Is that with an ‘A’ or an ‘E’?: Beauty Therapy on Both Sides of the Pond

The world of aesthetics holds all kinds of possibilities for your future. Take it from me!

Back in the 1990’s in the UK, I worked successfully as a professional singer and acting extra. A life in entertainment though is tough on family life, and beauty therapy provided my escape route to a more settled, and yet, still satisfying career. Little did I realize it would eventually shape a new life 5,000 miles from home…

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With some trepidation, I enrolled on a teacher training course at the University of West England in 2004 – having already completed various beauty therapy modules at my home town college. Gloucester is a 2 hour drive west of London, famous for ancient Roman ruins, historic docks, a famous cathedral, and a rugby team of hunky men.

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After graduating in 2009, my career as a beauty therapy instructor was fully underway. But experience in the industry is invaluable, and I was fortunate to gain crucial experience in a salon whilst studying in the preceding years.

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Kind of looks like Hogwarts doesn’t it?

My first teaching job was at Gloucestershire College, teaching level one and two beauty therapy to students from varying backgrounds and ages and abilities. The beauty therapy department was huge and it was spread over three different campuses, the teaching rooms were equipped with hydraulic beds, spray tan room, a makeup artist studio complete with photography and wardrobe room, a nail studio and fully functioning spa. My teaching experience at Gloucestershire College set me up for what was to some in my later years!


When my husband was offered a job in Canada in 2011, we made the big move across the pond. If I’d realized that Saskatchewan enjoys so many winter days below -25 degrees Celsius, I might have thought twice. But weather aside, my career continued with an esthetics teaching post in Regina that quickly evolved into being director of a small college campus. There I learnt some of the differences between teaching and practicing esthetics in Canada and the UK.

What are those differences?

The length of the course. In the UK beauty courses tend to be much longer. 1-2 years in fact. Year one will involve the basics of beauty therapy. Doing treatments such as waxing, manicure, pedicure, basic facials, tinting, and make up. Year two involved electrical facial and body treatments, body massage, and electrolysis.

When I first started teaching I would never have thought in a million years that I would be able to share my knowledge of the industry to students in another country. It just goes to show that beauty therapy is completely versatile and you don’t have to spend all your days working in a spa or salon.



no gimmicks. just great education

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