December 2017 at Delmar : Recap

It is hard to believe that 2017 has come and gone so quickly. However, here at Delmar College we are excited to welcome 2018 with open arms! What did Delmar College get up to in December to finish 2017 with a BANG?

Delmar College would like to congratulate 3 of our classes at our Esthetics and Wellness Spa. Our Clinical Estheticians, Nail Technicians, and Professional Estheticians that finished the year with a Diploma – Congratulations! There is nothing like starting off 2018 with success, and opportunities at your door.


Congratulations to our January 1400 hr. Hairstyling class who graduated in December. We cannot wait to see what comes next for all of you!



We here at Delmar College shared the joy of Christmas this year by starting our new annual “Toy Drive”. While searching of a charity that we wanted to partner with and donate to we came upon the “Magic Of Christmas” charity. This charity spoke to us here at Delmar College because of their reputation and their undoubted desire to spread the magic over the holidays.
“The Magic Of Christmas”  is a complete non-profit organization that runs off  of their donations and the many volunteers. They decorate a city transit bus to be a reindeer and sleigh filled with the hundreds/thousands gifts, volunteers dressed as Santa’s elves, and they drive around Calgary delivering presents to the homes, families, and hospitals of children in need.
We couldn’t be more Proud to Donate $230.00 worth of toys as well as the numerous donations from students, staff, and loyal customers of Delmar College. Thank you to everyone who donated!
Want to donate? Don’t worry. Our next toy drive will be posted and you can help us help children and local families during the holiday season 2018!



Another Thank you to: Social Media Coordinator Brittany Connors , Esthetics Director Audrey Eastham, and Director of admissions Shauna Defreitas for taking the time to purchase & donate so many wonderful toys with the $230.0 0!  



Could you imagine FREE MEN’S CUTS?  Well Delmar College was at it again! We’ve hosted a very successful Men’s taper workshop for our senior Hairstyling students. Can you believe in 1 day with 10 students we had 60+ men’s cuts come through the door!


We would like to thank all the volunteers who came in and helped our students by receiving a FREE hair cut! If you’re bummed that you missed this one – DON’T WORRY! Delmar College will be hosting another Men’s Taper Workshop this month. Keep an eye out on all our social media outlets to stay informed!

This month promotions…
(All promotions are able to be seen on all our social media)




…We’ve shared some pretty amazing amazing student work..
(Check out our website to see more student work)



….Started getting our Student Barber Shop ready for clients come February!

Feature wall for Delmar College’s Student Barber Shop


….We’ve done another “Delmar Morning Chatter”  vlog with Social Media Coordinator Brittany Connors on our apprenticeship program.
…We’ve published blogs from current & past graduates of Delmar College…




2017 has been an amazing year, and December a great month! Stay tuned to see what Delmar College gets up to in 2018!

Coming up..
* new enrolment
* Specials
* New “Delmar Morning chatter” VLog
* Student awards & Blog 
* New Services
* Flash sales
* 8th Blog post of  “diary of a hair student” by Morgan Calvert
…..& Much Much more!


– Brittany Connors
Social Media Coordinator


No gimmicks, just great education


Social media Coordinator Brittany Connors




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