall leaves, and that faint hint of pumpkin spice lingering everywhere you go.

We welcomed lots of new classes this September, and said goodbye to some amazing graduates too.

Congratulations to our May Clinical Esthetics grads. All the best to Ashley, Ryley, Jessica, Julia, Chelsey, and Ezel. We wish you nothing but success!


Congratulations to our November Hair Design grads. Lauren, Morgan, Melissa, Kat, Dakota, Kayley, Nicole, Stephanie, Delaynie, Lyndsey, Ashleigh, and Ashley, we wish you all the success in the world.


Welcome to our new September Hair Design students…


September Nail Technology students…


…September Clinical Esthetics students…


…and our September Hair Styling Pre-Employment students!


We started our very first Advanced Make Up 102 class, and we’ve been following them on their journey with us.

Our September Lash Extension class started too!


We gave away a huge make up haul and a $500 scholarship to our final #gotodelmar contest winners.

Shared more of our student’s work that they put on social media. (Don’t forget to use #delmarlifeYYC on your posts so we can share your stuff)

And we featured more work from our last student photo shoot. Thank you all for all of your hard work and creativity, and a huge thank you to Brandon at Analog Dog Creative for some amazing images.

Esthetics student Lindsey W. wrote a blog for us (click here to see it)…


…and so did Hair Design instructor Brittany (click here to see it)


We made a really exciting announcement in our Esthetics department, and blogged about it too (click here to see it). Delmar now offers our full Professional Esthetics program in an evening and weekend format.


AND as an introductory offer we are including our Laser/IPL Technician program in our October 2016 Esthetics class ON US.


Our April and June Esthetics classes came together and took part in a fun team challenge. This team challenge had the theme of Diva on a Dollar. They were broken into a few different teams, were then given a sealed box full of clothing and jewelry, and had to create a full look that included make up, nails, and some basic hair styling based on the items they received. It was so much fun! Congrats to our winners, Brenda, Nicole, Taya, and Cheyanne!


What an awesome month it was! We can’t wait to see what October brings…


Audrey Brown

no gimmicks. just great education





Student Perspective: How I came to Delmar by Lindsey W.

I haven’t always known what I wanted to do. I wasn’t born to do esthetics. It didn’t even come naturally to me at first. I awkwardly stumbled into this industry not knowing what to expect, and have grown a love and passion for it that I never could have imagined.


Working on my consultation skills in the student spa

I worked in various retail and administrative positions after finishing high school. I received my Hospital Unit Clerk Certificate from Bow Valley College when I was 20 years old. I usually worked 2 jobs and was always unsatisfied. I’d get bored after I’d been at a job more than 6 months, as there was nothing left to learn. My performance would start to suffer and I would start looking for a new job. I wanted something that challenged me, and let my creative side shine. I’d sit on my phone at lunch hours looking at career changes. “Nail Tech? No – not talented enough for that” “Photographer? When would I find time to take the course and make the change?” “Florist? They probably don’t make enough money” I came up with every excuse in the book to not take the plunge and find something that would make me happy. So I stayed in jobs I hated. For 8 years.


My Instagram post on my first day at Delmar!

Now to December 2015. “I’m 25 years old and what have I done with my life?” I thought on a daily basis. Over Christmas, my dad came to Saskatchewan, where I was living at the time, and could see how unhappy I was. He said “why don’t you come home and take a break and figure out what you want to do?” So I handed in my resignation at work, and told all my friends I was leaving. Three weeks later I was back in Calgary. “Now what?” I thought. So I took a 2 month break from life. I lived with my parents. I connected with some old friends, and the breathing room was much needed and enjoyed. Then came time to make a decision. I knew I couldn’t go back to pushing paper behind a desk. I couldn’t. I wouldn’t. I refused! So it was time to take the leap of faith and go back to school; get a new skill set under my belt. But what? Makeup! I like makeup, right? Sure. Okay, let’s do this for a while until I figure out what I really want to do.


Fantasy makeup I did on my classmate Anjali

I had done research on a couple of schools, and I interviewed at another college. During that admissions interview I was asked: “Would you ever be interested in the esthetics program?” Now I really had to think. I’d never been particularly “girly”. I think I’d had 2 pedicures in my life – set foot in a real spa ONE time. What would I do with esthetics?? It wasn’t me. But the thoughts nagged at me. It sounded fun. And I could learn to love this, right? But was waxing, and painting nails REALLY what I wanted to do? Was this going to be satisfying? Or would I get bored working at a makeup counter all day just like I got sick of spreadsheets and Word documents? “What have I got to lose?” was the main thought going through my head.


A manicure I did in the Delmar purple…

So I’d decided on esthetics as a new path, and had enrolled in a program at another school. Then It was suggested to me that I check out Delmar before making any final decisions. Linda was so kind and welcoming, and I could tell this was a caring learning environment. Linda finished the tour with her famous question that she asks after every tour: “can you see yourself kicking around here in the spa?” YES. I could absolutely see myself here. Linda sent me away with a hug and I knew that this was the place for me.


Here I am in the spa with some of my classmates and my instructor Angela

In my 5 months at Delmar I have fallen in love with skin care and the beauty industry. Smoothing down a heel and seeing a set of pretty toenails make me happier than I could have imagined. And making someone so comfortable and at ease that they fall asleep during a facial is the most satisfying thing I’ve ever done. Remember that fear of being bored I had? Boy, was I wrong! There is a whole world of esthetics out there! I’m already planning my next upgrade courses. There’s a lash extension course offered at Delmar that I am dying to take. I also want to get my IPL certificate for laser hair removal, in case I ever want to go into a more Clinical Esthetician role. There’s also makeup artistry, microblading, threading, sugaring, nail tech, and so much more. I was asked where I see myself in 5 years, and you know what? I have no idea! In this profession, the sky is the limit! I can work in a medi-spa, a hotel, on a cruise ship or from home. I can also become an esthetics instructor, open my own spa, or who knows – maybe invent my own skin care line! No chances of being bored here!


Practicing micro-current

I still have days where I doubt myself. Some days I just want to go hide behind a desk and a phone. But as my instructor, Rae, says: “a bad day at the spa is still better than a good day at the office”. She could not be more right. Just because I have a comfort zone, doesn’t mean I need to stay there. I have to be reminded by my instructors constantly that I am a beginner and it’s okay for me to make mistakes. They build up my confidence and assure me that I am making the right decision. My instructors have been by my side every step of the way and I can’t thank them enough for everything they have done for me. My classmates and I are always there for one another and help each other through anything. They make afternoons in the spa feel like we are just girlfriends hanging out. It doesn’t feel like work or school at all! I can honestly say I’ve made wonderful friends in my classmates and my instructors; I hope to remain friends with them for a long time.


My mom as my pedicure model. Thank you to my family for all of their support!

For anyone considering the beauty industry, I say: GO FOR IT! Take the plunge! Leap that leap of faith! You have NOTHING to lose, and EVERYTHING to gain. You will gain a knowledge you didn’t know you wanted, and skills you didn’t know you needed (like how to properly hold a nail polish bottle!) I am sure you will fall in love with skin care, the smell of nail polish, the feeling of wax running off a wax stick and spa life like I did.



no gimmicks. just great education