What is Hairstyling Pre-Employment?

Hairstyling, in Alberta, is a licensed trade. There are a number of different ways to get your license. One of those ways is by entering into a Hairstyling Pre-Employment program.


The Delmar Hairstyling Pre-Employment program is a 500 hour program designed for the person who wants to keep their Monday to Friday job, or has child care commitments during the day, but wants to explore the career of hairstyling.

Karim Haddad Photography
Karim Haddad Photography

Training in the Pre-Employment program is equivalent to the first period technical training portion of the regular apprenticeship program.  Students are eligible for student financing.  The program covers theory and practical sessions in the study of:

  • Government exam procedures
  • Women’s and Men’s Design Haircutting
  • Hairstyling Wet and Dry
  • Long Hairstyling/Up styles
  • Texture Services/ Basic and Design
  • Hair Coloring/ Basic and Design

This program starts September 28, 2016 and is offered Wednesday –Friday 5:00-9:00 and Saturdays 8:30-6:30 for a total of 23 weeks.

Karim Haddad Photography
Karim Haddad Photography

In our Pre- Employment Program, students receive basic training in all the aspects of hair design necessary for employment in a hair salon and gets you on track to starting your apprenticeship.


At Delmar College we understand that the more options we can give students the better. This program is just one of the many options we offer. For more details you can contact Shauna De Freitas at 403-264-8055 or by email at shaunad@delmarcollege.com.

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