Around the College: April and May at Delmar

We had a lot of very exciting things happen around the college in April and May, and we think it’s time for a little recap.

From the Skills Alberta Aesthetics competition to the Edmonton ABA’s, a lot of our students and staff got into competition mode and represented us well.

Hair Instructor, Brittany Connors took a silver medal at the Edmonton ABA show


Hair student’s, Youssef and Taylor both took 13th place in the Battle of the Barbers. Read more about it here.


Esthetics student Jordan competed at Skills Alberta and took gold in the Aesthetics division. She now is moving on to represent us on Team Alberta and compete at the Skills Canada competition in June. Read about her journey here.

We posted a ton of student work. Here’s just a sample

We stuck to one of our root values of giving back to the community by volunteering at a couple of events. One was a head shave challenge for Kids Cancer Care, and the other was an event to help women build up their confidence, hosted by the Elizabeth Fry Society.

We celebrated some graduates. Congratulations to our September 2015 Professional Esthetics class and our January Clinical Esthetics class!


Our very own Donna was presented with the 2015 Top Instructor Award for southern Alberta through the Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training Board


Our classes are fun! Even when it’s the serious stuff

Some of our staff and students attended the World of Wella show in April


And then we attended the Modern Rocks the Runway show in May

We had a wonderful time hosting the Regional Skills Alberta Hairstyling competition for Southern Alberta

We had so much fun doing the hair and makeup for the Miss Teen Calgary and Miss Calgary pageants


Our September and June Hair Design classes had their final photo shoot. We are so proud of them and all the hard work they put into it. Here are just a few of those images. If you are interested in seeing more click here. Thank you to Brandon Shaw at Analog Dog Creative for being our photographer.

We also have to send out a huge congratulations to both of those classes for finishing their 1400 hour hair programs


Tonight marks our first ever mixed graduation ceremony. It will be awesome to see some faces we may not have seen in the past few weeks, and to have all of our Hair Design, Esthetics, Clinical Esthetics, and Nail Tech grads under one roof. Stay tuned for next weeks blog were we tell you all about it.


Audrey Brown

no gimmicks. just great education

A Body of Work: Student Talent Feature

As a part of my job I see pictures of our student’s work every day. I am blown away by the talent that comes through our doors. I’m not just saying that because I work here and I have to say those things. I honestly have moments where I can’t even believe a student has produced such a beautiful piece of work. They have so obviously had a dream and now made it a reality, some stepping so far out of their comfort zone that they must be wishing and praying that it turns out. Thank goodness for them. Without people like that in the world, nothing would ever change.

Delmar College has been producing amazing graduates for decades. This blog post is focusing on some of our most recent student photo shoots and student work postings that have stood out to all of us. The student who produced the work is credited under each image.

So who takes the pictures?

The amazingly talented Brandon Shaw from Analog Dog Creative, that’s who. Here he is in action.


We cannot thank him enough for giving our students such a wonderful experience, on top of great images to help build their portfolio.


So, without further ado, scroll down and enjoy!








ANNE, CICELY, and KATHY having some fun during their shoot

And here are some shots that our students post. They are not professionally shot, but we still think they are examples of some really beautiful work. The student who is responsible for creating the look is credited under each image.








Of course we cannot feature every student’s work. These are just a sampling of images that have stood out in the last few months. Why do they stand out? For one, it is clear what is being showcased. A lot of student’s get too focused on props and forget what they really want the message to be. For another, the lighting. We can see the strands of hair, or the detail in the makeup. These simple things make for eye catching images.

Students, thank you for always sharing your work with me so I can share it with the world. Keep using #delmarlifeYYC on your posts and watch out for your work on our social media sites.

We can’t wait to see what you will create…


Audrey Brown

no gimmicks. just great education

Team Delmar Takes the Stage

On May 1 and 2 Team Delmar hit the road and headed up to Edmonton. We had three competitors from our staff and students, and a huge team of supporters that went up just to cheer everyone on. It was an amazing experience for all involved, and Maricel decided to blog about it this week…

First off let me congratulate our team who recently competed at the ABA’s in Edmonton on May 1 and 2. Instructor Brittany Connors took 2nd place in the Professional Women’s Trend Cut and Style; student Youssef Abdulghani took 13th place in the Battle of the Barbers, and our lovely Taylor Schley also placed 13th.

Competitions take a lot of prep work and discipline and with all the experience that the Delmar Educators have, it encourages our students to push their limits and see what they’re made of on stage.

As stylists  you can consider us performers. Our stage is behind the chair and our audience is our client. When we have completed the service we hope for the applause at the end and hope that the applause continues outside the salon.


It’s one thing to perform behind the chair, it’s a whole different ball park to be behind the chair in an arena full of judging stylists and critics. It takes great courage to get up on an actual stage and do what you do for a living in front of thousands of people who may or may not like your work.


We are so proud of  Taylor and Youssef for stepping up and representing us at the ABA’s in Edmonton.  Just by watching them on the salon floor alone you wouldn’t think these gems were new to the hair game. They take so much pride in what they do you would think they’ve been at it for years .  And it’s why our lovely Brittany Connors  (educator / finalist) took notice, coached, and mentored them both before the competition, alongside our one and only Andrew Scissor Hands (educator/ salon manager).

Brittany has been competing for 5 years, and has been part of the master judge program for 4 years. She is currently a bronze medal judge, with only a few credits to go for her silver.

She states that her experience at the ABA, “was one for the books!

Brit competed in the professional Women’s  Trend Cut and Style, where she took 2nd place next to Mr Van Kavgadoulis.  Next to all of the competitors there she was pleased to be around such talented stylists.

First and second place winners at the Edmonton ABA
As honored as I was to win silver in this competition, I was just as honored to train two of Delmar’s students for their competition as well. I am so proud of my students deciding to compete . Not only does it show great courage to get on stage , but to enter in the open professional competition as a student speaks volumes about these two about to soon be graduates. Although for myself I can usually keep my nerves at bay, watching these two on stage was such a thrill.. I was shaking for them..


I took the the time to ask Youssef and  Taylor what their experience was like competing for the first time.

“On stage in front of hundreds of people was frightening and nerve racking. In the end it was a great experience and I’m proud of myself for fighting through and finishing .I got the opportunity to battle and beat my fears with the patience and discipline the instructors taught me how to rock the stage.”

Hair has always been a passion for Youssef .When he was younger he always used to cut friends and family’s hair in the garage. Down the road, after all the travelling, he thought he would go to school, and hair is what he decided to choose for his profession. He did his research and Delmar collage was the right place. He started his program in October and straight away he knew he was heading in the right direction. He says that the instructors are awesome in that they taught him a variety of ways to cut and style hair, but most of all they taught him discipline and patience, and no matter how complicated things get to never give up. To be given the opportunity to compete side by side with his instructor motivated him that much more . To place 13th in a competition as big as the Battle of the Barbers as a student is a huge attribute, and we couldn’t be more proud to call you one of our own.


Competing in the ABA this year in Edmonton was one of the scariest things I have done in my life and also one of the most rewarding“, Taylor states. “The life experience I gained by challenging myself to something I never thought I would do was amazing. Being supported by all my peers and teachers helped me get through all the doubt I had. I may not have won but now that I have done it and pushed myself I cant wait to try it again and really see what I can do.  Without going to Delmar and stepping out of my comfort zone I would have never thought I could do something  like this, and now I can’t wait to try it again . I love the path I’ve chosen and am looking forward to where it takes me.


Its so great to see our students and staff in the spot light. Once again thank you Brittany, Youssef, and Taylor for all your hard work . It takes such brave people like you to set the bar for the rest of our industry and set a good example to the rest of our students that there are no limits to what you can do and achieve if you just set your mind to it. We’re looking forward to the next competition where we will take home gold!!!! Have a fabulous weekend everyone, this girl is off to mark some more exams.


Maricel Bermudez

no gimmicks. just great education