How I Came to Love Hair: A Guest Blog by Brittany Connors

Not all of us are born knowing what we want to do with our life. Sometimes it takes trying a few different things before we find what we like. There are so many choices out there now and it can be overwhelming. We tend to blog a lot about our students and staff that had this innate passion for the beauty industry. They just knew. But that’s not everyone who comes to our school or works with us. Today we are talking with instructor Brittany to get a different perspective on going into the industry and becoming a hair stylist.


“Is this for me? Am I doing the right thing?”

At one point in everyone’s education these thoughts come to mind.

I call them the “OH SNAP” moments in our lives. These moments consist of times when we have started something that we are either unsure of but do anyways, a backup plan, time killer, or for a hobby.


Which ever is your push, we all take that first step at joining hair school. Now I didn’t attend hair school because I had a love of hair; as some may, but I wasn’t so lucky. I had a criminal justice background, and had no interest in the family business. My mother, Susan Dean, owns the largest cosmetology school in the east coast. When I had nowhere to go, but knew I needed to pay some bills, I enrolled in hair styling at her school as a backup. (my push), while I “thought of something I really wanted to do”.

Brittany with her most recent Hair Styling grads


My “OH SNAP” moment was when I was almost completed my course and my mother asked if I would want to compete in a hair show. Now up to that point hair wasn’t so difficult for me. I found I picked up practical work fairly quickly, and theory was, well, just book work.  I found that growing up around the school really aided in me understanding a lot of the aspects of the job. So as I figured “WHAT THE HECK” I began training for that competition. Finding a model, and working on that model took place over 4 weeks. In this time I quickly found out that even with competitions being in my blood, as I competed horses all over North America, I WAS SCARED!

First competition! Placed third in Men’s Avante Garde

What if I fail? Is this really for me? WHAT THE HECK AM I DOING?

Third place Women’s Trend

I think that sometimes when you are scared that you are going to fail that’s when you need to see if you do or if you succeed.  Fear can sometimes hinder some decision making. For me, it’s more of a drive to do it. Prove yourself wrong!

Over 5 years of competing I’ve taken third place – Men’s Avante Garde, third place – Ladies Trend, second place – Ladies Trend, and tried out for the Canadian world team.

Second place Ladies Trend winner – Edmonton ABA

No one can ever stop you from trying. Sometimes I find for myself you can only fail yourself by not trying. It takes amazing courage and confidence to get up in front of your peers to show your work. Not every time you get on the stage is it a “WINNER”. However, that is what makes placing so special. Without losing, no one wins. No one will learn. I believe that hair competitions birth a different type of individual. Competition molds stylists into their path.  Competitions create passionate, professional stylists. Stylist’s that gain confidence, and grow their networks all around the world. Ones that push the boundaries trying new things.

Onstage at the Edmonton ABA

After one has been in the career for a few years, you will find that your ‘professional individuality’ evolves. I found that even though I really didn’t want to start in this profession, I ended up loving every minute of it. I started out by wanting nothing to do with the cosmetology schools, and now I am a hair instructor, following in my mother’s footsteps. I thank hair competitions for all that passion.

Getting her hands dirty while teaching men’s grooming

You never know where life will take you. One really needs to just enjoy the ride and believe that things do happen for a reason. If you think that you will not be successful, start thinking the opposite and see what can happen.

We love a success story! Thank you to Brittany for sharing with us. It doesn’t matter how or why you enter into something, all that matters is what you do with your time while you are doing that thing.


Audrey Brown

no gimmicks. just great education

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