Artist Spotlight: Catching Up With Cameron Byrne

This week we were pleased to have a guest artist and educator in the house. Cameron Byrne hails from London, England. He is a L’Oreal ID Team member, a multiple-time finalist in the L’Oreal Color Trophy, and a member of the RUSH workshop team. And we think, an all round cool guy.

L’Oreal Colour Trophy Grand Final 2015

He shared his knowledge with our Hair Design students and instructors in a workshop format on July 19 and 21. Everyone was really excited for the presentation, and they all felt like they took away something valuable from the experience.

Cameron doing a demo for some of our Hair Design students this week

I, of course, wanted to blog about it. More importantly though, I wanted to get Cameron’s story. So many of our students have the desire to be platform artists and competitors, but get lost in how to get there. He was very obliging and shared his story with me. In his own words, here it is, from beginning to now…

Rush Live 2013

•What inspired me to become a hairdresser-

I think it started in my early teens. I didn’t realise I wanted to be a hairdresser but I was really into fashion and my own hair.

Then my dad married Tara (Director of Hair at your very own Delmar College) and I just was really interested in what she was doing and she steered me in the direction of hairdressing.

She took me to Salon International in London when I was 17/18 and I was hooked! I loved the energy in the room, all the creativity, all the interesting people and I came away desperate to get involved.

L’Oreal Colour Trophy Regionals 2016

•My journey-

 I began training at the Toni & Guy Academy London in their beginners course.

After successfully completing the course I was offered an assistant position at their Mayfair branch.

This was an amazing area to work, but after a few months I felt like I was stagnating because I was qualified, but needed to get experience, so wasn’t training as much. So I moved closer to home in Essex with a company called Uppercut.

Rush Live 2015

There I met an amazing stylist called Red who was into competitions and photo shoots. This whet my appetite for competitions and the creative side of hairdressing.

We both moved to a salon called Spargo, but it was a side step, and while researching for a shoot I came across images from Rush Hairdressing.

Rush Photographic Image Awards – second place winner

I loved their work. Slick, precise, structured and award winning.

Completely different cutting to what I was doing. So I joined them to learn their craft.

I wasn’t retrained, but I put myself on as many courses as I could at their academy and practiced the new techniques whenever I could.

Once my confidence grew I auditioned to be on their workshop team. I failed, but this didn’t dishearten me and I was back the year after.

Hair Club Live

This time was a success, and from then on I was having one on one training with our International Art Directors Andy Heasman, Tina Farey and Chris Williams.

Their knowledge is priceless and these are the hairdressers who have made me who I am today.

I have now been at rush 7 1/2 years and a workshop team member for 5 1/2 years.

“Wasted Youth”, for Design Scene Magazine

• Highlights-

Actually qualifying is amazing in itself, this is a really hard trade to learn so I pat anyone on the back that gets to the shop floor

As I said before, I got into hair competitions quite early so any time I make regionals or grand finals I’m proud.

But the best achievement has to be becoming a L’Oreal ID Artist.

This program has developed me as a presentation hairdresser 100%. It builds your confidence and stage presence. The exposure is huge and you get to work with like minded creatives and absorb their energy and knowledge.

It is a really hard audition with mood boards, model, presentation, research and against the clock skill tests. Only 2 people get on from each region so to be one of them was a huge achievement.

ID Live 2015

• Advice for people wanting to be hairdressers-

It is hard work but there are so many rewards.

You can go down so many avenues. Be a salon owner, educator or session stylist.

Learn your classic’s!!! No one who is amazing at creative work skipped their classic’s. They are our foundation.

Invest in yourself, go on as many courses as you can. Be a sponge, try and vary the type of courses you do so you can find what style you like.

“Serve the client”, make them feel amazing and you will grow your clientele quickly. Keep yourself educated and you will educate your clients correctly.

Enjoy it, it’s the best job in the world!

Cameron with some of our students and staff after his first workshop

From all of us at Delmar College, a huge thank you to Cameron. Enjoy the rest of your time here in Canada and come visit us again soon!

You can check out more of Cameron’s work by following his Instagram account


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