The Evening Esthie’s Blog Takeover #3 by Teneika Dennie

Walking in on our first day, I had a pen and a 100 page Hilroy notepad. The other girls all had binders, different coloured pens and post-its. I thought this was going to be an easy class to ace. That we would learn how to work some skin care machines and do some mani’s and pedi’s. Boy, was I wrong! But then again any occupation that ends in –cian should be challenging.

I never dreamed that I would have to learn about the anatomy of the body, hair and nails. Let alone their diseases and disorders. Its amazing how the body works and how much I, as an esthetician can have an affect on it.


I’m lucky to have a small class and an amazing instructor, Vanessa.  She makes me want to come to class by including us in whatever she’s teaching and how she’s teaching it. She encourages us and always makes sure we have what we need. It’s important to have a teacher who takes time to understand you and take interest in your success. I was terrified to wax eyebrows in the beginning, I mean eyebrows can literally make or break a persons face. So, I borderline forced my instructor to stay with me every time I did them. But with Vanessa’s support, attention to detail and precision; I have grown more confident. I plan on perfecting this skill and no longer fearing it.



Having only 4 women in my class has been one of the best educational experiences ever. We all have different opinions and views on life and in class.  In a larger class you don’t really get to know everyone. I love that I’ve got the chance to see how everyone works and the method to their madness.

This month we’ve finally moved past waxing, manicures and pedicures. We’ve made our way into facials and skin care. I’ve been so excited for this one!! I love giving facial massages. With the relaxation music and knowing the client is completely at ease, I too am at ease. There’s less pressure and it’s just me, the facial products, and the music.



no gimmicks. just great education

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