“Do What You Love” guest blog by Brittany Connors

Everyone at some point in their life has asked themselves “what do I do when I grow up”?

Some toddlers tell their parents “I wanna be a firefighter/doctor/vet/teacher”, and Some of  those children have grown to become exactly what they’ve dreamed of since childhood. However, MOSTof us are not always that lucky.

Who of you were those individuals who said to their parents ” I want to be a glitter eater”, or  ” I want to be in the circus” ?  While those careers seem “fun” at the time, as we grow and develop we learn that it may not be the career we want anymore? Our views have changed so to speak!


Who of you did know what you wanted to do, knew the path you wanted to take? Or, it just never came to be for you? Was it not what you thought it would be? As many expectations come to be.

What do I choose?-2

For all those individuals who’ve dreamed of being a Stylist/Colourist/Esthetician/Nail Artist/Makeup Artist…Creativity comes easy to you! You see shapes, lines, and design features easily compared to others! With this “job” it can be more than that! Yes– having the “flare” for it definitely makes the venture easier there is no doubt about it. However, it can also be learned, and formed for everyone, and their learning abilities! Whether you want this to be your lifelong career or even something “to do on the side” this career can be for ANYONE! It has so many options and that is why it is a trade that is so prevalent in today’s society.

No matter if you chose this career as a child, or if you chose this career as a second path. This career is just the beginning of many adventures, ups and downs! 

Cosmetology was said to be a career that “NEVER MADE ANY MONEY”. A career that was for those that “didn’t know what they wanted to do”. WHAT A SHAM!

Speaking from experience – Cosmetology is an industry that defies all odds! You can make it whatever you want it to be. This career could make all your dreams come true! Whether your dreams consist of a 6 figure salary, a new house, a new car, to travel the world, to become a business owner, or something more. All you have to do is dream!! Some people are living in such a small world they cannot visualize the amazing opportunities this industry has to offer.

Little history on my family and how I decided this career was for me…….

My mother was told from all her peers these same things! Your “NEVER GOING TO MAKE MONEY” and “YOU WONT MAKE ANYTHING OF YOURSELF”. My mother is living proof, along with others in this industry, that SHOWED THEM OTHERWISE!
(To those that do-way to go!) 

Brittany and her Mother, Susan Dean in an ABA judging seminar

After teaching for many years my mother was approached by a peer of hers that she was interested in selling her school. My mother thought about it and then decided to venture into the education business in 1994! This took many years of hard work. Which didn’t only mean managing a business and all of the instructing team, it also meant to work extremely long hours, sometimes not seeing her children as much as other moms at the time who stayed home had. It meant cleaning the school, counselling students, running the odds and ends errands, snow removal, sanding, stocking, bookkeeping, plumbing (quick fixes unless professionals are needed), maintenance, etc. When you first start a business its not always lucrative in the beginning and you have to wear all the “HATS”. Through all her sacrifices she now owns and operates the largest cosmetology school in the East Coast called Majestany Institute. My mother like many in this industry worked hard through the good, the bad, the ups, the downs and because of it her business continues to be a thriving success!

(Brittany over the years from student, competitor, Master Judge for the ABA, and now Instructor for Delmar College)

I hope that hearing my mothers story and even when we may be told it isn’t much, make Hairstyling, Esthetics, Nails, Makeup, Eyelash extensions your OWN! Don’t let Those small-minded individuals steer you away from a great career. A career that doesn’t get affected by the market. A trade that is versatile in specialties like Color, Cutting, Extensions etc. Versatile in division’s like Magazines, Photography, Education, TV, Sales/Retail, Management, and even becoming an Entrepreneur. The opportunities are endless!

In my case, my dream was NOT to enter into the same industry as my mother. When I was a kid I dreamed of becoming a police officer! I followed that dream to university, college, and then realized it wasn’t for me. I had no options, but had responsibilities to stay on top of! I decided to enter into Cosmetology. Not because I had the talent, not because I knew my entire life that I wanted it to be my career, but because I needed it at the time! Now, after entering into hairstyling. I’ve become more than I had ever imagined.

I started my journey in education 4 years ago! Although I had started my journey at Majestany since what seemed like birth, my first full time educating position was when I began working for Delmar College back in 2015. Since I walked into this career I have had moments where you look at yourself and say wow – I love what I do! Others – you wonder if you’re getting through to anyone? Education is not for the weak! I’ve learned through guidance that there are many different learning styles, methods, and ways to deliver information to different individuals. I’ve learned that not every rule needs to be met with the largest punishment (I’m a little strict). I’ve learned how to adapt learning material to be better understood by everyone and to have fun doing it. I love sharing all the education that I’ve received from my many classes I continue to take and find that my students get a diverse background in all things “old” and “new” because of it!  In my opinion teaching is one of the hardest yet rewarding careers and I wouldn’t change a thing!



(Some amazing memories of my Delmar College Family)

I was very fortunate to find an institution like Delmar College to believe in me and to help me take the next step from a hairstylist, to educator, and now to Delmar College’s Social Media Coordinator. I couldn’t be more humbled!
Delmar College has been at the forefront of this industry in Calgary for over 60years! What a place to get my start! I cannot thank the Owners, Dan and Carla Cavanagh, all the Management: Tara Byrne, Shauna Defreitas, Lauren Scavarelli, and Audrey Eastham , All the teaching staff:  Andrew, Maricel, Jenessa, Tina, Erin, Crystal, Alison, Nilo, Lana, and our amazing receptionist Jeannie enough for the support they’ve shown by welcoming me into the “Family“. That is what we are here at Delmar, a family!

Andrew and Brittany representing the Delmar Swag

I’ve now shared with you my history with a story on my mother, Susan Dean and her success. I’ve shared how I became to be an educator and my path to success with Delmar College.  Now what is your success story?

Whether this is your first kick at the can for a new journey in education, or if it is your second, third, even fourth – That’s okay! We here at Delmar College have seen it all. We’ve had some students who just wanted something different. We have had students who wanted to change their life for the better by having a career that had a flexible schedule to be with their family when they needed it to be. Some who were in their 50’s and were just not ready to stop working so decided to try something new. It doesn’t matter what the “push” may be. Come visit Delmar College and see if we can help you like they’ve helped me enjoy the “next step” in your life by starting it off on the right foot!

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – Confucius


– Brittany Connors
Social Media Coordinator
& Hair Instructor

No gimmicks just great education


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