The Evening Esthie’s: Episode 1

We live in a world where we want reality. Look at our choice of television shows, and celebrities who are famous for being themselves. We want the truth behind things, and I think, more importantly, we want to know how others experience something.

So why not get a taste of what it is to be in one of our Esthetics classes?

Today is the first of several posts to come that will follow our evening Esthetics program (or the Evening Esthie’s as they like to be called), basically from the end of their first module to the end of their program. Each month, or more, we will hear it from one of their perspectives. Their success stories and their struggles.

Who are the Evening Esthie’s? They are Teneika, Lacy, Kasandra, and Cathy. Our first blogger from the group is Cathy. So, without any further ado…


Cathy here from the Evening Esthie’s, taking a minute to look at my journey so far in completing my Esthetics Diploma. I just finished Module 1! As the course began I was sure I would wax off someone’s eyebrow. Not sure if this is a common nightmare for anyone first learning to wax, but it was mine. I apologized to my models when I first waxed A LOT! Now I am speedy and efficient. My first customer actually fell asleep. Her feedback was that I was gentle.

Hi. I’m Cathy.

Pretty clear on my professional image and how to carry myself. My previous work experience has given me lots of practice. I really like working with, and for, people. I have a great class, and we are becoming fast friends. Our instructor Vanessa is amazing. She is so comfortable to be around, and is a great communicator. She has so much experience and I love her teaching style.

This is my instructor Vanessa

Besides waxing and professional image, I have learned about Infection Prevention Control. Covering the fungi, parasites, viruses, and bacteria we carry and can be exposed to; products I will use to protect myself and my client from infection; how important sterilization of tools is; and how important it is to be consistent and follow rules and regulations of the spa. Follow all safety precautions for yourself and clients.

Red polish is challenging


Currently I am working on manicures and pedicures in the student spa. Slowly seeing an improvement. Studied hard to know all nail disorders and diseases. A lot to know, but bottom line, sure do not want a fungus!


So 4 tests, 1 project, filling all my quota’s, and mod 1 is done. I look forward to class and learning something new, making new friends, having clients and model days, and so much more.

The Evening Esthie’s work hard, but we play hard too. Lots of laughs and life experience in this class. Let’s face it… we are the best!!!

Thanks Cathy! Stay tuned for more posts from the Evening Esthie’s in the new year.



no gimmicks. just great education

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