Talent Profile: Makeup by Setasha

Life well spent is longLeonardo da Vinci

And Setasha Adesimi is in for the long haul.

Setasha Adesimi

A graduate of Delmar College, Setasha has gone on to a wonderful career in makeup artistry and can add curriculum development to a resume that boasts a true passion for the industry. Our programs are only as good as the people who write them and without her our makeup programs would not be what they are today.

I was pondering something the other day:

What makes the beauty industry so exciting and enticing?

The answer I can come to is simple in word, but not so simple in execution.


We know that the makeup world is ever changing. There is always a new ad campaign. Always a new video or tutorial on social media. Always fresh new faces and looks. So how do we keep up?

With people like Setasha, that’s how.

I wanted her perspective on things, so I sat down with her and asked some questions

Cleopatra by Setasha

Where do you find your greatest inspiration?

I find inspiration in everything. Nature, textures, smells, everything I see touch or smell has some kind of inspiration for me and I always try to find ideas in odd things so my work can be unique.

Halloween Makeup by Setasha

What advice can you give someone looking to break into the makeup industry here in Calgary?

Network! Keeping in mind that networking is about so much more then a phone number or a Facebook friend. Its all about building professional relationships with people in the industry! Another important piece of advice is be nice!! You would be surprised how many makeup gigs you can get based on your personality alone! 

Ice Princess by Setasha

What is your favourite look?

I love strobing! Its a great technique to highlight the skin and makes the skin look fresh!

Who is your makeup icon?

Kevyn Aucoin was pretty amazing, his books are very informative and inspirational.

Makeup by Setasha

How have you seen the industry change over the past few years?

It has changed quite a bit! There are so many new and exciting career paths for makeup artists these days whether it’s teaching your art, working as a freelance artist or even becoming a YouTube guru!

Sugar Skull by Setasha

How has that affected the way you deliver a makeup course?

I love telling my students to look online and find YouTube or Instagram inspiration. Social media is a great tool that we have access to and that enables us to connect with so many like minded individuals around the globe! I have also revamped the makeup curriculum so we cover a larger range of different career paths to fit everyone’s makeup dream and passions! 

Makeup Look by Setasha

What inspired you to become an educator?

Education was something I always wanted to get into. I was always so inspired by my teachers and really looked up to them. I always thought it would be a fun career path but the funny thing is that I was terrified of public speaking! I love that through my teaching position at Delmar I have REALLY grown in that department! Now public speaking is all I do and what I love to do! I think it all goes back to feeling very inspired by my teachers. I have a huge passion for people and a great desire to help people achieve their goals and dreams!

Male Fantasy Makeup by Setasha

What is the biggest take away you want a student to walk away with?

I think the biggest take away would be never give up on your dreams! Whether you want to become a celebrity makeup artist or work on a movie set don’t ever think you are dreaming to big! There will be difficult times BUT with hard work, dedication and passion any dream is achievable!

Act 5 make up
Act 5 make up

What was your experience as a Delmar student?

It was great! It was like a family away from home and still is that to me now!

Thank you Setasha. All I can say is…

Inspiration breeds inspiration

 – Audrey

Audrey Brown

no gimmicks. just great education


See more of Setasha’s work:

On the web: http://www.artistrybysetasha.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MakeupArtistryBySetasha/?fref=ts

Instagram: @setashaa

Hello From Maricel: An Introduction

Let’s talk Delmar College.

Being that I’ve been here now for just over a year, my passion for mentoring and educating has grown significantly. This is specifically because of what a former student of mine had said when I asked her why she wanted to become a hairstylist. Her answer was, because she wanted to become a better role model to her daughter. If that answer isn’t powerful enough then I don’t know what is. It just proves that there is so much more to the stereotype that society has placed us under.

There is a truth behind the hairstylist having a power no one else can possess.

Maricel teaching

Through our programs here at Delmar, the amount of time that goes into our curriculum and lesson planning, and our goal to have every student succeed, we prove no less. I hope that this blog allows you to witness what a great atmosphere that our college provides. My hope is to transfer as much of my passion to those who follow this blog as I try to give to my students.


no gimmicks. just great education


Our First Post: A Look Into A Canadian Beauty School

“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do” – Rumi

Logo Image

We just had to start our first post with that statement because it speaks to us and, well, we need to set the tone for what this blog will be.

Delmar College has been educating beauty professionals since 1950. That’s a long time and a lot of change along the way. One thing that does not change though is our passion for what we do. And we think we do “it” well.

So, what is “it”?

Simply put, we LOVE what we do. We offer no pretension, just really great education. No gimmicks to get you in the seat and on the floor. Just straight up education. And we do this because we LOVE it. When you love something this much you don’t mind putting your heart and soul into it. We live this principle and so do our students because that kind of love is infectious.

The success of Delmar is dependent on the success of our graduates. And after 65 years of operation we feel we needed to celebrate that. So, this blog will not just feature what it means to be at Delmar in an effort to recruit students (remember we aren’t into gimmicks). This blog will feature our grads, our instructors (some of which are our grads), student work, and things we think are changing the industry. And, of course, things we think are BEAUTIFUL.

Are you wondering who “we” is yet?

Audrey Brown – resident blogger, skin obsessed, makeup junky

Audrey Brown

Maricel Bermudez – resident hair expert, trend setter, master colourist
Maricel Bermudez

We look forward to the journey with you


Audrey & Maricel

no gimmicks . just great education