The Evening Esthie’s Episode 2

“A Day In The Life of an Evening Esthie” by Lacy Woolward

This assignment was given to me by Delmar to let everyone out there know how a day in the life of an evening Esthetic Student looks. In this case particularly, my life.


We are a small class of only four. Four ladies who live a full day life outside of Delmar. I’m not really like my fellow classmates. I’m not a mother and I do not run my own business, but rather, I work a full-time job and then come to Delmar. My life starts at 5:30 am every single morning when my alarm rings in that annoying beep that makes me want to fling it across the room. From there I have a bustling morning to get my work things ready, then prepare my backpack for school. Making sure I have all that I need for the entire day before I leave my cozy home at 7:00 am.

image1 (6).png

I constantly watch the clock for quitting time. Dramatic – I know, but when that time comes I know I can leave and make my way to Delmar. To my other life. I live for the quitting whistle. As I drive away I can feel the weight of the day lift, I grin, turn up the radio a little more and jive my way to school. As I make that last traffic light I know that I get to spend the next four hours doing something I love with people that make the experience that much better.

My class has so much fun!

I didn’t wake up one morning and realize that this was exactly what I wanted to do, I came to this decision over a while. What I didn’t expect was the joy I feel in these four hours at Delmar with my classmates and my Teacher. I find joy in creating the perfect smile line, smoothing down a heel, and folding the perfected fitted sheet. To which I am still perfecting how to do!

image2 (2).png

Waking up at 5:30 am and not coming home till 9:30 is rough, but it is in no comparison to the life that I am trying to build with Delmar giving me the tools to do so. The camaraderie that is there in us evening esthies is something we are all grateful to have, like my class mate before me said “We are the bestie of the esthies!” and I know we are. Go evening class!



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Student of the Month: Alejandrina Valiente

I have been gifted with the honour of meeting Alejandrina in Delmar. Ale is an extremely talented, sweet, hard working young woman. She stops at nothing with tasks at hand to do her best. She encourages her class mates, including me, to do their best and lends a helping hand, always leaving a smile on your face.

-Brianne Walker (fellow student)

I was born on December 15, 1995 in Guatemala.

I used to have such bad grades in my classes. Then, when I got pregnant at 16, I went to a self directed school where I learned to be responsible. Then I came to Calgary and I was in a self directed school again. I had to finish my 12 grade in almost 5 months. It was really hard, but I did it because I was very motivated to finish high school and go to university. So I went to Mount Royal University and enrolled in the Psychology program. But since I never really saw myself working in an office I felt it was not for me. Then I started Open Studies in order to go into Bachelor of Business Administration, but again I didn’t think that was for me. After so much failure I went back to my home country and went to university there in Human Resources Administration, but again I didn’t feel like it was the right place for me.


Since nothing was working for me I started a small association with one of my friends called “Huellitas de Amor”. We rescued animals from the streets. That made me sooo happy. So I realized that my purpose in this life is to help the ones that need it most.

Giving my son a pedicure

I always loved to do nails and my mom told me that she could pay for my nail program at Delmar, so I came again to Calgary and enrolled in the Nail Technician program. That was in July, and the program was gonna start in November (2 days a week) so I knew I was going to get bored at home and I told my mom I wanted to get busier. So, we went to Delmar again to find a program that was not going to interfere with my nail program. We found one (October Hair Design class) and I was told that there was no more spots available, but I was going to be the first one on the waiting list. My mom told me, “If God wants you to take the class he will open those doors”. So I kept waiting and I finally got a call from the school saying that I got my spot. We went as soon as possible to the school and I got enrolled. I remember asking Shauna for the text books just to make sure there was nothing I couldn’t handle. There it was, a chapter for anatomy, physiology, chemistry, etc. My mom looked at me and I immediately told her and Shauna I CAN DO IT, I AM SURE (I think my mom was super worried).

Then since I still didn’t feel busy enough, I asked my dad If he was able to help me pay for another program, which was the Eyelash Technician program. He was able to help me and I successfully completed that program at Delmar.

Practicing my lashing skills

What I love the most is being able to help my classmates, I love making people happy and being useful and helpful.  I am really grateful to God for putting such amazing people in both of my programs. I even told my friend, something that will make me happier than me getting an award for student of the month was for them to get it (I was helping them study because they were having difficulties studying). It has been hard for me due to my English barrier but and yes, sometimes I ask myself how am I doing this, and I don’t know, what I do know is that I am not failing and I LOVE IT. I want to get in the make up program too but for now my friends and family want me to finish at least one program to get enrolled in another one.

Ale Valiente has been a very dedicated student since the beginning of our course together she has been very helpful with my studies and has put a lot of time and effort trying to help me understand our class material. She’s smart, cheerful, and very outgoing and that’s what makes her who she is.

-Wasem Alhaj (fellow student)

When I graduate I want to go to poor areas in Guatemala and offer to hard working people free services. There are so many amazing people that couldn’t afford a haircut or a nail polish, etc. so I want to provide those people that deserve it a nice service.

My class had a party for me on my birthday

So I will go around schools, working areas, and streets to find out who deserves it and needs it. Some people are very smart but they will never get a job just because of how they look.

“Ale thinks of others before herself, she is the most caring person I’ve ever known. She’s got great leadership skills and she’s always giving her best at what she does.”

–Abell Lim

Then as an encouragement to schools and working areas I want to give them something like a monthly, or every semester price. I want to build that association, make my fur babies association bigger, and start another association to help teen moms in my country that didn’t get support from their families to provide them with education, food and a home until they are ready to have their own house and job. And for sure I am opening my own salon. I want to work really hard so I can have it in many countries and make my own schools back home.


That’s me. Someone that loves to help people, someone that loves teamwork because without a team no one will get far. For me, teamwork is a key for success. Together everyone achieves more and that’s why I want to encourage people to come with me and help me to help others. I really think I can achieve anything when I put my heart on it, I will always give my extra mile.



Ale is our January school-wide Student of the Month. We are amazed by her strength, drive, and determination. She is truly a Delmar ambassador.

no gimmicks. just great education

Makeup Trends by Erin Halisky


Blush is back! Think 80’s and the electric blush colours they had back then. Matching it to your nail polish, your lip colour, even blending it up to as far as your temples is going to make a statement this year. Sounds a little crazy but when done properly can be such a cool look. One of my faves during these cold Albertan winters is cream blush! Apply it like you would with regular blush using a blush brush, circular motions, applying to apple of the cheek first and blending all the way back to the hairline. Gives you a beautiful winter glow!




Having a really well defined dark or pastel lip – Both can be really hard to achieve and sometimes hard to find!  My favorite pastel and really dark colours of lipsticks I have are from MAC and MAKE UP FOR EVER.  Tip: Always apply on dry lips so no bleeding occurs.

Pastel: Sometimes when using pastel colours it’s better to conceal the natural lip pigment with your concealer before going in with the lipstick.


Dark: An easy way to enhance those really dark colours that can get messy is taking concealer to define and clean up your lip line.



Most of us can be a little scared to try anything smoky when it comes to our eye shadows but the key is a good primer and blending. My absolute favourite to use is Painterly by MAC. Having a good amount of this layered onto the lid, apply a bold shimmery colour all over your lid using a blending brush in circular motions. For the crease colour choose an even darker matte colour. Add highlight just under the brow bone and in the corner of the eyes. This look doesn’t necessarily require eyeliner and that’s what makes it so easy. I always like loading on the mascara and adding a little gel liner in my waterline to make my eyes look more pronounced.


Saved my favorite for last….


If it was up to me, glitter would be in all year long! But its sooo pretty in these winter months. You can get them in pigment form which is a little tricky to use or you can get them in the form of liquid eyeliners. These eyeliners you can easily build and get an elegant look in no time. My favorite that I recently discovered are by Revlon. You get a coloured liner on one side and a gel glitter on the other. Viola!


I am so excited for all the upcoming trends in makeup. I am also REALLY excited to announce that we are now offering a Diploma in Makeup Artistry at Delmar College. It is a modulated diploma, so you can earn it at your own pace. I’m teaching the first module in a couple weeks, and the second in March. If you love makeup like I do (a lot), come take my class!



no gimmicks. just great education

December at Delmar: a Recap

December brought another busy month at the college.

We saw some awesome student work from all of our departments. Here are some highlights of that awesome work. Thank you to our students who worked so hard to create all this work, and thank you to Brandon from Analog Dog Creative for the professional images.


We featured Kylie Lebedeff, our December student of the month. You can read our post, featuring her, by clicking here.


Our evening Esthetics class started something new. They will each be documenting their progression through the program, and will take turns doing a monthly blog post, journaling their experiences. December’s post was by Kathy. Click here to check it out and stay tuned for this month’s post, coming soon.


We welcomed guest speaker, Lisa, from SkinCeuticals. She did a chemical peel workshop with our Clinical Esthetics students.


We said congrats and good bye to our January 2016 Hair Design class.


Our June Esthetics class also graduated.


And so did our Makeup 101 class.


Our November Esthetics class had a science fair.


There were a lot of holiday celebrations during the last week before Christmas. Here are some shots of our students having fun, dressing up, and even having a potluck or two.

From all of us at Delmar College, we hope you had a wonderful holiday season and wish you all the best in 2017!

Stay tuned, next week Erin is back with some makeup trends for 2017.



no gimmicks. just great education