Happy Holidays: A View From the Beauty Industry

At the end of the day it’s not about what you have or even what you’ve accomplished… It’s about who you’ve lifted up. Who you’ve made better. It’s about what you’ve given back.

– Denzel Washington

It’s upon us again. The holiday’s.

If you are already working in the beauty industry this probably means you are experiencing the busiest time of your year.

So, the big question:

What are the holidays to you?

Because, depending on your relationship with the beauty industry, this time of year can mean kicking back with your family, or it could mean long hours making others beautiful.

If you fall into the latter category, I want to know, how do you manage? Do you love your work and your clientele so much that you look forward to this time of year? Or, do you practice your coping skills and just keep repeating your mantra “it’s almost over, it’s almost over”?

Because we all know what comes next…


The month where you aren’t quite sure where everyone went.

Are they hibernating?

I have visions of my clients hidden away in their homes, chipped nails, hairy legs, regrowth out of control…

So, forget the holiday season, how do you cope with January?

Personally, I always welcomed the reprieve. It was my time to kick back with the people I love. Unfortunately, they are all back to it and hard at it. Which is the real reason why you aren’t busy in January.

I think one of the hardest things for most people entering the beauty industry is the fact that when the rest of the world is celebrating or relaxing, you are not. Whether you come from an office job and this is a second career, or you are a student straight from public education, society did not prepare you for this.

You will work holidays because that is when your clients are off.

You will work weekends and evenings, because that is when your clients are off.

You get what I mean.


I have had many students over the years, and I still never get tired of hearing about the amazing job they are going to get right out of school, where they only work Monday to Friday, 9:00 to 5:00. When I tell them that really isn’t realistic I get that look. That look of, what do you know?

It’s okay. I get it. I once had a hard time too. I missed holidays with my family, and Sunday brunch, and dinner at the family table every evening. I got the initial feeling of disapproval from loved ones. But this is what I chose to do. This is what I love. And you know what? They came around. And so did I. Instead of being slightly resentful because ugh, I had to be at work instead of having fun, I decided to focus on the fact that I get to work at a job that is fun.


So, to come full circle here (I promise, I do have a point), let’s all be honest with ourselves. We work in a service oriented career. Is it demanding? Yep. Are we often super heroes, fitting in that last appointment because Sally needs her hair and nails done before Christmas dinner or be judged by her mother-in-law? Yep.

But how fulfilling.

You are giving to someone else. And yes, they are paying you, but you are still giving something of value to them. You give them care and you make them feel good about themselves during a time of year that can actually be quite emotionally hard for many.

And isn’t giving the true meaning of the holidays?

Whether you be client, student, or service provider we wish you happiness and joy for the coming year, and always.


We will see you again in 2016 for a recap of December at Delmar. We will also be featuring some alumni who really gave back to the community during the holiday season (and year round).


Audrey Brown

no gimmicks. just great education


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