Student of the Month: Jamie Osaka

My name is Jamie Osaka and I am 25 years old. Never once, in a million years did I ever think I would have a talent for making people feel beautiful inside and out.


After two and a half years at Mt. Royal University, I dropped out and was feeling like I was not smart enough to secure a “practical” career. I’ve gone through my life watching my friends, family, and peers find their niche; the one thing they love to do and they made it into a career.  After various jobs as a server, working in a pad printing company, more retail jobs than I can count and being a receptionist; I thought maybe it just wasn’t going to happen for me, maybe I didn’t have a “thing”.

I have made wonderful friends in my classmates!

Then, by a total stroke of fate, I met a hair stylist who told me of an opening position as a receptionist at a hair school. After applying and getting the job, I found myself drawn to the beauty industry as a whole. I didn’t know what I loved about the trade, but I knew I wanted to learn more. My manager and the lead for creative directing saw my passion and curiosity, and had me helping students with make-up projects. After the first photo shoot, I was hooked. I have always loved makeup and the transformation it can bring about in people. Driven by this inspiration, I began researching schools to get certified in makeup artistry. However, I was always plagued by the worry of not being able to make a realistic career or make enough income for me to be satisfied or to support myself with.

Some fun makeup I got to do on my classmate Lisa

Though these worries were very prominent in my mind, I pushed on in my search to expand my knowledge. After interviewing at a couple of different schools in the city, I had my interview with Linda at Delmar, and instantly I felt like I was at home. She opened the door to the spa and my views on life changed. As she was explaining the Esthetics program to me I couldn’t help but think that this was the ultimate career move. It was my passion meets practical. I never considered the science behind esthetics or the passion and talent it takes to be a success in the field.


After the first couple of weeks, I was completely obsessed. I knew I had found my career, one I could be proud of and practice for the rest of my working days. I was determined to be the best esthetician that I could possibly be. My educators Rae and Angela have ignited a fire in me that I never thought myself capable of having.  With their expert guidance and teachings I have learned to have confidence in myself, accept my mistakes and to learn from them. And I now realize I am exactly where I belong – and I could not be happier.

Me and my classmate Christopher when we won first place in our Industry Scavenger Hunt.

Every day in the spa is a new adventure, every client (both new and old) pushes me to learn more and be the best esthetician I can possibly be. I absolutely love coming to school, I adore being able to teach my clients things that will help them meet their skin care goals. Most of all I am devoted to being able to make my clients feel beautiful and see themselves in a brighter light, and to make them feel like I care about them, because I honestly do. Now that I am nearing the end of my program, I am excited to say that I am following in the footsteps of my educator, Rae, and have accepted a job at a prestigious spa in downtown Calgary. And though I am very excited to begin my career, I cannot deny my ambition of becoming an educator of esthetics myself in the future. My ultimate dream is to be working alongside the amazing people who have helped me and pushed me to become the professional I am today.

The day we got our kits was so exciting!

My advice to anyone thinking of entering the program, or those who have just entered, would be to believe in yourself. Listen to what your heart is telling you, and stay true to yourself. Be prepared to work your butt off, expect frustration (especially when mastering French polish or remembering all the steps to a facial with an advanced treatment add on). Be open to criticism, and learn from your mistakes. Let your classmates help and guide you, because they will make you better, give you an amazingly strong support system you never dreamed of having, and they will be there to pick you up if you fall.

Some beautiful nails I got to do

But, most of all, be open to letting yourself be amazed by what you are capable of. Look forward to deep gratification and pride in your profession. If you love making people feel beautiful, or helping people to see themselves differently, if you love the beauty industry you will fall in love with and excel in this program.

Did I mention that I love doing nails?

From the very first day of class I have asked myself every day, “why did I wait so long to do this?” Manicures, pedicures, polishing nails, waxing, and giving facials, is what makes me truly happy. And I love it most of all because “a bad day in the spa, is still better than a good day in the office.”



Jamie Osaka is our first ever school and campus wide Student of the Month. She was nominated because of her outstanding positivity and work ethic. She is truly a Delmar College ambassador.

no gimmicks. just great education

Hair + Creativity by Morgan McLaren


My outlook on hair is that it is another form of creative expression. Being someone who went to art school before hair school I can’t help but see the similarities. To me the transition has been just as fulfilling because I still get to use my creative skills every day.


When you look at hair, art, and design there are a lot of parallels. In hair we have to use our imagination and creative problem-solving  in order to create the desired look for clients. In art, a blank canvas is an opportunity and every client comes to us with their canvas (their hair). This is when creative problem-solving truly comes into play because you were working on a canvas that other artists before you have worked on.


Initially, we study the shape of our clients hair and work with that shape to create the most desirable form for their facial features. Then comes colour, where we have to work with their natural colouring as well as their artificial colouring to create our vision. To me colour is a lot like painting, our formulations are a mix of the primary colours just like when you paint. All this while figuring out the most flattering tones and which colours truly work best together. Popular today is the balayage technique, this free hand painting on your clients hair makes you truly feel like an artist. Each technique we learn can be expressed uniquely creating our own touch!


When it comes to styling, it really reminds me of sculpture work.  You are creating a desired texture with product to best showcase your form and colour. Also popular today is hair tattooing, which is like drawing into your clients’ hair. It’s so much fun doing that kind of work because you are challenged drawing on an uneven surface!

In regards to inspiration, like art and design, it is better to pull it from unlikely places. In hair, if you’re always looking at hair photos you are not pulling from abstract inspiration. I believe true creativity in hair comes from other places. You may be inspired by colour in nature, art, your daily life, food, and an infinite amount of other places. I think the combination of creativity and technical skill in hair makes it so fulfilling.


Like art, sometimes you get an artist’s block in hair. You may go through times where you feel uninspired. I think that is why education is so important. It challenges you to keep learning and expand your abilities. I am always left full of inspiration and fully motivated after a class.


Hairstylists use their creativity to create a look for their clients that suits their personality and lifestyle. Like design, you have certain parameters you have to work within and I think the hardest thing is controlling your creativity.




Morgan McLaren is a recent graduate of Delmar College. She is currently apprenticing at Karma Salon in Calgary, AB. You can call 403-282-2485 to book your hair service with her. You can also check her out on Instagram @morganm_hair

no gimmicks. just great education

*All images are used courtesy of Morgan McLaren*

October at Delmar: a Recap

October brought a lot of celebration around the college. From celebrating new beginnings to congratulating graduates, we said “welcome” and “congrats” almost every week of the month. So, take a scroll, and check it out…

Welcome to our new October Hair Design students!


Welcome to our new Hair Styling Pre-Employment students!


Welcome to our new October Professional Esthetics students!


Our Hair Design students enjoyed some inspirational and educational guest speakers. A huge thank you to Jo-Anne Dicken, owner of The Fringe; Hillary Gibson, Bedhead educator; and Chelsea Mann, Wella educator. We loved having you all!

Congratulations to our graduates from our first ever, Makeup 102 Advanced class!


Makeup instructor, Erin Halisky, wrote an amazing blog for us. Click here to check it out.


Here are some awesome pictures from the work that our Makeup 102 students did throughout their program. A huge thank you to Dana Zarowny for coming in and taking some of these fantastic pictures during their class.

Congratulations to our April Professional Esthetics graduates! We wish you all a lifetime of success!


Linda Villeneuve, our Director of Esthetics, wrote a fantastic blog about how she would like to change the beauty industry. Click here to read it.


Our March Hair Design class had their final photo shoot with Brandon from Analog Dog Creative. It was another success, and we are starting to see the professional images come in, so stay tuned for posts on our social media sites featuring some of their creations.

Our evening Professional Esthetics instructor, Vanessa Oakley, wrote a blog piece for us, all about how to care for your skin as the weather changes, and also how to prep and remove all that Halloween makeup that comes with the month of October. Click here to read it.


We finished the month with a very festive, and happy Halloween! Thank you to everyone who decided to participate in dressing up for the day.

We hope you had as great an October as we did!


Audrey Brown

no gimmicks. just great education