This week I thought we would take a slightly different turn with our blog. We spend a lot of time talking to students and potential students about passion and dedication. Where you put your focus is where you get results. We have many students who have never had anyone believe in them therefore it is difficult for them to believe in themselves. We discuss how every obstacle can be overcome; you just need to stick the course and find a way!

I reached out to Delmar graduate Lyndsey Paradis who found success in the hair industry. She was a hard-working student who went on to apprentice under Dawn Bradley which afforded her many educational opportunities and experiences! She quickly became a specialist in hair painting!

Once Lindsay became licensed, she decided to branch out on her own and opened Lyndsey Paradis Hair in Citizen Salon Studios and has been very successful!

Throughout this journey, Lyndsey’s other passion was bubbling to the surface; Spiritual Life Coach. She has recently decided to join her 2 sisters in teaching and guiding others how to live their best lives and commit to their dreams!

Lyndsey Paradis: The Pull

This is a message about following THE PULL. About trusting your desires and going for more. About being more committed to your dreams and visions than any story or reason you have as to why it’s not possible. Whatever you are telling yourself becomes your truth and reality. We’ve all heard this at some point or another but are we present to the magnitude of the truth in that statement?

As a Coach I am here to remind you that you are 100% responsible for your experience of life. You really do get to say how it goes for you. Nothing is permanent and you have way more control over the circumstances in your life and how you react to them than you may be present to. It’s more a question of how willing you are to see things differently; how resourceful you are willing to be and if you are willing to be responsible for creating the life you want?

That could land as either daunting or inspiring. But for a moment let’s go with the latter. We live in an age where resources are at our fingertips. Where creating a business that is run through Instagram and can be managed from any city, at any time in the world is normal. You follow people who are currently doing this. The limitations and linear thought models of the past really are becoming just that- ways of the past. The ways to create a life by design are continuously expanding. So my question for you is, what do you want? What is it you want to express in this life? I’m not talking about your second-best dream or the what you think you can achieve. I’m talking about your true desires and allowing yourself to live them.

Following the pull of what you innately know is true for you and giving yourself permission to have it.  Your desires are unique to you and are there for a reason. If you allow them to, they will guide you.

With that being said, there is a difference between your hectic thoughts and feelings and your inner knowing and guidance. Your inner knowing or pull has a distinct feel to it. It is often quiet and still and has a calmness to it. There is a “sureness” to it. The thoughts and feelings that come out busy, loud, chaotic, confused or in a temper tantrum are not your internal GPS guiding you to a fulfilled life.

If you have always wanted to pursue a certain career path or perhaps you have just discovered something you’re interested in, it is your responsibility to chase that. You can start by asking yourself, “what am I committed to?” and taking actions consistent with that.

In any career, there is training, development, knowledge, certification, etc required and there will likely be days when you don’t want to do some aspect of what is required of you. That ‘I don’t want to’ is the thought/feeling that is different from your true desire. As human beings, we are wired that way. We have thoughts and feelings that can take us out of the game.

But we also have creative power. We have desires and dreams inside of us for a reason. Those dreams not only fulfill and light us up but when we step into owning them, they serve the people around us. The surgeon is doing more than fulfilling his/her desires of practicing medicine when they’re saving lives in the OR. The hairstylist who specializes in colour corrections is doing more than feeling creatively expressive when the client leaves happy, thankful and in love with his/her new hair.

Your ultimate fulfillment in life comes from living into your desires and being fiercely committed to seeing them come to life. It comes from be willing to honour your inner calling and living in a state of expansion instead of settling or shrinking down your dreams. It comes from trusting that your pull for your career and life to look a certain way is valid. It comes from connecting to what you know you really want and take committed and consistent actions from there. It comes from keeping your mind in the game and being willing to do what it takes to have your visions become a reality. It means creating a plan and having a support system hold you accountable. It means asking for love, help and support when you need it. And it means remembering, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right” (Henry Ford) and consciously choosing what beliefs you are feeding yourself.

Your dreams are valid and you are capable. FOLLOW THE PULL. You really are the author of your life and in every moment, you get to say how it’s going to go.


You can follow Lyndsey on Instagram at lyndsey.paradis

I hope this inspires you to FOLLOW YOUR PULL!

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Tara Byrne

Social Media Coordinator

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