Realizing Your Dreams!

We all have dreams! Making those dreams become reality is a different thing entirely. Many people believe they are entitled to start at the top or that they will get there with minimal effort. Some people spend a great deal of effort trying to find the easy way out. The reality is, if you want it, you need to put in the HARD work! Where you put your efforts, you will get results. There is nothing more GRATIFYING than achieving something you have worked hard to get!

The first step in realizing your dreams is asking yourself “are they realistic for me?”. Be honest. If the answer is yes, then find the RIGHT path and people to help you achieve that dream! You also need PASSION and DETERMINATION! The road will often be rocky but ALL obstacles can be overcome; you just need to find the way. You need to stick; DON’T GIVE UP! Too often in our industry, people expect to make top dollar straight out of school. You need to continue your education, build your clientele and keep them, build your social media profile and don’t get discouraged! It won’t happen over night but it will be a small window of your life if you put in the hard work in the beginning!

Find someone who inspires you and follow their lead. Take the best from many to create your best. We can’t change our past but we can write our future! Make that future what your dreams are made of!

I asked existing Delmar Barbering Student Andrew to share his road to realizing his dreams.

What was your background prior to coming to Delmar College?

Prior to being a student at Delmar, I was a roofer in both residential and commercial flat roofing. I’ve been roofing since the age of 16 after moving out on my own.

Through many different trials and tribulations I’ve made it this far, never regretting any of my decisions because it’s made me the person I am today. I always wanted to take the easy way out and cut corners; to try and find the get rich schemes but in the end I always managed to get twice as far behind. Being a product of my own decisions, I’ve learned that taking the easy way is the hardest life lesson. Things catch up to you faster than you can say hello or goodbye in most cases. It took me a few years to find the right path and it feels good to be the person I am now.

Making the decision to become a student at Delmar was a difficult one but I’ve learned that hard work will pay off. There will be struggles throughout but my determination to become something I’ve always wanted to be will lead to the reward in the end. Priceless!!

What made you decide to enter the barbering profession and has it always been a passion?

I have ALWAYS loved barbershops. My grandfather took me to Fred & Lou’s Barber Shop in Niagara Falls for my first haircut as a kid and over the years I returned to that same shop whenever I have been able to.

Barbering has been my dream since I was young. I decided that the time was now to make my dream a reality. I quit a $35 hourly job just before Christmas without knowing if Delmar would accept me into the Barbering Program and I’m glad I took the plunge. I started my apprenticeship at South Trail Crossing Barbershop and haven’t looked back!

Are there barbers who have influenced you more than others and what about them do you admire?

Maher Chehade and Julie Regimbald influence me daily, helping me in the shop and being a part of my journey. What I admire most about Maher is his drive to be the best he can and offer his clients the best experience that money can buy.

I’ve had the opportunity to shadow Julie, one of the best female barbers in the Calgary area, during my apprenticeship at South Trail Crossing Barbershop. She has been in the industry for 15 years and barbering is not only a job but her passion.

Describe your experience at Delmar so far. What were your educational expectations prior to entering the program versus what is actually involved in the program?

My experience at Delmar so far has been amazing. The teachers are fantastic, very knowledgable, friendly, and willing to help with anything that is required.

Prior to being a student at Delmar I never thought I’d ever be a college student. My expectations of going into the Barber Program were to get my diploma and finally be something I’ve always wanted to pursue in life…a barber.

As with any program, there will be things you have to do you that you don’t think you will ever use…50-50 sets and fingerwaves in particular! However, Delmar is making sure we are prepared for our government exams so we can become LICENSED.

above work by @magic_hairstylist

What is your favourite service to receive and why?

My favourite service to receive is a hot shave. I like the relaxation, the facial massage and all the steps involved to make your appearance looks fresh and feel great.

What is your favourite service to perform and why?

At this time, I enjoy offering clients a fresh fade or hot shave. I like to see people’s smiles and confidence they when they leave the shop. Something as small as a haircut can change the way people see themselves and offering that to clients is very rewarding.

What do you feel are the most important aspects about barbering and why?

I find the most important aspects of barbering are making clients feel comfortable and creating new relationships. Making them feel like they are worthy and not just another client or a dollar sign.

What do you feel is the biggest difference between old-school traditional barbering and the modern barbershops of today?

Our new generation has been given the opportunity of barber evolution; from new style haircuts, to hair design, tattoos and much more.

above photos courtesy of barbers @stcbarbershop

It is not just the ‘short sides and back’ of yesteryear. Another big difference I find is the age of barbers as so many young people are getting into the barber industry which is awesome to see! Barbershops are opening all over the city so the competition is fierce! However, the strongest and best will survive!

What are your future goals once you have completed your program at Delmar?

After completing my program at Delmar, I plan to work with some of the best barbers in the industry and strive to exceed my client’s expectations each and everytime they are sitting in my chair. I want to be one of the best!

Do you feel social media is important in our industry and why?

Recently I’ve become very familiar with social media and I find it is a great learning tool and is IMPERATIVE for building your business! Spend some time learning how to utilize social media platforms to increase your clientele and request clients. It is also a great way to look/apply for jobs and to use as a recruitment tool.

Are there certain barbers you feel have radically influenced the new direction of the Barbering industry and why/how?

Again, as for who as influenced the barber industry in a new direction I would say Maher Chehade. He has brought many big names from all over North America to the Calgary area via Barber Battles, he speaks at seminars and offers great advice to the new and upcoming barbers in the industry.

Andrew is currently working hard to achieve his dreams both in school and at South Trail Crossing Barbers! In addition to contributing to this blog, he has won a Social Media Challenge and is working on building his social media profile! Follow his journey on Instagram @klutch.kutz

Are you looking to follow your dreams? If you are passionate about Hairstyling, Barbering or Esthetics, please contact our Admissions Department:

Calgary Hairstyling/Barbering: Alison at or call 403-264-8055

Calgary Esthetics: Julie at or call 403-255-6644

Red Deer Campus: Azra at or call 403-347-2018

We look forward to being a part of your journey to realizing your dreams!


Tara Byrne

Social Media Coordinator

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