How to find that Perfect Salon/Barbershop/Spa

When students graduate from hair/esthetics school , many struggle to find a salon/barbershop/spa that is the right fit for them. This often results in ‘job-hopping’ which can have a negative impact on a resume and also can result in decreased longevity in the industry.

Finding the ‘right-fit’ salon/barbershop/spa requires doing your homework.

Decide exactly what you would like to achieve during your apprenticeship. Are you looking to take clients immediately or are you looking for additional mentorship and ongoing education?

What is your end goal? Do you ultimately want to be a salon/barbershop/spa owner, booth/chair rental or commission-based stylist/barber/esthetician? Be sure to do the research on all options in order to make an informed decision.

Are you interested in ongoing education and if so, what type of education?

Are you looking for full-time or part-time employment? Are you prepared to work part-time if that is all that is available?

What is your monthly budget? What is the MINIMUM wage/commission needed to fulfill your budget? Will the compensation package being offered accommodate your budget requirements? Many graduates do not consider this important fact when choosing a place of employment.

What areas of the city are you interested in working in? How far are you willing to travel (during all seasons of the year)? Oft times, people think they will work anywhere but when reality hits, the commute becomes too difficult.

What SALON/SHOP/SPA CULTURE are you looking for? Visit several places of interest, book an appointment or consultation in order to ‘check out’ the atmosphere and vibe (this might require a couple of visits). Talk to the stylists/estheticians and ask if they enjoy working there. Working in an environment that is not a fit, often results in quitting/termination.

Research businesses online. Check out their websites/Facebook/Instagram. Don’t be afraid to email and ask questions. Also, it can be beneficial to check out online reviews but be sure to read from an objective/balanced viewpoint.

If you secure an interview, be sure to have a list of questions to ask regarding wages, educational opportunities, mobility within the company, product usage costs (if any) and any additional questions you need answered. This is imperative to gauge whether or not the position is viable for you.

If they offer on-going education, what are the expectations of the staff? Are the staff expected to pay for it or a portion of it? What are the model requirements? What sort of time investment is expected (will you be expected to attend a class every week/month etc)?

How hard are you prepared to work to build your clientele? Does the salon/shop/spa have client-building strategies available to assist you?

Are you aware of the employer’s expectations? There are some common expectations in the industry. Many salons/spas/barbershops look for someone who is friendly, personable, kind, fun-loving, outgoing and easy to get along with. A person who is self-motivated, loves to help when not asked and is a team player. A person with drive and passion for the industry is also important!

Employees must stay up-to-date with trends, tips, fashion and what’s going on in the world. Not just hair/skin training but business and personal development training is very important as well.

The hair/esthetics industry has a reputation for being transient. This is often a result of stylists/barbers/estheticians not doing their own due diligence prior to accepting a job offer. For longevity in a salon/shop/spa and in our industry, be prepared! A great foundation will lead to a great career!

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This week I thought we would take a slightly different turn with our blog. We spend a lot of time talking to students and potential students about passion and dedication. Where you put your focus is where you get results. We have many students who have never had anyone believe in them therefore it is difficult for them to believe in themselves. We discuss how every obstacle can be overcome; you just need to stick the course and find a way!

I reached out to Delmar graduate Lyndsey Paradis who found success in the hair industry. She was a hard-working student who went on to apprentice under Dawn Bradley which afforded her many educational opportunities and experiences! She quickly became a specialist in hair painting!

Once Lindsay became licensed, she decided to branch out on her own and opened Lyndsey Paradis Hair in Citizen Salon Studios and has been very successful!

Throughout this journey, Lyndsey’s other passion was bubbling to the surface; Spiritual Life Coach. She has recently decided to join her 2 sisters in teaching and guiding others how to live their best lives and commit to their dreams!

Lyndsey Paradis: The Pull

This is a message about following THE PULL. About trusting your desires and going for more. About being more committed to your dreams and visions than any story or reason you have as to why it’s not possible. Whatever you are telling yourself becomes your truth and reality. We’ve all heard this at some point or another but are we present to the magnitude of the truth in that statement?

As a Coach I am here to remind you that you are 100% responsible for your experience of life. You really do get to say how it goes for you. Nothing is permanent and you have way more control over the circumstances in your life and how you react to them than you may be present to. It’s more a question of how willing you are to see things differently; how resourceful you are willing to be and if you are willing to be responsible for creating the life you want?

That could land as either daunting or inspiring. But for a moment let’s go with the latter. We live in an age where resources are at our fingertips. Where creating a business that is run through Instagram and can be managed from any city, at any time in the world is normal. You follow people who are currently doing this. The limitations and linear thought models of the past really are becoming just that- ways of the past. The ways to create a life by design are continuously expanding. So my question for you is, what do you want? What is it you want to express in this life? I’m not talking about your second-best dream or the what you think you can achieve. I’m talking about your true desires and allowing yourself to live them.

Following the pull of what you innately know is true for you and giving yourself permission to have it.  Your desires are unique to you and are there for a reason. If you allow them to, they will guide you.

With that being said, there is a difference between your hectic thoughts and feelings and your inner knowing and guidance. Your inner knowing or pull has a distinct feel to it. It is often quiet and still and has a calmness to it. There is a “sureness” to it. The thoughts and feelings that come out busy, loud, chaotic, confused or in a temper tantrum are not your internal GPS guiding you to a fulfilled life.

If you have always wanted to pursue a certain career path or perhaps you have just discovered something you’re interested in, it is your responsibility to chase that. You can start by asking yourself, “what am I committed to?” and taking actions consistent with that.

In any career, there is training, development, knowledge, certification, etc required and there will likely be days when you don’t want to do some aspect of what is required of you. That ‘I don’t want to’ is the thought/feeling that is different from your true desire. As human beings, we are wired that way. We have thoughts and feelings that can take us out of the game.

But we also have creative power. We have desires and dreams inside of us for a reason. Those dreams not only fulfill and light us up but when we step into owning them, they serve the people around us. The surgeon is doing more than fulfilling his/her desires of practicing medicine when they’re saving lives in the OR. The hairstylist who specializes in colour corrections is doing more than feeling creatively expressive when the client leaves happy, thankful and in love with his/her new hair.

Your ultimate fulfillment in life comes from living into your desires and being fiercely committed to seeing them come to life. It comes from be willing to honour your inner calling and living in a state of expansion instead of settling or shrinking down your dreams. It comes from trusting that your pull for your career and life to look a certain way is valid. It comes from connecting to what you know you really want and take committed and consistent actions from there. It comes from keeping your mind in the game and being willing to do what it takes to have your visions become a reality. It means creating a plan and having a support system hold you accountable. It means asking for love, help and support when you need it. And it means remembering, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right” (Henry Ford) and consciously choosing what beliefs you are feeding yourself.

Your dreams are valid and you are capable. FOLLOW THE PULL. You really are the author of your life and in every moment, you get to say how it’s going to go.


You can follow Lyndsey on Instagram at lyndsey.paradis

I hope this inspires you to FOLLOW YOUR PULL!

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As we move into the glorious summer months, let’s reflect on the Delmar happenings in April and May.

It was GRADUATION TIME and we celebrated several class graduations:

March First Period Apprenticeship

May 2018, June 2018 and September 2018 Hairstyling classes

September 2018 and January 2019 Professional Esthetics

November 2018 Clinical Esthetics, September 2018 Nail Technician and Lash Technician

We WELCOMED several New classes:

Calgary April 2019 and May 2019 Hairstyling classes

Calgary May Second Period Apprenticeship

Calgary May 2019 Professional Esthetics and May Makeup 101 class

Red Deer April Hairstyling and May Clinical Esthetics

Our Admissions Department along with some students, attended Career Fairs in Calgary and Skills Alberta in Edmonton. It was great to chat with potential students and we hope to see them in the future!

We are always grateful for the experience and knowledge our guest speakers impart and they inspire our students! Our Esthetics classes also got the opportunity to attend the Western Canada Esthetics Summit at MRU where our Esthetics Director Audrey and Clinical Esthetics instructor Biljana were honoured to be guest speakers! Such an incredible educational experience!

To honour women for Women’s Day, we held a Facebook Makeover Giveaway! Congratulations to our winner Jessica Popplestone and her 2 nominees!

In honour of Mother’s Day, we had a gift card promotion and Lynn Ross was the winner of a $300 gift basket! Stay tuned for more competitions!

We love to showcase our student work! Here is some of the work that made it into our Student Spotlight from both our Calgary and Red Deer campuses!

We are honoured to be part of the Junior Miss, Miss Teen and Miss Calgary Pageants every year. We have partnered with Patti Falconer Agency for many years and we look forward to many more years!

Some of our Calgary Hairstyling students got the opportunity to participate in Bay Days at South Centre Hudson’s Bay! They had a lot of fun styling hair for the ladies! Our October Barbers were invited to offer haircuts during Guy’s Night at The Bay also!

We are very grateful for the AMAZING INSTRUCTORS we have at both of our Campuses! Teaching is not easy but it is rewarding! Our instructors are passionate about teaching and are very proud of our students’ successes! (some instructors are missing from photos)

Our Red Deer staff and students had a great time at the Red Deer Women’s Fun Run event! Lots of family fun! Our Mother’s Day raffle winner loved her gift basket!

Delmar Calgary students had the incredible opportunity to support @awo_taan_healing_lodge_society by offering haircuts to several of their members! Such an uplifting and humbling experience! We look forward to working with them again in the future!

We were honoured that a few members of Calgary’s Finest stopped by to support our students during a men’s cutting workshop! Thanks again and come by anytime!

Last but not least, we blogged about (click on link provided to catch up on what you missed):

Realizing Your Dreams

The World of Pampering

From Clinician to Educator: A Natural Progression

The Journey into Clinical Esthetics

Nailing It!


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The World of Pampering!

Who doesn’t love to be pampered?!! I know I do! Stressful week at work? Hard day at home with the kids? Just need some ‘me time’? Whatever the reason (and we shouldn’t need a reason), taking the time to get pampered is rejuvenating! In addition, spa services allow you to maintain the health of your nails and skin! The Alberta climate is very dry and as such means we need to pay more attention to our nails and skin. Both women AND men should begin a spa regime to reap the benefits treatments offer!

Some benefits of a manicure and pedicure:

Increased blood circulation. During any manicure or pedicure, you receive a relaxing massage of the hands and feet. …simply the best part!

Improve the health of your nails. With regular manicures and pedicures, the chances of your nails developing fungi and other infections are reduced.

De-stress. When many of us are stressed, we tend bite/pick at our fingernails which causes damage to the skin surrounding the nails as well as the nail itself.

◦ Keeps hands and feet smooth and soft through the use of exfoliants and moisturizers.

photos courtesy of @queenb_beautyy

Some benefits of a facial:

De-stress. Facial massage massage is not only relaxing but increases blood flow to the skin and stimulates all the pressure points on the face which in turn affects many other organs in the body.

◦ Thorough cleansing and exfoliation which removes dead skin and pollutants.

◦ Regular facials help to promote collagen production and boost cell regeneration.

Detoxification of the skin through the use of steam and professional products specific to your skin type and problems.

photos courtesy of @queenb_beautyy, @dominatrixx_beautyy, @just_make_up_things_ , @pretty._.simple

You also benefit from the knowledge of your skincare specialists. They will thoroughly analyze your skin to ensure you receive a facial specific to your needs. In addition, they will educate you on HOW to properly maintain your skin at home.

One day at the spa can leave you feeling fresh, rejuvenated and even younger! It is also like a one-stop shop; get your manicure, pedicure, facial, lash extensions and waxing done by the same service provider!

photos courtesy of @just_make_up_things_ and @esthetician_life_by_flo

Spa services are often thought of as luxury items but we really need to change our mindset. Our overall well-being can benefit from regular spa visits. This enables us to be more productive and more relaxed in general which can lead to healthier and happier lives!

Book an appointment at either our Calgary Wellness Centre 403-255-6644 or our NEW Red Deer Spa 403-347-2018 for YOUR DAY OF PAMPERING!!!!

For many Estheticians, their passion for making people look and feel AMAZING is what leads them into the industry. They love the idea of being able to makeover someone from head-to-foot.

Joining the world of pampering, you learn so many different skills which opens the door to many employment opportunities including self-employment!

I spoke with Erin, one of our Esthetics instructors at our Red Deer Campus about her journey into THE WORLD OF PAMPERING.

I decided to pursue a career in Esthetics after working as a manager at Sephora. It helped me realize my passion for the beauty industry and brought out the desire to further my knowledge in all aspects of Esthetics not just makeup and skincare. I made the decision one day and jumped right in a few short weeks later.

Throughout my life I have always had a passion for beauty, getting my own hair and nails done religiously but making the decision to attend school at 25 years old was the best decision I ever made and was the most fun I could ever imagine.

As a student, my favorite parts of the program were:  the “hands-on” learning environment, having an instructor to look up to and aspire to be like (I am lucky to be able to work alongside her now) and the friends I made.

Entering the industry, I was a certainly a little bit intimidated but after a short time I realized that it’s really a group of people who love to empower/uplift others by making them feel good about themselves. It really is an extremely rewarding career.

I started to build my clientele WHILE I WAS IN SCHOOL, networking with friends/family, using them as models, letting people know I would be graduating and having them book in with the school as much as possible throughout my 5 month program.

Social media is obviously a huge part of building clientele – ask your regular clients to share your work- you’d be amazed at the followers you will gain from just one “share”.

#delmarliferd #delmarlifeyyc

I would recommend starting out with a referral program for your clients; offering a discount of some sort for every client that they bring you.

Ensuring that every client that you have walk through your door receives 5 star service from start to finish.

The decision to become an instructor gave me the best of both worlds as I still do services on my own clientele but I also get to share my passion with others and give other people the knowledge/skills to become a great esthetician.

The only real difference between being an instructor vs. service provider would be that I now get to demonstrate to students and help them feel confident throughout their services, rather than performing the service myself- just like any working spa/salon, our students work on the public and as an instructor I am there every step of the way to offer assistance.

My favorite service to receive is a facial because I find it incredibly relaxing and it’s really beneficial for the health of my skin.

However, my favorite service to perform is a pedicure. First of all- who doesn’t love getting a pedicure? I find it gives clients instant results and is a task that they often can’t do for themselves. This gives me a sense that I am making a difference for the client by brightening their day and helping them relax.

Waxing is my favorite service to teach. For most of the students it is something new for them and offers a very satisfying, immediate result.

My advice to those entering the industry or considering enrolling in a program is to always bring a positive attitude with you and always keep up with your education. The beauty industry is ever-changing and it’s important to be able to offer the current “trends” to your clients.

If you’ve been thinking about it, take that dive. The decision to come to Delmar College was the best decision I have ever made for my career. I look forward to teaching you and help kick-start YOUR career!

Let Delmar guide you into the world of pampering! Contact our Admissions Department to secure your spot today!

Calgary Esthetics: Julie at or call 403-255-6644

Red Deer Campus: Azra at or call 403-347-2018

Calgary Hairstyling/Barbering: Alison at or call 403-264-8055

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Realizing Your Dreams!

We all have dreams! Making those dreams become reality is a different thing entirely. Many people believe they are entitled to start at the top or that they will get there with minimal effort. Some people spend a great deal of effort trying to find the easy way out. The reality is, if you want it, you need to put in the HARD work! Where you put your efforts, you will get results. There is nothing more GRATIFYING than achieving something you have worked hard to get!

The first step in realizing your dreams is asking yourself “are they realistic for me?”. Be honest. If the answer is yes, then find the RIGHT path and people to help you achieve that dream! You also need PASSION and DETERMINATION! The road will often be rocky but ALL obstacles can be overcome; you just need to find the way. You need to stick; DON’T GIVE UP! Too often in our industry, people expect to make top dollar straight out of school. You need to continue your education, build your clientele and keep them, build your social media profile and don’t get discouraged! It won’t happen over night but it will be a small window of your life if you put in the hard work in the beginning!

Find someone who inspires you and follow their lead. Take the best from many to create your best. We can’t change our past but we can write our future! Make that future what your dreams are made of!

I asked existing Delmar Barbering Student Andrew to share his road to realizing his dreams.

What was your background prior to coming to Delmar College?

Prior to being a student at Delmar, I was a roofer in both residential and commercial flat roofing. I’ve been roofing since the age of 16 after moving out on my own.

Through many different trials and tribulations I’ve made it this far, never regretting any of my decisions because it’s made me the person I am today. I always wanted to take the easy way out and cut corners; to try and find the get rich schemes but in the end I always managed to get twice as far behind. Being a product of my own decisions, I’ve learned that taking the easy way is the hardest life lesson. Things catch up to you faster than you can say hello or goodbye in most cases. It took me a few years to find the right path and it feels good to be the person I am now.

Making the decision to become a student at Delmar was a difficult one but I’ve learned that hard work will pay off. There will be struggles throughout but my determination to become something I’ve always wanted to be will lead to the reward in the end. Priceless!!

What made you decide to enter the barbering profession and has it always been a passion?

I have ALWAYS loved barbershops. My grandfather took me to Fred & Lou’s Barber Shop in Niagara Falls for my first haircut as a kid and over the years I returned to that same shop whenever I have been able to.

Barbering has been my dream since I was young. I decided that the time was now to make my dream a reality. I quit a $35 hourly job just before Christmas without knowing if Delmar would accept me into the Barbering Program and I’m glad I took the plunge. I started my apprenticeship at South Trail Crossing Barbershop and haven’t looked back!

Are there barbers who have influenced you more than others and what about them do you admire?

Maher Chehade and Julie Regimbald influence me daily, helping me in the shop and being a part of my journey. What I admire most about Maher is his drive to be the best he can and offer his clients the best experience that money can buy.

I’ve had the opportunity to shadow Julie, one of the best female barbers in the Calgary area, during my apprenticeship at South Trail Crossing Barbershop. She has been in the industry for 15 years and barbering is not only a job but her passion.

Describe your experience at Delmar so far. What were your educational expectations prior to entering the program versus what is actually involved in the program?

My experience at Delmar so far has been amazing. The teachers are fantastic, very knowledgable, friendly, and willing to help with anything that is required.

Prior to being a student at Delmar I never thought I’d ever be a college student. My expectations of going into the Barber Program were to get my diploma and finally be something I’ve always wanted to pursue in life…a barber.

As with any program, there will be things you have to do you that you don’t think you will ever use…50-50 sets and fingerwaves in particular! However, Delmar is making sure we are prepared for our government exams so we can become LICENSED.

above work by @magic_hairstylist

What is your favourite service to receive and why?

My favourite service to receive is a hot shave. I like the relaxation, the facial massage and all the steps involved to make your appearance looks fresh and feel great.

What is your favourite service to perform and why?

At this time, I enjoy offering clients a fresh fade or hot shave. I like to see people’s smiles and confidence they when they leave the shop. Something as small as a haircut can change the way people see themselves and offering that to clients is very rewarding.

What do you feel are the most important aspects about barbering and why?

I find the most important aspects of barbering are making clients feel comfortable and creating new relationships. Making them feel like they are worthy and not just another client or a dollar sign.

What do you feel is the biggest difference between old-school traditional barbering and the modern barbershops of today?

Our new generation has been given the opportunity of barber evolution; from new style haircuts, to hair design, tattoos and much more.

above photos courtesy of barbers @stcbarbershop

It is not just the ‘short sides and back’ of yesteryear. Another big difference I find is the age of barbers as so many young people are getting into the barber industry which is awesome to see! Barbershops are opening all over the city so the competition is fierce! However, the strongest and best will survive!

What are your future goals once you have completed your program at Delmar?

After completing my program at Delmar, I plan to work with some of the best barbers in the industry and strive to exceed my client’s expectations each and everytime they are sitting in my chair. I want to be one of the best!

Do you feel social media is important in our industry and why?

Recently I’ve become very familiar with social media and I find it is a great learning tool and is IMPERATIVE for building your business! Spend some time learning how to utilize social media platforms to increase your clientele and request clients. It is also a great way to look/apply for jobs and to use as a recruitment tool.

Are there certain barbers you feel have radically influenced the new direction of the Barbering industry and why/how?

Again, as for who as influenced the barber industry in a new direction I would say Maher Chehade. He has brought many big names from all over North America to the Calgary area via Barber Battles, he speaks at seminars and offers great advice to the new and upcoming barbers in the industry.

Andrew is currently working hard to achieve his dreams both in school and at South Trail Crossing Barbers! In addition to contributing to this blog, he has won a Social Media Challenge and is working on building his social media profile! Follow his journey on Instagram @klutch.kutz

Are you looking to follow your dreams? If you are passionate about Hairstyling, Barbering or Esthetics, please contact our Admissions Department:

Calgary Hairstyling/Barbering: Alison at or call 403-264-8055

Calgary Esthetics: Julie at or call 403-255-6644

Red Deer Campus: Azra at or call 403-347-2018

We look forward to being a part of your journey to realizing your dreams!


Tara Byrne

Social Media Coordinator

From Clinician to Educator: A Natural Progression

For those of us in the Hair and Beauty industry, our passion for making people look and feel amazing is what drives us. We spend our careers (and a great deal of money) continuously learning and attending professional development courses to ensure our clients get the very best we can offer! Our goal is to bring the latest techniques and newest innovations and equipment to your service time. We also educate our clients on how to maintain their skin and hair at home, what routines they would benefit from and what products are best suited to them and their individual needs.

Many of us also enjoy sharing our knowledge, skills and passion with those new to the industry. Taking an apprentice/trainee/new team member under your wing, teaching them and watching them grow and become successful is EXTREMELY gratifying! However, after working in the industry for many years, we see many ‘bad habits’ and ‘shortcuts’ being utilized which often takes away from what is important; 5* customer service. That is what leads many of us to become educators in adult education. What better way to affect change and growth in our industry than to start at the ground level. People often say ‘those who can’t, teach’. Actually, the total opposite is true! Only those who have seen success in the industry and experienced the good and the bad are in a position to teach. We need to be able to bring that ‘real-life’ knowledge to the classroom. Being able to strip down and take your skills back-to-basics in order to teach them step-by-step to fresh faces, is a feat in itself. While education is not for the faint-of-heart, it is definitely a natural progression for many of us. To see the ‘a-ha’ moment in a student’s eyes makes everything worth it!

One of our Clinical Esthetics Instructors at our Calgary Campus, Biljana, shares the path she followed to becoming an educator.

The journey that brings me to today has been exciting and full of life-teaching moments. Much like many young adults, I was overwhelmed by having to pick my career path but my parents went through too many sacrifices to just let me be a “bum” as they lovingly reminded me. I did a bit of everything; let’s call it ‘Open Studies’ (wink). Eventually, as is often the case, my parents grew tired of paying my tuition while I jump from one field to the next and I was cut off. Not something I was happy with but in hindsight, tough love was exactly what I needed. As I was immersing myself in self-pity, a good friend suggested we have a spa day. ‘Huh’? I had no idea what that meant. “You will love it!” she proclaimed proudly. As someone who does this “spa day” thing regularly, she was excited to get started.

As I walked through the doors of the warmest and most pleasant place I could imagine, we were greeted and ushered to our respective rooms to change into the provided robes. The treatment began with pedicures, followed by our manicures and honestly, I didn’t think life could be any sweeter. As my fire engine red polish was drying, another therapist came over and instructed me to follow her for my facial. *Gulp*. Someone will be touching my face? I was unsure but the very moment she took my hand in hers, I calmed down and was assured I would love the treatment. I did. Looking back on it, I don’t remember a thing about the procedure or even her name but what stood out was how she made me feel. I carried that feeling throughout my career and it is the reason I am at this precise moment in my life.

I enrolled to St. Clair College in Ontario in 2004.

Two years later I was employed full-time by my co-op college placement. The spa was a full service spa where I put my training to good use. They had amazing technology, laser equipment and advanced treatments that many others could only dream about. I dove in whole­heartedly and 13 years later I am still continually developing.

Over the last decade, I began to realize I enjoy teaching others about my passion. Whether it’s a client, a new employee or consulting with other businesses, the gut reaction always remains, I love to spread awareness and correct misconceptions. I enjoy the relationships built and the ability to soak up something new each time I work with colleagues or students.

At some point about 3 years ago, I concluded that as knowledgeable and passionate as I was, teaching what I excel at was a whole other ball game. My research led me to Mount Royal University and with their help I became a Certified Adult Educator.

For me, choosing a teaching facility was easy. Delmar was and still is the only acceptable teaching institution to work at. This college has the same passion for education that I see in myself and almost two years later, I can say I was not wrong. I am home.

Regardless of the field you are in, professional development is, at its core, the best way to meet and exceed your career goals. If there is a free workshop, take it! If your employer says, “There is this last minute training available…” , you respond with “What time do I need to be there?”. Take initiative, come to work on time and be prepared to exceed what is expected of you. If there is one thing I can take away from my very first spa day, it is no matter how amazing I felt, my provider did not educate me on products I needed for my skin and I feel she failed me as a therapist.

Lastly, don’t go to work with a selfish mindset. The only way for you to be successful is if you treat your work environment the same as you would your own business. Your employer depends on you to do well. If your workplace isn’t doing well, neither will you.

Please check out Biljana’s website for great information on skin treatments and products!

The great thing about being in the hair and beauty industry is that there are many different paths you can follow! In addition, if you are looking to travel, the skills you learn will follow you! Is it time for you to pursue your passion? If so, join the family and let us guide you on your path!

Delmar Admissions:

Calgary Hairstyling/Barbering: Alison at or call 403-264-8055

Calgary Esthetics:

Julie at or call 403-255-6644

Red Deer Campus:

Azra at or call 403-347-2018

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THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH! Are you searching for it? Many people are searching for non-surgical ways to slow down the aging process. While there are a number of anti-aging retail products on the market, many people are looking for more immediate results.

Clinical Esthetics offers many non-invasive treatments to help improve the skin’s elasticity, reduce wrinkles, refine the skin’s surface, reduce the look of scars and to help treat acne to name but a few.

Microdermabrasion, Dermaplaning, Micro-needling, laser treatments, chemical peels and light therapies are used to treat many different skin conditions. All of these services are offered at Delmar Wellness Centre in Calgary and at our new Spa location in Red Deer!

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An exfoliation treatment that uses tiny granules to buff away the surface layer of the skin.✔️Improves the skin’s texture✔️Reduces fine lines and wrinkles✔️Removes skin congestion✔️Great for most skin types✔️Can be done on most areas of the body


Uses very fine, small needles to superficially puncture the skin inducing the generation of collagen. A numbing agent is used prior to beginning the service. Minimal downtime.✔️Promotes collagen production ✔️Improves skin texture and tone ✔️Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles✔️Improves the appearance of scars and stretch marks✔️Helps reduce hyperpigmentation


A manual exfoliation treatment that removes vellus hair and the top layer of dead skin cells.✔️Increases cellular turnover✔️Helps skincare products penetrate deeper✔️helps reduce hyperpigmentation ✔️The skin feels silky smooth

After a thorough analysis and consultation, your clinical esthetician will determine which service is best suited to your needs.

Current Delmar student Dariana gave us her insights into the industry and why she has chosen to take the ‘Journey into Clinical Esthetics’.

What is your background and what prompted your decision to pursue Clinical Esthetics?

I came from Venezuela to Canada a year and a half ago to pursue a better quality of life. I studied Accounting for 4 years and I worked in the field for 7 years. I am so passionate about beauty from inside – out and I decided to achieve my dreams when I came to Calgary. I took the Clinical Esthetics program at Delmar College to develop my skills and meet the necessary standards to stand out in the industry.

In your opinion, what do you see as the future trend in the Esthetics Industry?

I do believe in the success and growth of the Esthetics industry. I see a brilliant future with high demand from young and older people. There are new products in the market every day, such as cruelty free, artisanal or organic products that reach the expectations of almost everybody who wants to take care of their skin. Also, providing a treatment from a professional Clinical Esthetician can give to the clients a personalized care, in order to help them with many discouraging skin conditions, such as aging.

Why do you think there has been an increase in the number of people choosing to pursue Clinical Esthetics?

 I think the number of people pursuing Clinical Esthetics is been increasing due to the success and effectiveness of medical beauty treatments. Both women and men are seeking treatments to help them look younger with non-surgical cosmetic procedures.


Describe your experience at Delmar, the program and quality of instruction.

My experience at Delmar was great! I learned a lot from my instructor and also from my classmates. Studying at Delmar College has helped me develop the confidence I need to start in the beauty industry. In my opinion, Delmar has the best Clinical Esthetics program in town! It includes trending treatments in the market as well as new technology machines. The instructors have so much experience in the field and they share that knowledge with you.

Once you have completed your program, what is your goal?

Once I complete the program my goal is to take an entrepreneurial route. The knowledge and skills that I attained during this program apply to the work I will build in the following months. Furthermore, I plan to learn more about beauty and cosmetic tattoo after finishing this program because it is not the end of my learning. I want to stay up to date in my field and be the best.

What opportunities are available to those who take Clinical Esthetics?

There are infinite opportunities for those who choose Clinical Esthetics as a career. There are a lot of spas, salons and surgeons’ offices in and out of the city who are consistently hiring clinical estheticians. I think everything will depend on the vision, effort and passion that students have for their profession. Also, Delmar College’s students have a high reputation in the field as the school is well known for the quality of their instructors.

What is your favourite service to receive and why?

My favorite service to receive is Microneedling because I know how effective it is and how it works on the face. I also love microneedling because my skin reacts great after getting the treatment done. It provides deep hydration to the face and gives a bright and glowing texture to the skin.

What is your favourite service to perform and why?

My favorite service to perform is Chemical Peeling because after choosing the right peel and the right products the results are amazing. Performing a chemical peel can give totally transform the face.

Do you have a favourite product line or products you prefer to use and why?

I like using Skinceuticals products. They have variety of products for all skin types and conditions. Their serum is amazing and it works perfect on sensitive skin like mine. After using Skinceuticals serum and moisturizer, my face feels much more hydrated with a great texture.

Dariana graduates from her program April 17th and we look forward to hearing about her success as she embarks on her new journey! Follow Dariana on Instagram

For more information about our Clinical Esthetics program, contact our Admissions:

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The Nail industry is HUGE! There are so many nail bars out there, it is hard to choose where to go! Nail fads seem to come and go quickly but the classics never die! It seems WHATEVER your fancy, a great Nail Tech can design ANYTHING you want! I can honestly say that some of the fads I have seen, I find EXTREMELY BIZARRE!!! However, I will admit that it takes talent and artistry to produce those looks!

Delmar prides ourself on the fact that we ensure our students learn all aspects of nails and nail design/enhancement.

We also focus heavily on INFECTION PREVENTION CONTROL. Unfortunately, the improper use of tools and poor sanitation is rampant in the nail industry. It is important that clients do their due diligence. Check out the nail bars and ask questions before getting services done. Be sure they are using single-use (disposable) tools where possible and sterilizing multi-use tools.

Pedicure bowls should have disposable liners to avoid contamination. Cross-contamination happens quickly but the ramifications can last a long time!

Be sure they are following ALL health and safety procedures! Healthy nails are beautiful nails!

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I asked Delmar Nail Technician Instructor Nikki to share her experiences from entering the industry to teaching and what advice she has for those looking for a Nail Tech.

I grew up like many girls with the love of nails. I obtained my Nail Technician Certification in 2006 and have been expanding my knowledge through continuous education, nail workshops and high fashion nail art classes.

Having owned and worked at some of the top salons in Calgary, it’s safe to say I know my nails.  I am very passionate for my craft and put care into my ultimate goal of helping women feel good, whether it’s with a nail service or teaching. I believe that every woman deserves to have some glam in their lives and every woman deserves to feel good every single day.

The key to my success is always keeping up with the latest nail trends and trying it out on myself before offering it to my clients. As a result, my clients get exclusive nail art designs that I personally love. I specialize in hand-painted nail art and enjoy being able to express my creative passion through my designs.

Being in the industry for numerous years, I always had a desire to teach! However, I wasn’t able to pursue this dream until after I gave birth to my daughter 4 years ago.

Being a teacher at Delmar has been amazing – from the staff to the students, it’s a great place to work. Teaching definitely has its challenges but it is very rewarding when my students walk out of the classroom having learned something new.

A few nail trends that I’ve seen on Instagram are:

◦ Jelly nails: mixing texture, colours, prints and shades together all in a nail set.

◦ Barely-touched nail design, such as nude colour nail polish with simple nail art (think minimalism).

◦ A touch of sparkle on top of nude nails and glitter dusted on to create a gradient design.

Some fads I’m not crazy about are Bubble nails and Shovel/Flared nails.

Spring is just around the corner! As many of us are transitioning into lighter clothes and spring shoes, it also means lighter and brighter nail colours. From pastels to bold and bright colors! It’s always a great idea to change it up and create fun and exciting nail designs to match your client’s mood and the changing seasons!

Personally my all-time favorite designs I like to do on myself are floral 3D acrylic l design with swarvroski crystals!

When looking for a Nail Tech, here are some tips:

• Communication is important – there’s more to having a good service than just picking out a nail polish color. If you can’t understand each other’s communication preferences, chances are you won’t be happy with your service.

• Pay attention to the cleanliness of the place – don’t be afraid to ask how they disinfect their tools.

• Check whether their tools have been disinfected before use. There are many single use items such as nail files and anything that is porous (orangewood sticks, pumice stones, or buffers) that can harbour and breed bacteria. These should always be new.

• Metal tools such as cuticle pushers and cuticle nippers can be reused after being disinfected.

• A good sign is if the nail tech is wearing gloves. Gloves can reduce the transfer of bacteria to a client.

• Also check if the bathroom is clean – if the bathroom is not as clean as you like your bathroom to be at home, take that as a sign.

• Social media – check if your nail tech or nail salon has any type of social media page that represents their work/establishment. Read any reviews or check pictures of their work – look for good polish application, and no paint stains on the cuticle.

• Above and beyond all, just make sure it’s someone you feel comfortable with so it’s a comfortable and pleasant experience every visit.

Check out Nikki’s Instagram page @nikkiroxnails to see her AMAZING work!

Call 403-255-6644 to book an appointment in our Spa. To find out more about our Nail Technician Program, contact Julie at or call 403-255-6644.

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“There is never a dull moment at Delmar” and as always, Delmar was very busy these last 2 months! Let’s reflect on some of the happenings!

We CONGRATULATED the following GRADUATING classes:

March 2018 Hairstyling, April 2018 Barbering/Hairstyling, January Second Period Apprenticeship, August 2018 Professionnel Esthetics, September Clinical Esthetics, October Clinical Esthetics, January Makeup 101 and January Makeup 103!

We WELCOMED the following classes to THE DELMAR FAMILY:

February 2019 Clinical Esthetics


March 2019 Barbering/Hairstyling


March 2019 First Period Apprenticeship


March 2019 Clinical Esthetics


We announced our recent partnership with the Rockview School Division to offer the first Cosmetology 10 class in Cochrane!

We are always grateful for our guest educators!

There is always AMAZING student work to celebrate!


Our October 2018 Barbers worked their magic cutting hair at The Bay SouthCentre Mall during their Giving Day Charity Event!

The Delmar Admissions team visited Career Fairs at Lord Beaverbrook School and Father Lacombe School!


We had a MAKEOVER GIVEAWAY in honour of International Women’s Day and Jessica Popplestone, Kayla Hynes and Jacquie Bretzer won a Color/cut/style, brow wax and tint and a manicure!


Check out some amazing projects completed by both Esthetics and Hairstyling students!

Classroom contest winners got to spin THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE!

Delmar College has partnered with Patty Falconer Agencies for many years and we were honoured to participate again in the Jr. Miss Pageant! Our students always do amazing work!

We journeyed into NEW AGE BARBERING with guest blogger Mark Bautista and we spoke to Delmar graduate Juliana Rachewiski about CHANGE YOUR CAREER, CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Click on the links below and check out both blogs!


Amongst all the learning, there is still time for a bit of fun!

Stay tuned to see what APRIL holds!

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With the previous and current economic climate in Alberta, many people have had to make career changes. At Delmar, many of our students both past and present have found themselves making a huge career change slightly later in life in order to support their families and/or taking the opportunity to pursue a passion that was laying dormant for many years. For many, they find it a daunting challenge going to school full-time and working while raising a family. However, many of our students have proven with hard work, dedication and perseverance, it can be done. Not only do we need to complete school but then we have to start at the bottom (often at minimum wage) in a salon accumulating apprenticeship hours. This can often be a financial burden on families. So why do we do it you ask? For the love of the industry! I reached out to Delmar graduate Juliana who is loving her career change. Here is her story:


Hello DELMAR blog family !

It’s a pleasure to be here and sharing some of my experiences! I’m Juliana Rachewiski , DELMAR May 2016 class graduate and New Talent hairstylist @ HairBenders Salon, Airdrie. I’m passionate about hair and making people feel beautiful! After all, who doesn’t like to feel and look beautiful?!!


Although Hairstyling was always my dream, I pursued a Bachelor in Marketing and Communication and worked at a bank for almost nine years. While it helped pay the bills, I would say I was unhappy because I always liked fashion and the beauty industry.


Transitioning into this industry was a long process, which began when I came to Canada. I really wanted to get involved but I chose to postpone my dream to raise my two boys. I was a stay home mom for 12.5 years.


When we moved from Toronto to Airdrie in 2015, I decided to do something for myself and to help my family as well. I thought about Esthetics and Nails but I felt that hairstyling would be more recession proof and at that time, Alberta was starting to feel the hit 😞. I asked some salons which school they would recommend and everyone recommended Delmar, as it is well known in the industry, they prepare their students for the government exams, and they have a partnership with Apprenticeship and Industry Training. That made my decision easy!


The first week at Delmar was great yet overwhelming. I was the oldest in the group and everything about hair was new to me. I wasn’t self-taught nor did I have prior experience. Some of the other girls had experience taking Cosmetology in High School or they had hairstylists in their family.


Oh my gosh, it was a hectic time learning everything from theory, to finger waves, roller sets, color wheels, cutting techniques, etc. There were so many things I never imagined we would have to learn. Foiling hair on time, and manoeuvring a marcel curling iron were huge milestones to overcome.


However, when I take on a challenge, I put 100% of myself into it! I have a super busy and unique family and it was definitely difficult to manage study time, practicing and finding time to work on all the projects…especially for a perfectionist like myself 😊.


Some people are bolder than others, more courageous I’d say. They go to school and face it without worrying how it will turn out. However, that was not me and I struggled so much in the beginning with the idea of making a mistake! After all, if you cut too much, you can’t glue it back on!



To all those interested in taking on this challenge which requires a lot of commitment, my advice is to use each minute you have in school to practice, do better and overcome your difficulties. If you need an instructor to hold your hand for you to get the hang of a movement with a tool, ask for it. Work as much as you can to build your confidence in dealing with people.



Hairstyling is a beautiful industry and extremely gratifying especially when you do amazing work on your client. There are no words to describe the satisfaction I feel when my client loves her/his creation!



However, it is a tough, competitive industry as well. It is definitely not a 9-5 job where you close your computer and go home. We work many hours and it can be a challenge to build your clientele, the money will be tight for a while and the learning has to be constant in order to offer the 5* service clients deserve. All of those extra hours working made me wonder if I had chosen the right career as I still have a family to dedicate myself to. However, all of the effort and work I have put in so far and knowing my clients are so happy and satisfied with their looks, makes me want to continue to grow and do better each and every day!


I have taken courses in both women’s and men’s cutting techniques, advanced color classes, extensions and business management. When starting out in a salon you will be required to build your clientele. This requires planning, promoting your business to get clients into your chair, upgrading your service, and retaining clients. Product knowledge is very important as well! It is part of the service we offer and it is important to educate clients on how to maintain their style/color and have a beautiful healthy hair. Everything is a circle of trust you build with your clientele.


Never take anything for granted!

  • Clients will leave you for other stylists and new clients will come.
  • There will be always a stylist that knows more than you; be humble, listen and observe.
  • Find a salon that fits your personality; being unhappy at work makes people miserable and I have been there many times.
  • Be kind and gentle; helping each other is a true “pay it forward” because everyone was once an apprentice.



Delmar blog family! I will say goodbye for now and I hope I have given you some points to reflect on and consider! Perhaps one day our path will cross 😉.

Whatever you do, do it with love and dedication! It will pay off!

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