Delmar Student Ambassador: Sammer Shamoon

Our Student Ambassador for October & November was awarded to Mr. Sammer Shamoon. Here is his story:

– Sammer Shamoon

Q1. Why did you choose Delmar College?

– I chose Delmar college for variety of reasons. One of these reasons is Delmar college very good reputation and I can say it’s number one in Calgary and probably Alberta. Another reason is many friends who studied hair styling recommended Delmar college.Also I looked to the college website and  Facebook , checked all the pictures and the reviews and simply I found what I was looking for. Big thanks to Shauna who helped a lot when I wanted to register for the course.

Q2. What award did you receive/prize?

– I got a really nice Jaguar scissors  as a prize.

Q3. What does it mean to you to have been chosen as the school ambassador?

– honestly, I didn’t expect to be chosen as the college ambassador because I only started studying less than two months ago. I’m glad that there’re professional instructors who appreciate and noticed my hard work and how much effort I put every day at school. It’s an honour to represent such an amazing institution as Delmar college.

Q4. Why did you want to become a stylist/barber?
– I’ve always been interested in hair industry. Hair styling and barbering is the thing I wanna do now! This decision came after lots of thinking and researchs about the industry. Also , I’m surrounded by people who share the same passion. Friends and Family whom they work as barbers or hairstylist are always encouraging and help me since I decided to study at Delmar college.


Q5. So far what has your experience at Delmar College been for you?

– It is an amazing experience so far . Lots of learning, cutting, new information and most important meeting all these incredible instructors and students. Everyone is friendly and professional. The atmosphere inside the college is indescribable . It’s a big family! Everyone is smiling and working hard. Being happy where you study or work makes the difference in your experience.

Q6. What advice would you give to someone about Delmar?

– My advice is if you wanna be involved in hairstyling or barbering industry Delmar college is your best choice. Taking the first step is all you need after that they will take care of you and make sure that you graduated as a hair artist.

Q7. What is your goal/step going to be?

– For now my goal is to learn and get experience as much as I can . After I graduate I’ll work in one of the salons in the city to get more experience. My long term goal is opening my own salon.

Q8. Has this been the right path for you?

– This is the hardest question to answer. I believe everyone can do and be whatever he wants if he works hard. Hard working is the key to success. Failing is not the end of the road as long as you get up again and fight.

Q9. How did you decide to become a barber/stylist?

– Simply, I wanted to do something different. Something that I know I’m going to be good at .  An art or magic. Barbering and hairstyling is the path that I think I can fulfill my passion and dreams.



– Sammer Shamoon




No gimmicks, just great education





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