“Do What You Love” guest blog by Brittany Connors

Everyone at some point in their life has asked themselves “what do I do when I grow up”?

Some toddlers tell their parents “I wanna be a firefighter/doctor/vet/teacher”, and Some of  those children have grown to become exactly what they’ve dreamed of since childhood. However, MOSTof us are not always that lucky.

Who of you were those individuals who said to their parents ” I want to be a glitter eater”, or  ” I want to be in the circus” ?  While those careers seem “fun” at the time, as we grow and develop we learn that it may not be the career we want anymore? Our views have changed so to speak!


Who of you did know what you wanted to do, knew the path you wanted to take? Or, it just never came to be for you? Was it not what you thought it would be? As many expectations come to be.

What do I choose?-2

For all those individuals who’ve dreamed of being a Stylist/Colourist/Esthetician/Nail Artist/Makeup Artist…Creativity comes easy to you! You see shapes, lines, and design features easily compared to others! With this “job” it can be more than that! Yes– having the “flare” for it definitely makes the venture easier there is no doubt about it. However, it can also be learned, and formed for everyone, and their learning abilities! Whether you want this to be your lifelong career or even something “to do on the side” this career can be for ANYONE! It has so many options and that is why it is a trade that is so prevalent in today’s society.

No matter if you chose this career as a child, or if you chose this career as a second path. This career is just the beginning of many adventures, ups and downs! 

Cosmetology was said to be a career that “NEVER MADE ANY MONEY”. A career that was for those that “didn’t know what they wanted to do”. WHAT A SHAM!

Speaking from experience – Cosmetology is an industry that defies all odds! You can make it whatever you want it to be. This career could make all your dreams come true! Whether your dreams consist of a 6 figure salary, a new house, a new car, to travel the world, to become a business owner, or something more. All you have to do is dream!! Some people are living in such a small world they cannot visualize the amazing opportunities this industry has to offer.

Little history on my family and how I decided this career was for me…….

My mother was told from all her peers these same things! Your “NEVER GOING TO MAKE MONEY” and “YOU WONT MAKE ANYTHING OF YOURSELF”. My mother is living proof, along with others in this industry, that SHOWED THEM OTHERWISE!
(To those that do-way to go!) 


Brittany and her Mother, Susan Dean in an ABA judging seminar

After teaching for many years my mother was approached by a peer of hers that she was interested in selling her school. My mother thought about it and then decided to venture into the education business in 1994! This took many years of hard work. Which didn’t only mean managing a business and all of the instructing team, it also meant to work extremely long hours, sometimes not seeing her children as much as other moms at the time who stayed home had. It meant cleaning the school, counselling students, running the odds and ends errands, snow removal, sanding, stocking, bookkeeping, plumbing (quick fixes unless professionals are needed), maintenance, etc. When you first start a business its not always lucrative in the beginning and you have to wear all the “HATS”. Through all her sacrifices she now owns and operates the largest cosmetology school in the East Coast called Majestany Institute. My mother like many in this industry worked hard through the good, the bad, the ups, the downs and because of it her business continues to be a thriving success!

(Brittany over the years from student, competitor, Master Judge for the ABA, and now Instructor for Delmar College)

I hope that hearing my mothers story and even when we may be told it isn’t much, make Hairstyling, Esthetics, Nails, Makeup, Eyelash extensions your OWN! Don’t let Those small-minded individuals steer you away from a great career. A career that doesn’t get affected by the market. A trade that is versatile in specialties like Color, Cutting, Extensions etc. Versatile in division’s like Magazines, Photography, Education, TV, Sales/Retail, Management, and even becoming an Entrepreneur. The opportunities are endless!

In my case, my dream was NOT to enter into the same industry as my mother. When I was a kid I dreamed of becoming a police officer! I followed that dream to university, college, and then realized it wasn’t for me. I had no options, but had responsibilities to stay on top of! I decided to enter into Cosmetology. Not because I had the talent, not because I knew my entire life that I wanted it to be my career, but because I needed it at the time! Now, after entering into hairstyling. I’ve become more than I had ever imagined.

I started my journey in education 4 years ago! Although I had started my journey at Majestany since what seemed like birth, my first full time educating position was when I began working for Delmar College back in 2015. Since I walked into this career I have had moments where you look at yourself and say wow – I love what I do! Others – you wonder if you’re getting through to anyone? Education is not for the weak! I’ve learned through guidance that there are many different learning styles, methods, and ways to deliver information to different individuals. I’ve learned that not every rule needs to be met with the largest punishment (I’m a little strict). I’ve learned how to adapt learning material to be better understood by everyone and to have fun doing it. I love sharing all the education that I’ve received from my many classes I continue to take and find that my students get a diverse background in all things “old” and “new” because of it!  In my opinion teaching is one of the hardest yet rewarding careers and I wouldn’t change a thing!



(Some amazing memories of my Delmar College Family)

I was very fortunate to find an institution like Delmar College to believe in me and to help me take the next step from a hairstylist, to educator, and now to Delmar College’s Social Media Coordinator. I couldn’t be more humbled!
Delmar College has been at the forefront of this industry in Calgary for over 60years! What a place to get my start! I cannot thank the Owners, Dan and Carla Cavanagh, all the Management: Tara Byrne, Shauna Defreitas, Lauren Scavarelli, and Audrey Eastham , All the teaching staff:  Andrew, Maricel, Jenessa, Tina, Erin, Crystal, Alison, Nilo, Lana, and our amazing receptionist Jeannie enough for the support they’ve shown by welcoming me into the “Family“. That is what we are here at Delmar, a family!


Andrew and Brittany representing the Delmar Swag

I’ve now shared with you my history with a story on my mother, Susan Dean and her success. I’ve shared how I became to be an educator and my path to success with Delmar College.  Now what is your success story?

Whether this is your first kick at the can for a new journey in education, or if it is your second, third, even fourth – That’s okay! We here at Delmar College have seen it all. We’ve had some students who just wanted something different. We have had students who wanted to change their life for the better by having a career that had a flexible schedule to be with their family when they needed it to be. Some who were in their 50’s and were just not ready to stop working so decided to try something new. It doesn’t matter what the “push” may be. Come visit Delmar College and see if we can help you like they’ve helped me enjoy the “next step” in your life by starting it off on the right foot!

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – Confucius


– Brittany Connors
Social Media Coordinator
& Hair Instructor

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Diary Of A Hair Student by : Morgan Calvert



-Morgan Calvert


Hello everyone,

The month of January has been very busy and kind of stressful.
My class started off the month with an exciting taper workshop where we broke the record and did a total of 66 men’s cuts! The instructors were impressed with us and when we came in the next morning they gave us all coffee and donuts and a congratulated us on all the good work 🙂


before morgan
After that fun wore off we had to start getting serious again because we had or second term mock exam and the second term theory exams coming up. The second term exams are way harder than the first! You really need to study and practice even more than ever to pass them!


Morgan ..

Beautiful Color/ Highlight / style done by Morgan


I personally did alright on my practical mock but then on the day of our actual exam my alarm didn’t go off, So I was pretty late and unfortunately had to took a zero. This means I will have to work really hard to pass my final in order to graduate!


So my advice to anyone joining the program is SET LIKE 500 ALARMS ON EXAM DAYS….okay not actually 500 but set more than one so you don’t get wrecked like me!


morgan ...

Other than that its just been a lot of salon days and doing lots of hair! I love being on the salon floor and getting experience, unfortunately I suck at remembering to take pictures of my work! I only have a couple pictures of things I’ve done this month but I hope you enjoy the small amount I do have!

Thanks for reading 🙂


morgan Calvert Feb headshot
-Morgan Calvert




No gimmicks just great education!





Social Media Coordinator Brittany Connors

January 2018 at Delmar: A Recap

With a New Year – Comes new possibilities! Ever thought to yourself  “I wonder?” Well now you don’t have to second guess your career. Now with Delmar College you can work AND go to school with our many 3-day course options. Create more opportunities with your life, bring in more income to your household, and finally LOVE what you do! 

Want to see what it is like to become part of Delmar College’s family? Check out what we got up to last month and see for yourself! 


This month we welcomed many new classes! Join us by saying once again – WELCOME TO THE FAMILY!





Januart 18 Clinical










…Delmar College shared their instructing floor with Nick from Marda Loop Barber shop

image2 (1)

– We are so pleased to have Nick (Delmar Graduate) come in to our school and share his success stories, and show some of his amazing tricks of the trade with our students!


…We’ve shared many upcoming Promotions, Sales and Online Contests…

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…We’ve had a Successful Taper Workshop with 60+ clients…


– We here at Delmar are constantly having Taper Workshops for our senior students. If you are interested in being a volunteer for our students – keep an eye out on all our Social Media Outlets for upcoming workshops! 


…We’ve shared some of our Students at work. If you would like to see more – Visit our website.

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Delmar College announced more appointment availability



…and we’ve shared many student awards & prizes.



Did you happen to catch all the Blogs we have posted? If not click the link below to check these amazing stories out.
Diary of a Hair Student by Morgan 
– What it’s like to be a student bu Autumn
Student Ambassador for December by Moe 
Path to Red Seal by Morgan 


We have also published another “Delmar Morning Chatter” with Social Media Coordinator Brittany Connors. In this Months Vlog Brittany did a Clinical Esthetics Service overview! If you have ever wondered what we offer – check out this video by clicking the link!

Now the best for last…

Our Announcement of our Student Barber Shop Opening & Prices



Keep a close eye on our social media to see any surprise offers we may be having for the 24th! YOU WON’T WANT TO MISS OUT! 


Coming up…
* New promotions
* New monthly specials
* New enrollment
* Delmar Morning Chatter #4
* Delmar College guest speakers
* Partnerships
* Contest winners
* Student awards


Are you interested in becoming part of this amazing family ?
Contact Shaunad@delmarcollege.com to enroll today and better your future through education! 




brittanyc headshot
– Brittany Connors
Social Media Coordinator, Instructor
Delmar College



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“What it’s like to be a student” A Guest blog by Autumn Cameron

Welcome to my very first blog EVER and thank you for taking the time to read it. When my instructor told me I was chosen to write a blog I am not going to lie, I was panicked a bit. I have never had to write one and therefore have no idea where to even begin. Talking about myself and my experience as a student so far seems like a good start so here I go!

I never imagined myself being where I am in life today. There’s always this pressure when going to school growing up that you had to go to University and have a life plan in order to succeed. In that aspect, I did alright. I knew what I wanted to do (I couldn’t say the same for most people I knew), I was working toward that plan, and things seemed to be going the way they should be. I was so passionate about the career I had chosen that I couldn’t even see myself doing anything else. Well we all know that life doesn’t always work out as planned.

Fast forward to 2014. I managed to get my foot in the door with the industry I have always imagined I would be in but getting to the career I wanted? Seemed so far out of reach…and now what? Three years passed and the planner in me started to have anxieties and panic attacks about what lies ahead for me in the veterinary industry. I didn’t want to struggle and not have a career in something I felt passionate about so I did some soul searching and realized that nails and everything about them was something that always fascinated me.


Autumn learning 3D design


I had been getting my nails done for a year before my nail tech moved away and it made me so very sad as I wouldn’t be getting these beautiful creations on my nails to show off to my friends. As we all know, it’s tough losing your nail tech, hair stylist etc and even more difficult finding one you trust. So I gave it some more thought and concluded that I thoroughly enjoyed everything about nails; the art, for the most part, but also the technique and all things involved in enhancements and making the natural nail healthy and beautiful.

A.Cameron 1

Autumn learning Sculpted Nail Enhancements


Now it is 2018 and I am enrolled and attending Delmar College of Hair and Esthetics. I am so glad I have found something else that I can be so passionate about and being able to share in that passion with my instructor and fellow classmates is so rewarding. The first day of class at the end of September was so scary and now looking back feels like it was years ago! I have made lasting relationships with other students, which I wasn’t even sure if I would like my classmates. This is an industry in which I had no experience in at all! This whole time in class has never felt like work. Between the theory and the practical, it’s like getting to do a hobby or something that makes you happy every day. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of hard work involved but when it’s something you are actually interested in then it just seems to come easy. Every day in class we are learning new things and it seems like such a short time to learn everything we need to know (trust me there is more than you think there is!) but every second you put into your happiness is worth it. I have found my niche and am so passionate about learning all things nail and especially nail art, it feels so…calming, I don’t know how else to explain it. It is very rewarding to see your own progress and feel like you are accomplishing something and getting better each day.


Autumn and her class learning Nail Enhancements


I have some advice for those of you who have read through this and made it this far; don’t be scared to start! Don’t worry about the “cookie cutter” life and where society expects you to be at whatever point in life you’re currently in. If you feel passion for something and you’re not happy then make a change, it’s never too late!


Find that thing that drives you and makes you want to get out of bed in the morning (even if it’s minus freaking cold and your blankets are so inviting…trust me I know the struggles). Delmar has been a wonderful choice for me and I am glad that I did the research and chose this school. Everyone is so supportive and helpful. Success begins with you but it always helps to have a wonderful support system and this school has definitely offered that.


Thank you for reading this “little” blurb about me and my experience so far! I hope this inspires some of you to find that drive and gain the confidence to do what brings passion to your life. I am thoroughly enjoying my time in school and can’t wait to see what lies ahead for me =)


Also if you feel so inclined, you can follow my progress as a nail technician on
Instagram: @glitz_n_glam26


Autumn Carmen
Nail Technician
Delmar College



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Social Media Coordinator Brittany Connors

Delmar Student Ambassador: Moe Jarrah


-Moe Jarrah


1. Why did you choose Delmar college?
It’s actually very straight forward why I chose Delmar. It’s because of friends and family members that got their education through Delmar College and had recommended the school once they knew I wanted to get into the hairstyling industry.

2. What award did you receive/prize? 
I was awarded with an awesome pair of Drew Kalaf shears and a Babyliss Pro blow dryer.
3. What does it mean to you to have been chosen as the school ambassador? 
It honestly meant a lot to me to be chosen as an ambassador. It shows how the school can see your hard work and dedication and appreciate your effort, it just pushes you on giving your best because you know that they are aware of every step taken by any student.
4. Why did you decide to become a barber/hairstylist? 
I’ve always had the passion for becoming a hairstylist, that passion grew by watching my father do what he does best throughout the years. so now here I am getting into the industry to start my own career.
(some of Moe’s work)
5. So far what has your experience at Delmar been for you?
After attending Delmar for 7 months now I would say I made the right decision enrolling into the school! I would have to say it has the most professional, caring and down to earth instructors that actually take the time to teach and make sure you’re taught the right way. It’s always an awesome atmosphere inside the college, we’re just one big family that cares about one another – The best way to explain it!
6. What advice would you give someone about Delmar? 
For anyone that is interested in the hairstyling/barbering business, your best choice would be Delmar college. After seeing how much they focus on preparing their students for what they will be examined on, becoming a hairstylist is not easy there is a lot to it and they go into depth with it all!
7. What is your next goal/step going to be? 
My goal is to build my clientele, eventually start my own business.
8. Has this been the right path for you? 
Definitely has been, no regrets what so ever!
9. How did you decide to become a barber/hairstylist?
I believe you should love your job and what you do since we spend most of our time at work. It is absolutely essential for your own personal well being that you feel positively about the career path that you choose, as the saying goes “do what you love and love what you do”.
Lastly I would like to thank my main instructor Jenessa and my cutting instructor Andrew Kalaf ; as well as, everyone that is part of this college for everything they’ve done for us since day 1.
-Moe Jarrah

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Social Media Coordinator Brittany Connors

Diary of a hair student #8 by Morgan Calvert

Hello everyone,

It’s been amazing lately with school and all the opportunities it has opened up for me even before I’ve graduated. I recently started working at Tommy Guns in the downtown core location and love it.

School is crazy busy right now. We’re doing so many things at once including some final projects and our second term midterms are coming up. I am honestly super nervous about it. I’m also really excited about graduating and being able to work in a barber shop or salon full time.
In the last month I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my hair colouring and hair cutting skills because of all the time we now spend on the floor.

Over the holiday season we had a contest for who could sell the most amount of gift cards under our names. I am happy to share with you that I came in second and also attained top retailer of the month!
I was never one to do well in high school so being able to accomplish so much at something I really love is amazing and empowering.

I hope you enjoy the pictures of my recent hair makeovers on some of the amazing clients I have had the chance to work with at Delmar.

Thank you for reading.

– Morgan



No gimmicks just great education



Social Media Coordinator Brittany Connors

December 2017 at Delmar : Recap

It is hard to believe that 2017 has come and gone so quickly. However, here at Delmar College we are excited to welcome 2018 with open arms! What did Delmar College get up to in December to finish 2017 with a BANG?

Delmar College would like to congratulate 3 of our classes at our Esthetics and Wellness Spa. Our Clinical Estheticians, Nail Technicians, and Professional Estheticians that finished the year with a Diploma – Congratulations! There is nothing like starting off 2018 with success, and opportunities at your door.


Congratulations to our January 1400 hr. Hairstyling class who graduated in December. We cannot wait to see what comes next for all of you!



We here at Delmar College shared the joy of Christmas this year by starting our new annual “Toy Drive”. While searching of a charity that we wanted to partner with and donate to we came upon the “Magic Of Christmas” charity. This charity spoke to us here at Delmar College because of their reputation and their undoubted desire to spread the magic over the holidays.
“The Magic Of Christmas”  is a complete non-profit organization that runs off  of their donations and the many volunteers. They decorate a city transit bus to be a reindeer and sleigh filled with the hundreds/thousands gifts, volunteers dressed as Santa’s elves, and they drive around Calgary delivering presents to the homes, families, and hospitals of children in need.
We couldn’t be more Proud to Donate $230.00 worth of toys as well as the numerous donations from students, staff, and loyal customers of Delmar College. Thank you to everyone who donated!
Want to donate? Don’t worry. Our next toy drive will be posted and you can help us help children and local families during the holiday season 2018!



Another Thank you to: Social Media Coordinator Brittany Connors , Esthetics Director Audrey Eastham, and Director of admissions Shauna Defreitas for taking the time to purchase & donate so many wonderful toys with the $230.0 0!  



Could you imagine FREE MEN’S CUTS?  Well Delmar College was at it again! We’ve hosted a very successful Men’s taper workshop for our senior Hairstyling students. Can you believe in 1 day with 10 students we had 60+ men’s cuts come through the door!


We would like to thank all the volunteers who came in and helped our students by receiving a FREE hair cut! If you’re bummed that you missed this one – DON’T WORRY! Delmar College will be hosting another Men’s Taper Workshop this month. Keep an eye out on all our social media outlets to stay informed!

This month promotions…
(All promotions are able to be seen on all our social media)




…We’ve shared some pretty amazing amazing student work..
(Check out our website to see more student work)



….Started getting our Student Barber Shop ready for clients come February!


Feature wall for Delmar College’s Student Barber Shop


….We’ve done another “Delmar Morning Chatter”  vlog with Social Media Coordinator Brittany Connors on our apprenticeship program.
…We’ve published blogs from current & past graduates of Delmar College…




2017 has been an amazing year, and December a great month! Stay tuned to see what Delmar College gets up to in 2018!

Coming up..
* new enrolment
* Specials
* New “Delmar Morning chatter” VLog
* Student awards & Blog 
* New Services
* Flash sales
* 8th Blog post of  “diary of a hair student” by Morgan Calvert
…..& Much Much more!


– Brittany Connors
Social Media Coordinator


No gimmicks, just great education


Social media Coordinator Brittany Connors




“Path to red seal” guest blog by Morgan Mclarren

Have you ever thought to yourself  “what’s next”? Now that you’ve completed your 1400 hr program, what is the next process to get licensed and red seal certified? We asked Morgan to tell us where her path took her. Here is her story.




-Morgan McLaren


I am sharing my path to obtain my red seal journeyman certificate. This can look different for many people, but if you’re someone who has yet to attend beauty College, or is in school currently for a hair styling certification, let this story help you out!

If your not in school yet, I will let you know how I decided on which beauty college to attend. I have met many people who have attended different schools in Calgary, or other cities. I asked other stylist their thoughts and opinions on their schools they attended. I also took tours of several beauty colleges in Calgary. My opinion was definitely affected by watching my best friend, and coworker Stephanie Fiori who attended Delmar College and went on to successfully get her Red Seal. She recommended Delmar to me because it is so focused on passing government exams -both theory and practie. I can now say the same thing! I would not be where I am today without Delmar, their instructors (especially Sonya Afshari) and their curriculum.

Middle: Instructor Mrs. Soniya Afshari   Right: Morgan McLaren


Our theory exams are also very to to the ones you will have to write. So be sure to study the best way for you. Learn how you memorize the best. Is it by taking practice multiple choice exams? Is it by someone reading questions out loud and you answering? Or, if you’re like myself, I remember information best by jotting down notes. I created study cards throughout the school year and truly thanked myself later for having them as a tool for studying for my government theory exams.




I chose to start my apprenticeship while still attending Delmar. I would recommend this, as I did the 3 day program and had the time. I have me loads on insight into the salon environment, and the expectations. It was inspiring and motivating to work at karma, and was my light and the end of tunnel with school! My coworkers gave a ton of support and cheered me on throughout school and afterward. Be sure to choose a salon that works with who you are. I know personally I wanted a salon with a “family” like culture, and lots of education. I did not want to be rushed on to the floor as a stylist, and wanted to truly be a sponge taking in all I can and building my confidence.

Find someone at work as a mentor – someone licensed and that you can go to Witt any questions. This person can keep you accountable in signing up for exams and helping you with feedback on practical work.

The scary part:

The scariest part about the red seal, is the government exams (at least it was for me). I personally struggle with a lot of test anxiety leading up to and during exams. I no longer had my instructors to hold my hand, or motivate me to get them done. My advice is that no matter when you decide to sign up, it’s going to be scary. So just get it done right away! It makes more sense to have all the information from school fresh in your mind, because It can take a while to get through all 5 exams with waiting on available examination dates.

I personally called shortly after graduating in to the apprenticeship board, and asked what my next step was for singing up for my first exam. I was asked to mail in a copy of my diploma from Delmar, and once it was received I can submit payment online. This was the same for each following exam. As soon as I found out I passed exam, I would sign up for my next one right away. If you put it off, and makes it so much harder. I was calling, submit payment through my trade secrets been anxiously wait to receive the date of my exam. Be sure to be on top of checking their website and your email as not to miss the dates and be prepared! Once you have a date, take the time to study or practice drills, get a good nights rest the night before and have some sort of reward for yourself for getting it done. I personally would reward myself with some sort of treat for getting an exam done, because it is something to be celebrated!

There’s how many exams?

There are 5 exams I had to write to receive my red seal.

1. First period theory – you can sign up right away to do this exam.

2. First period practical – you can sign up for this as soon as you pass the first theory exam, and so on for others.

3. Second period theory.

4. Second period practical.

5. Red Seal theory exam

Stay motivated and get’er done!

No matter what, this process is going to be stressful! I tried to look at it one step at a time. Go to school, graduate, get an apprenticeship then do the exams one by one. It’s okay to feel like you’re struggling, know you have support from Delmar, friends, family and coworkers in this journey. Never stop practicing, studying and be on top of you. You’re ultimately responsible for getting licensed, and you have to take all the steps necessaryto do so. If you’re wondering when to sign up, do it as soon as you’re able. Know that by getting your period two and red seal done, you get government grants as a reward! It’s totally work all the stress and time it takes! It personally took me a year and a bit from graduating Delmar to get all my exams complete. YOU CAN DO IT!

-Morgan McLaren

No gimmicks, just great education

Social media Coordinator Brittany Connors

“Wake up Call” A guest blog by Mariah Rycroft

The moment you finish your 1400hrs here at Delmar College our graduates move on to the second step of their learning process, Apprenticeship. Sometimes, we tend to only  hear the success stories and then get to thinking “How hard can it be?” Not every Happy ending comes with a successful beginning. Today, we hear from a graduate of Delmar College and her story of how hard it really can be. 

– Mariah Rycroft

     The day I received my diploma from Delmar I was beyond excited. I couldn’t believe how accomplished I had felt. I made it through the hours of studying and practicing for both theory and practical exams, made it through the numerous highs, and the numerous lows, it was a dream come true. I was so excited to get out there and get my hands in hair and start building up my clientele, boy was I in for a bit of a wake up call.

      I received a job at a boutique salon, which I thought would be a great environment for someone fresh out of school. I soon came to realize the environment of this salon was not what I was looking for. There was not a lot of educational opportunities for a beginner like myself in this particular salon, and for someone who was starting to realize school could only teach you so much, it was very disappointing. This was only the tip of the iceberg so to speak. It was hard to realize that this was it? When starting out you’re told that you that you will “assist” and “learn” from senior stylists. For me this wasn’t the case. I was bullied at work. I was under appreciated, and I was looked down upon.

    After only working there for a couple months, it was decided that I would no longer be working for that salon. I then would go on to spend the next couple months working retail to help pay the bills. I had started to convince myself I had made the wrong decision in choosing hair as a career.Then, everything changed when I received the opportunity to interview at Redbloom salon.

The amount of support, education, and confidence I’ve regained working at this salon has been impeccable! I now love waking up everyday to go to work! Which was always something that was important to me when deciding what to do with the rest of my life.

There are a few things I believe are important for those wanting to enter into the industry, or those ready to graduate and take the next step.
One: Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you chose an easy career. It is not easy whatsoever! With that being said, it is also a very rewarding career to be able to make people feel beautiful and confident!
Second: Never lose your passion! No matter what life throws at you. When I lost my job, I was going through multiple personal issues as well. I thought I would never be able to regain my passion towards anything. Luckily, I had an amazing teacher at Delmar, who I stayed in contact with, and she was able to push me to get back out there. I will never be able to thank Brittany Connors enough for giving me tough love. My mom also played a huge part in regaining my confidence, as she never stopped believing in me.
Lastly, I believe to be of the most important is to be picky! Be picky in the salon you choose to apprentice in. Do your research, see what each salon will offer you education wise, and support wise. It makes a world of difference when you work for a well organized business.

All in all my experience outside of school has been what some would call a roller coaster, but I couldn’t be happier to be on this crazy ride, and can’t wait to see where it will take me next! 

-Mariah Rycroft

No gimmicks, just great education

Social Media Coordinator Brittany Connors

Delmar Student Ambassador: Sammer Shamoon

Our Student Ambassador for October & November was awarded to Mr. Sammer Shamoon. Here is his story:

– Sammer Shamoon

Q1. Why did you choose Delmar College?

– I chose Delmar college for variety of reasons. One of these reasons is Delmar college very good reputation and I can say it’s number one in Calgary and probably Alberta. Another reason is many friends who studied hair styling recommended Delmar college.Also I looked to the college website and  Facebook , checked all the pictures and the reviews and simply I found what I was looking for. Big thanks to Shauna who helped a lot when I wanted to register for the course.

Q2. What award did you receive/prize?

– I got a really nice Jaguar scissors  as a prize.

Q3. What does it mean to you to have been chosen as the school ambassador?

– honestly, I didn’t expect to be chosen as the college ambassador because I only started studying less than two months ago. I’m glad that there’re professional instructors who appreciate and noticed my hard work and how much effort I put every day at school. It’s an honour to represent such an amazing institution as Delmar college.

Q4. Why did you want to become a stylist/barber?
– I’ve always been interested in hair industry. Hair styling and barbering is the thing I wanna do now! This decision came after lots of thinking and researchs about the industry. Also , I’m surrounded by people who share the same passion. Friends and Family whom they work as barbers or hairstylist are always encouraging and help me since I decided to study at Delmar college.


Q5. So far what has your experience at Delmar College been for you?

– It is an amazing experience so far . Lots of learning, cutting, new information and most important meeting all these incredible instructors and students. Everyone is friendly and professional. The atmosphere inside the college is indescribable . It’s a big family! Everyone is smiling and working hard. Being happy where you study or work makes the difference in your experience.

Q6. What advice would you give to someone about Delmar?

– My advice is if you wanna be involved in hairstyling or barbering industry Delmar college is your best choice. Taking the first step is all you need after that they will take care of you and make sure that you graduated as a hair artist.

Q7. What is your goal/step going to be?

– For now my goal is to learn and get experience as much as I can . After I graduate I’ll work in one of the salons in the city to get more experience. My long term goal is opening my own salon.

Q8. Has this been the right path for you?

– This is the hardest question to answer. I believe everyone can do and be whatever he wants if he works hard. Hard working is the key to success. Failing is not the end of the road as long as you get up again and fight.

Q9. How did you decide to become a barber/stylist?

– Simply, I wanted to do something different. Something that I know I’m going to be good at .  An art or magic. Barbering and hairstyling is the path that I think I can fulfill my passion and dreams.



– Sammer Shamoon




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