February at Delmar College

February saw us featuring a ton of student work! It was so uplifting and just amazing to see our students embrace their talents and show the world what they are made of. There was literally too much to even post everything, so if you are interested in seeing more you can search #delmarlifeYYC on Instagram. It’s worth the search!

Here’s what went down at the college:

We welcomed the lovely Lina Chammoury, owner of Edge’s Salon & Spa. As usual she inspired our students and got them excited for the career ahead of them. Thank you again Lina, we love when you come to visit!


Our Hair Design and Professional Esthetics students were onsite and working behind the scenes for the Mrs Calgary 2016 Pageant, along with instructors Crystal and Setasha. Congratulations to winner, Kimberly Ford!


We welcomed a new Makeup 101 class, and saw them graduate. Thank you ladies! We hope you learned a lot.

It was time to catch up with one of our graduates, so we featured Clinical Esthetics alumni, Diana Choi. She filled us in on what she has been up to and we featured some of her work. Click here to see that blog post. And, as an update, Diana is now working at Sana Spa offering clinical esthetics services, laser, permanent makeup, and eyelash extensions.


Our August and October Hair Design students took on the world of colour, with October learning the ropes and August going into more advanced colour applications.

February saw two very important days: Valentine’s Day and Family Day. We hope that you spent both with your loved one’s!

Did you know that we offer advanced services in our student spa? LED light therapy and gel polish applications are just two of the amazing services our students can perform. Click here to see our service menu.

We featured some great student work from our Hair Design students

Our blog experienced a take over! Thank you to the very talented, Rahel Ghebrezghi. If you missed it, click here to read all about the endless possibilities that come from taking professional training in the beauty industry. Are you a beauty buff with something to say? Contact us at socialmedia@delmarcollege.com for guest blogging opportunities.

Our May Hair Design class had a photo shoot for their Unlikely Inspiration project. It was such a great experience and they did such a good job. We posted some behind the scenes pics, and there are more to come so stay tuned. Thank you to Brandon Shaw and Analog Dog Creative!

Instructor Brittany had a great time teaching barbering (looks like our students had a great time learning it too)

Our January Hair Design class gained some skills when it comes to styling curly hair. Thank you to our instructor, Crystal for being the inspiration for how to diffuse curls.


Our senior Esthetics class did some fantasy makeup with instructor, Angela. They all did such a great job. Stay tuned for more pics on our social media.

February went way too fast! We hope you enjoyed the sunshine and warm weather that it brought. Stay tuned for next week’s blog. I am delving into the world of eyelash extensions and making some big class announcements.


Audrey Brown

no gimmicks. just great education


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Beauty career? You mean, endless possibility career. A guest blog by Rahel Ghebrezghi

Remember when you’re 18 and think you’ve got it all figured out?

I remember when I first graduated high school, I was going to go work for a big oil and gas company with my training from SAIT, travel the world, buy a house, and live happily ever after.

Was I ever wrong.

From a young age I fell in love with anything that had to do with beauty. From makeup, hair, nails and everything in between.



But how could I make that into a career?

My whole life my family had pushed me in the direction of getting a degree, get a job at an office of some sort, and settle down. For those of you who know me, you know I did the complete opposite of that.12552234_454101911448044_1497290781_n

In 2012, I came to Delmar and met with Linda to talk about my options in esthetics and fell in love. Don’t get me wrong, there were moments I wanted to give up and quit. But I’m glad I didn’t, it was the start of something beautiful.

In four short years I’ve gone from being a student to an instructor here at Delmar.


Now, it wasn’t all butterflies and rainbows. It was a lot of hard work, extra hours, and occasionally tears, but it all paid off. Weeks after graduating, I started at a  beautiful spa and I learned probably one of the best life lessons:


“It’s not going to be perfect, or easy, or fun when you start out, but if you’re truly passionate about something and have a positive attitude, it will be worth it.” And it all sort of clicked for me. Now, I only stayed at the spa for quick 9 months before I decided to go traveling but it was all part of my evolution.


June 2014, I apply at M.A.C. and for the first time in my life, I felt like I had tapped  into a hidden talent that I had been looking for all my life. The power of makeup is truly incredible, and its amazing how a simple application of blush and a lil’ mascara can turn someones day around. Again, when i first started, I would think to myself “I suck.” Sad, but true. Doing makeup on your own face is a whole lot easier than applying to someone else. I would spend hours upon hours practicing different techniques and trying every product I’d came across. Fast forward 6 months, I’m feeling 100% confident in my skill to start my freelance business.

May 2015, I get a very unexpected phone call from an old instructor, asking for me to come in for a meeting to discuss a potential job. And the rest, is history.


I always used to say I was lucky, or so fortunate to be where I am now, until a good friend of mine stopped me mid sentence, and looked me dead in the eye and told me “No, you are not lucky or fortunate, you’ve worked very hard to be where you are now. Stop brushing it off”. There was my next “Ah ha” moment in my evolution.




See, I always thought people who had the better job, more money, or more clients were just lucky. I was wrong. It’s so easy to just make excuses for yourself, put the blame on others, when really you are what’s holding yourself back. I admit, I am incredibly lucky and fortunate to have the support system I have and they are what keep me going.

So what’s next? Let me tell you. Lashes. After popular demand, Audrey and myself will be teaching Babe lash extensions starting in March. Another door opened simply by my decision in following my passions and a simple met and greet back in 2012. Anything is possible, if you’re willing to work for it.



You can find Rahel on Instagram @beautyby_ray or on her soon-to-be website: http://www.beautybyray.ca (still under contruction).

no gimmicks. just great education


The True Cure for Helplessness: Gel Polish, a Tutorial

A woman is helpless only while her nail polish is drying

Perhaps true. But being the resourceful and talented women that we are we obviously at some point thought,

How can we fix this problem?

Cue decades of “fast drying” nail products hitting the professional and retail markets. Each one claiming to help relieve your helplessness.

Sure, they helped, but none of them were perfect.

Then came the development of gel nail polish…

Watch out world, us ladies are helpless no more!

You’ve probably heard of it. Quite possibly worn it.

But who were these genius inventors?

I first heard of gel nail polish several years ago while I was working for a supplier that carried Creative Nail Design (CND). CND is the maker of Shellac.

Heard of it now?

The “Shellac” manicure, as it is often advertised, is a manicure with gel polish. Shellac was the first major brand of gel polish, so the name sort of stuck. But most brands have followed suit with their own form of gel/hybrid/LED polish. The common denominator: it lasts and there’s no waiting hours for it to dry.

Curious? Let’s go through the gel polish application procedure that we use at Delmar College.

We start with a clean, dry nail plate that has been shaped, and the shine removed with a small buffer

The nail plate is then wiped with a lint free wipe soaked in alcohol.

An acid free bonder is then applied to the nails. This will help the gel polish adhere longer.

A base coat is then applied and the nails are put under a UV lamp for 2 minutes.

Once the base coat has set under the light it remains sticky. While sticky, we then apply our first layer of gel polish. In this case, we used a nude tone polish (and some sparkles too!)

After the first layer is applied the hands are then put into the UV lamp for 2 minutes again. A second coat of polish is applied and the hands are put in for another 2 minute “cure”.

 While the second layer is still tacky we apply a coat of sparkly gel polish to some of the fingers.

  Each hand is “cured” for another 2 minutes under the UV light. It is then time for our final coat, the top coat. The top coat is what seals everything and keeps our nails glossy and beautiful.

The top coat goes in for a final “cure” and then the sticky layer is removed using lint free wipes and alcohol.


Hand lotion is applied once the nails have been wiped

The final result is beautiful polish that lasts. How long? Well, that depends on you. Some people have it last as long as three weeks before coming in to have it removed and replaced.

There you go ladies, helpless no more…


Audrey Brown

no gimmicks. just great education


All of our Professional Esthetics students are trained in gel polish applications. Call (403) 264-8055 to book your appointment.

Lashes and Brows, Oh My! Catching up with Diana Choi

You must never underestimate the power of the eyebrow – Jack Black

Who knew Jack Black would have so much insight into the world of the eyebrow. I don’t think he was quite talking about brows in the sense that I am talking about brows, but doesn’t matter. He is right. The brow is all powerful.

So what do you do if you feel that your brow game is weak?

Well, there’s a lot of options out there for a girl (or guy) to get their brows on point, or dare we say, “on fleek”.


Let me tell you a little story about a girl named Audrey (me). I was born with some strong brows. I never even thought about what it is like to have to shape your brows or fill them in because I had lots going on. Fast forward through some exciting waxing experiences, an incident with a laser, and general changes that most women go through, and I would no longer describe my brows as full.


Now let me clarify, I don’t think I had horrible brows after all that. And my shape was still pretty good. But the ends of my brows started to slowly slip away and it felt like every day meant a bit more time and a bit more brow powder.

Then came this past September.

I had always known about permanent makeup, and was even trained in it years ago, but never really thought of it for myself.  And then I met Diana Choi.


Diana was a student of mine and I first met her last September. One day I walked into class and another student had these amazing brows going on, so I asked her how she got them. Simple. Diana.

So I hit her up for some and she graciously accepted.


After my brows healed from the first micro-blading treatment, and I saw how easy my morning routine was becoming, I started thinking how else can I simplify my life?


Cue eyeliner

Yep, you can tattoo that as well.

And while it wasn’t as easy a process as getting my brows done, I am so happy I did it. Turns out a lot of people around the office were interested in having it done too, and so Diana’s little fan club started to grow.


As her instructor, I already knew that Diana is super talented. I trusted her work so much that I let her tattoo my face! Turns out she had another amazing skill as well…


Eyelash extensions.

Naturally, everyone started getting those as well


Diana even started training me on newer techniques for application. And as the student became the teacher I got to know her even more. (Those are my work below)


Diana graduated in early January. She is currently working towards opening her own business doing lash extensions, micro-blading, permanent makeup, and clinical esthetic services. You can view more of her work and get in touch with her on Instagram at @permanentmakeupcalgary.

Thank you Diana for helping this girl get her brows back on point. I know you are going to do amazing things with your career and I cannot wait to see your business grow.


Audrey Brown

no gimmicks. just great education