Hello From Maricel: An Introduction

Let’s talk Delmar College.

Being that I’ve been here now for just over a year, my passion for mentoring and educating has grown significantly. This is specifically because of what a former student of mine had said when I asked her why she wanted to become a hairstylist. Her answer was, because she wanted to become a better role model to her daughter. If that answer isn’t powerful enough then I don’t know what is. It just proves that there is so much more to the stereotype that society has placed us under.

There is a truth behind the hairstylist having a power no one else can possess.

Maricel teaching

Through our programs here at Delmar, the amount of time that goes into our curriculum and lesson planning, and our goal to have every student succeed, we prove no less. I hope that this blog allows you to witness what a great atmosphere that our college provides. My hope is to transfer as much of my passion to those who follow this blog as I try to give to my students.


no gimmicks. just great education


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