Infection Prevention Control by Linda Villeneuve

“Strive for excellence and never compromise, even if we have to change the industry one Esthetician (Clinical Esthetician, Nail Technician, or Makeup Artist) at a time.” That has been my code of ethics ever since I started my own spa back in the ‘90s.

Being an Esthetician, Clinical Esthetician, Nail Technician, or Makeup Artist in Alberta is challenging. We are not a regulated industry, something I have worked to change for most of my career as an Esthetician.  I am on the board of a world-wide organization (International Professional Standards Network) based in Australia that is working to change standards globally. So although we tend to look inward at our own province, there is a global movement to strive for excellence without compromise.


Alberta Health can only cite spas or salons on infractions that are currently in the health regulations. Unfortunately our industry continues to lag behind when it comes to updated health regulations. We all have stories about low standards in the Esthetics industry!

One of the ways I worked to keep my spa ahead of everyone else was to seek out advice and disinfection products from an industry leader, STAT Healthcare. With their help I was able to maintain a very high standard of Infection Prevention Control. I brought that thinking with me when I developed the Delmar Spa back in 2010.

This is our autoclave that we use in our student spa. It is used to fully sterilize metal implements, and is an integral part of keeping our clients and students safe

Now I am once again leading the industry by announcing that every student that attends Delmar College will graduate with a certificate in INFECTION PREVENTION CONTROL.

This certification is something our graduates can be proud of. Adding this document to your portfolio shows industry that your commitment to excellence has already begun. Even without regulations in place, you will ensure that your standards exceed health standards as they exist today.

Think of how much this will mean to your clients! Seeing your certificate on your wall, they are assured that you are taking the necessary steps to protect every client that comes in contact with you. That peace of mind is worth more than you know.

We can all be a part of the conversation about industry standards. Educating the public is an integral part of that conversation. INFECTION PREVENTION CONTROL certification is one small step that speaks volumes to the changes necessary to create a safe working environment for ourselves as professionals, while also protecting our clients.

But I have always envisioned this strive for excellence to move beyond the education of new industry professionals. I also wanted to appeal to the existing spas and salons to bring their standard up as well. A collective move to excellence can only serve to help every one of us to a higher professional standing.

I am thrilled to announce that one major spa chain here in Alberta has taken that step towards excellence! They want to make sure that every one of their employees takes Delmar’s one-day workshop and exam so that they can proudly display their INFECTION PREVENTION CONTROL certification. This will move the industry forward on an even larger scale!

Now that we have added Lash Extensions, and Micro-blading to the Esthetics field there is even more reason to move forward with improved standards. Alberta Health continues to work hard to update the Personal Services Regulations but industry isn’t waiting for that to happen. As professionals in the field we have to continue to strive for excellence, without compromise if we want to keep our clients safe.

We will change the industry one Esthetician, Clinical Esthetician, Nail Technician or Makeup Artist at a time but we must unite on this front and keep the conversation going about INFECTION PREVENTION CONTROL.



Linda Villeneuve is a certified Esthetician and Nail Technician, and our Director of Esthetics. She oversees the management of several of our programs, and is constantly working to bring integrity and recognition to our industry.

no gimmicks. just great education



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