Diary Of A Hair Student by : Morgan Calvert



-Morgan Calvert


Hello everyone,

The month of January has been very busy and kind of stressful.
My class started off the month with an exciting taper workshop where we broke the record and did a total of 66 men’s cuts! The instructors were impressed with us and when we came in the next morning they gave us all coffee and donuts and a congratulated us on all the good work 🙂


before morgan
After that fun wore off we had to start getting serious again because we had or second term mock exam and the second term theory exams coming up. The second term exams are way harder than the first! You really need to study and practice even more than ever to pass them!


Morgan ..
Beautiful Color/ Highlight / style done by Morgan


I personally did alright on my practical mock but then on the day of our actual exam my alarm didn’t go off, So I was pretty late and unfortunately had to took a zero. This means I will have to work really hard to pass my final in order to graduate!


So my advice to anyone joining the program is SET LIKE 500 ALARMS ON EXAM DAYS….okay not actually 500 but set more than one so you don’t get wrecked like me!


morgan ...

Other than that its just been a lot of salon days and doing lots of hair! I love being on the salon floor and getting experience, unfortunately I suck at remembering to take pictures of my work! I only have a couple pictures of things I’ve done this month but I hope you enjoy the small amount I do have!

Thanks for reading 🙂


morgan Calvert Feb headshot
-Morgan Calvert




No gimmicks just great education!





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