The Cold and the Beautiful: January at Delmar


What a strange month. It goes from a celebration to extreme cold and darkness, and then just when you think “why do I live here?!?!?” the sun starts to show itself a little more each day, and spring doesn’t seem like a far away dream anymore.

They say January can be the hardest month of the year for so many so we really tried to keep spirits high around the college and celebrate as many successes as possible.

So, without further ado, here is a recap of January at Delmar

We started the year off with a bang and a question: what do you think will be the top beauty trends in 2016?


We featured more pics of our students showing what was a huge trend for 2015, and may have staying power into 2016: the top knot. Yep, #TopKnotTuesday is our thing now.


Top knots aside, some of our students started 2016 out with a new look (courtesy of each other).


We said goodbye to our September 2015 Clinical Esthetics class. Congratulations to Becky, Sam, May, Natasha, Sydney, Chelsea, and Diana. We will miss you all!


As usual, we featured some student work (our favourite thing to do). Remember to use #delmarlifeYYC on your work to be featured.

We flashed back to some past makeup student work and welcomed the start of a new Makeup 101 class.

And while we’re on the topic of student work and flashing back, Maricel had the opportunity to catch up with Delmar Hair Design alumni, Farron Maclean. If you missed that post just click here to link to it.

And we couldn’t resist celebrating our January babies. Happy birthday to all staff and students who were born in January.


And last, but definitely not least, we have to talk about Donna.


Donna Robbins has been a teacher with Delmar for 43 years. She is, quite honestly, one of the most influential people in the Alberta beauty industry EVER. We are so ecstatic to announce that she has been awarded the 2015 Top Instructor Award for southern Alberta through the Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training Board Awards. This is the very first time in the history of the awards that it has been awarded to someone in the hair styling trade. Thank you Donna for all the amazing and inspirational things you have contributed to this industry. You are a mentor to many.

What a great month it has been!


Audrey Brown

no gimmicks. just great education

Micro Current

If you want to stay young looking, pick your parents very carefully – Dick Clark

Sounds easy doesn’t it?

But what if, like most of us, you didn’t get to choose how you will age?

Well, there are many options when it comes to turning back the appearance clock. Almost too many. More every single day!

When it comes to my skin I like to stick to the tried and true. What I mean by that is I want something that has been studied and has been proven to have an anti-aging effect. I don’t want magic, because magic is not real.

I want science. Science is our friend.

Today I am going to talk about micro current, a.k.a. the nonsurgical facelift.

Not magic. Science.

So how does it work?

We do this through the application of a conductive fluid to the skin and then administer the micro current through probes or gloves.

Basically a very low frequency micro current is used to stimulate your bodies own processes. When we stimulate these processes we get the body working much like it did when we were younger. When we make the body act like it did when it was young, we have the effect of looking younger.

Imagine that. Makes sense when you say it that way doesn’t it?


So what processes might you be stimulating you ask?

Well, there’s a few things. First off, and what is most visible, is the stimulation of your muscles. This is what gives you a “lift”. But inside your skin there’s a lot more going on. Blood and lymph circulation is increased, as is metabolism. This aids in removing toxins and waste and encourages more nourishment to the skin. Cellular regeneration in the skin is also stimulated. This is another thing that slows as we age, so if we stimulate our skin to regenerate as it did years ago we effectively can make the skin act younger, thus look younger.


Who thinks of these things?

Like most cosmetic procedures in use today it all started in the medical community. Micro current muscle stimulation was originally used in things like sports medicine and to help patients who were suffering from Bell’s palsy (partial drooping of facial muscles). If this can be used to help an athlete get back on their game, or correct drooping facial muscles, then why couldn’t it be used to help us stay young looking? Someone, somewhere asked that exact question and the non-surgical facelift was born.


To see the best results, a series of treatments must be administered. The number of those treatments and the frequency of them will vary depending on age and the condition of the muscle. In most cases we see though, people come in weekly for several treatments, and then reduce their treatments to monthly intervals for maintenance.

Pretty cool isn’t it?

We think so. So all of our esthetics students learn this treatment and we offer it to the public in our student spa.

I, for one, love this treatment. It is easy to do and is painless for the person receiving it. Most people find it relaxing and enjoyable, and end up having a nap while it is being done. It is a treatment that has been used safely and effectively for many decades, and it is backed by the medical community in it’s efficacy.

Hits my requirements of time and science.


Audrey Brown

no gimmicks. just great education



Catching Up With Farron Maclean: An Alumni Profile

I’ve worked in this industry long enough to know that our bread and butter is reliant on coloring and cutting hair. There is not a single human in this world that doesn’t need one or the other. I think there is a misunderstanding when students apply for beauty school, that all they think they’ll learn are simple haircuts and basic color and maybe how to braid and curl hair. I’m sorry to burst your bubble but like our director Tara says ” Hair school is one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do in your life.”

Let’s talk about dress work or up dos or what ever people like to call it these days.There are only a few stylists who can truly master the art of dress work. It takes a true artist to transform hair into fantasy. Its not always all technical but visual too.


Our up do skills are not only used on the salon floor but for special events like fashion shows, weddings, big stage productions, and even for film and editorial fashion shoots.

Learning to dress hair is just as important as cutting or coloring . What would a cut be without a proper blow dry? What would a set be without a proper comb out, and how can we get ridiculous volume without backcombing? These are just simple examples of why we teach what we teach .

In order to become a successful stylist you have to learn how to manipulate hair in ways that it wouldn’t naturally fall and in ways that it will compliment your clients features.




Farron Maclean is an extremely talented young woman dedicated to her career. She is a graduate from our November class of 2014 and she is this month’s featured alumni. Although I’ve only had the privilege of teaching her the art of cutting, I have watched Farron grow into a very strong stylist in all areas of hairdressing. I can even say this girl can corn row better that I can.

But what really caught my attention is the time she puts in after work hours.

Farron works for Jami Symons, a very successful salon located in the heart of 17th ave. She says she loves working for Jami because  he is the most accomplished stylist she has met by far with zero ego. Jami is a well known stylist with training and experience from all over the world that truly inspires her and is truly supportive of everything she wants to be as a stylist.
When choosing this salon Farron mentions that it is important to feel the vibe of the salon and owner. It was very important to have ongoing education. She feels lucky to have access to in-salon training in lines such as Oribe, Wella and Joico. All lines that I love working with myself. Editorial fashion styling was another subject on her checklist when searching for a salon. Jami is known for doing shoots all over the world, and for working New York fashion week. She says that Jami embodies the stylist she eventually would like to become. Passionate, Professional and humble. All traits every stylist should carry. His motto when sending Farron out for photo shoots or to do big shows is “Make it look Effortless and Expensive” I think that is  a quote I live by myself.


In our program we teach such procedures such as the 50 50 roller set, fingerwaves and a curvature iron set. Does it benefit a stylist to learn all these methods? Farron claims that these skills are very beneficial. “Bottom line everything you learn that you think is boring and unnecessary are the basics. If you don’t know the basics you don’t know nothing. Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist.”

Of course it’s my job to ask every student what their experience was like attending Delmar and she states:

“I LOVE Delmar. Its such a great learning experience. I got to learn from so many great stylists!! I was very confident (but not confident lol) in my skills when I graduated.  Such a supportive school!! Even after graduation I still talk to my teachers regularly, and get their support, ask questions, and get feedback. I’m so glad I took the plunge into this industry. Thank you so much Delmar and staff for helping to mold me into the hair designer I aspire to be.”



Her advice to current and future students is, “Pay attention. It’s only 9 months. The minute you think you know everything you have stopped learning. You will never know everything there is to know about hair. You can always learn something new.”

These are her memories from the Delmar Hair department staff: “I’m Soniya’s first favorite student !!! If you make it past 2nd semester  with Lauren, you’re in the clear. Maricel’s real name is Mosette. Tara is the biggest softie EVER deep down under the scary part. Don’t sit close to Drew during cutting classes, he’s known for snipping at your hair when he can. And when in dispensary, you best be folding towels and washing and drying those shampoo cups correctly for Lana. Karen is mostly upstairs in her office but talk to her because she’s hilarious. Crystal has the best taste in music but DO NOT try and change the song without permission. And I never really got to know Brittany that well but her competition skills look on point.”

I’m sure if she could list all the staff’s quirks she would, but she concludes with this:

“Last but not least, be memorable.”

Thank you again Farron for being an amazing student, your work shows your dedication and passion for your career. We know you will go far in this industry and we can’t wait to see your work in the next Vogue issue 😉


Maricel Bermudez

no gimmicks. just great education

Looking Back: December at Delmar

No road is long with good companyTurkish Proverb

And we’re back!

We hope you had a great holiday season. We sure did!

So without further ado, let’s talk about December at Delmar

We made some exciting changes to our social media features, for one. There was a huge increase in the use of our own hashtag #delmarlifeYYC, and that got us to thinking…


We have such an amazing student body that we really wanted to feature them more and showcase their knowledge, so we started #StyleSaturday and #SkinCareSunday because, well, who doesn’t love a good hashtag right?!? No, we actually use each to show a student from our different departments featuring a product that they love to work with and why they think it’s amazing.

Thank you to Sydney, Harsimar, Sam, Alex, and Paulina for participating!

We also did a hugely successful gift card sale for the first time. Student’s really got into it so we decided to run a competition.

Congrats to Diana from the Clinical Esthetics program, who promoted the heck out of herself and sold the most gift cards for the Esthetics department. She won some SkinCeuticals products. Carol and Summer, from the Hair Design department tied for gift card sales, so they both took home a set of shears from Shears by Drew. Great job ladies!

We had some grads for December as well

Our Makeup 101 program wrapped up

We wish you all the best ladies! Hopefully we will see some of you in our Makeup 102 program launching this spring.

Our evening Nail Technology program also wrapped, and we featured one of our grads, Casey, in our blog. Missed that post? Click here to check it out.

Hairstyling Pre-Employment finished too. Congratulations to Bindo, Janice, Rahel, Joseph, and Joey!

Preemployment Grad

We featured some great student work on our social media sites

And we had some holiday-themed competitions!

Some just for fun shots too

And we can’t forget the Christmas celebrations that were had!

We also have to send a huge shout out to Hair Design students Cristina, Dakota, and Kathy for winning perfect attendance awards for November and December. They each won a gift card to use towards services in our salon and spa.

Overall I think it’s safe to say it was an amazing month at the college. I love looking back over all the images we captured from the month. It reminds me of what a truly amazing group of students and staff we have.


Audrey Brown

no gimmicks. just great education