“There is never a dull moment at Delmar” and as always, Delmar was very busy these last 2 months! Let’s reflect on some of the happenings!

We CONGRATULATED the following GRADUATING classes:

March 2018 Hairstyling, April 2018 Barbering/Hairstyling, January Second Period Apprenticeship, August 2018 Professionnel Esthetics, September Clinical Esthetics, October Clinical Esthetics, January Makeup 101 and January Makeup 103!

We WELCOMED the following classes to THE DELMAR FAMILY:

February 2019 Clinical Esthetics


March 2019 Barbering/Hairstyling


March 2019 First Period Apprenticeship


March 2019 Clinical Esthetics


We announced our recent partnership with the Rockview School Division to offer the first Cosmetology 10 class in Cochrane!

We are always grateful for our guest educators!

There is always AMAZING student work to celebrate!


Our October 2018 Barbers worked their magic cutting hair at The Bay SouthCentre Mall during their Giving Day Charity Event!

The Delmar Admissions team visited Career Fairs at Lord Beaverbrook School and Father Lacombe School!


We had a MAKEOVER GIVEAWAY in honour of International Women’s Day and Jessica Popplestone, Kayla Hynes and Jacquie Bretzer won a Color/cut/style, brow wax and tint and a manicure!


Check out some amazing projects completed by both Esthetics and Hairstyling students!

Classroom contest winners got to spin THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE!

Delmar College has partnered with Patty Falconer Agencies for many years and we were honoured to participate again in the Jr. Miss Pageant! Our students always do amazing work!

We journeyed into NEW AGE BARBERING with guest blogger Mark Bautista and we spoke to Delmar graduate Juliana Rachewiski about CHANGE YOUR CAREER, CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Click on the links below and check out both blogs!




Amongst all the learning, there is still time for a bit of fun!

Stay tuned to see what APRIL holds!

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Tara Byrne

Social Media Coordinator

2017 at Delmar: February’s Recap

Here’s a look at what we got up to around the college in February.

Our students were BUSY. On the floor, in the classroom, with clients, and in all departments, it was non-stop.

We started and ended the month with a men’s hair cutting workshop for some of our classes. Our students cut the hair of almost 100 men between those two days. It was great practice for them all and we also want to thank all of the guys that came down and helped support a student. You guys rock!

Speaking of rock, we had another successful student photo shoot with the amazing Brandon Shaw from Analog Dog Creative. Here’s a few shots to give you a taste. Professional images to come soon.


We would also like to send out a huge thank you to our staff and students that participated in the Kids Cancer Care Shave Your Lid for a Kid event at Samuel W Shaw school. $16,000.00 was raised!


Some of our students also participated behind the scenes at the Miss Teen Calgary pageant. Thank you to all of you who helped out!


We announced another Student of the Month. Congratulations to Ayman! If you missed our blog post about him click here and check it out.


We also checked in with our Evening Esthetics class again. This post was by Teneika Dennie. Click here to read her story.


And we saw a ton of amazing student work. This is just a sample of the talent that we get to witness every day at the college.


We are so excited for March! We will welcome lots of new classes and mid month there will be a very exciting announcement, so stay tuned…

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Don’t Quit Your Day Job

Have you ever thought about going back to school to learn a new skill or start a new career, only to find that the program hours and the weekly commitment would be too much? Maybe you looked into some evening classes through a continuing education department, only to find that funding was never an option.


We hear stories like this all of the time. In response we have developed a variety of programs that can be taken in the evenings and weekends.

Nails by Nail Technician graduate Cassandra Aravena

Our Nail Technician, Hairstyling Pre-Employment, and Professional Esthetics programs can all be taken in an evening/weekend format, and are eligible for student aid.

Lash Extension graduate Sara working on her lashing skills in class

Eyelash Extensions, and all of our Makeup modules can also be taken in the evening, but are currently not eligible for student aid funding because they are shorter programs.

Makeup 101 students

Are you unsure of what program may suit you? We are here to help you with program placement, payment options, and funding applications. Click here to go to our admissions page.

Esthetics graduate Lindsey practicing microcurrent

Delmar College has been creating successful grads since 1950. We have seen a lot change over the past 67 years, and we have changed along with it. The advent of full time programs offered in a non-traditional format is just one example.

Happy graduates!

So don’t let your day job get in the way of making the career change you have been looking for. Check out our website www.delmarcollege.com or call us at (403) 264-8055 to schedule an appointment with an admissions advisor today.

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Student of the Month: Alejandrina Valiente

I have been gifted with the honour of meeting Alejandrina in Delmar. Ale is an extremely talented, sweet, hard working young woman. She stops at nothing with tasks at hand to do her best. She encourages her class mates, including me, to do their best and lends a helping hand, always leaving a smile on your face.

-Brianne Walker (fellow student)

I was born on December 15, 1995 in Guatemala.

I used to have such bad grades in my classes. Then, when I got pregnant at 16, I went to a self directed school where I learned to be responsible. Then I came to Calgary and I was in a self directed school again. I had to finish my 12 grade in almost 5 months. It was really hard, but I did it because I was very motivated to finish high school and go to university. So I went to Mount Royal University and enrolled in the Psychology program. But since I never really saw myself working in an office I felt it was not for me. Then I started Open Studies in order to go into Bachelor of Business Administration, but again I didn’t think that was for me. After so much failure I went back to my home country and went to university there in Human Resources Administration, but again I didn’t feel like it was the right place for me.


Since nothing was working for me I started a small association with one of my friends called “Huellitas de Amor”. We rescued animals from the streets. That made me sooo happy. So I realized that my purpose in this life is to help the ones that need it most.

Giving my son a pedicure

I always loved to do nails and my mom told me that she could pay for my nail program at Delmar, so I came again to Calgary and enrolled in the Nail Technician program. That was in July, and the program was gonna start in November (2 days a week) so I knew I was going to get bored at home and I told my mom I wanted to get busier. So, we went to Delmar again to find a program that was not going to interfere with my nail program. We found one (October Hair Design class) and I was told that there was no more spots available, but I was going to be the first one on the waiting list. My mom told me, “If God wants you to take the class he will open those doors”. So I kept waiting and I finally got a call from the school saying that I got my spot. We went as soon as possible to the school and I got enrolled. I remember asking Shauna for the text books just to make sure there was nothing I couldn’t handle. There it was, a chapter for anatomy, physiology, chemistry, etc. My mom looked at me and I immediately told her and Shauna I CAN DO IT, I AM SURE (I think my mom was super worried).

Then since I still didn’t feel busy enough, I asked my dad If he was able to help me pay for another program, which was the Eyelash Technician program. He was able to help me and I successfully completed that program at Delmar.

Practicing my lashing skills

What I love the most is being able to help my classmates, I love making people happy and being useful and helpful.  I am really grateful to God for putting such amazing people in both of my programs. I even told my friend, something that will make me happier than me getting an award for student of the month was for them to get it (I was helping them study because they were having difficulties studying). It has been hard for me due to my English barrier but and yes, sometimes I ask myself how am I doing this, and I don’t know, what I do know is that I am not failing and I LOVE IT. I want to get in the make up program too but for now my friends and family want me to finish at least one program to get enrolled in another one.

Ale Valiente has been a very dedicated student since the beginning of our course together she has been very helpful with my studies and has put a lot of time and effort trying to help me understand our class material. She’s smart, cheerful, and very outgoing and that’s what makes her who she is.

-Wasem Alhaj (fellow student)

When I graduate I want to go to poor areas in Guatemala and offer to hard working people free services. There are so many amazing people that couldn’t afford a haircut or a nail polish, etc. so I want to provide those people that deserve it a nice service.

My class had a party for me on my birthday

So I will go around schools, working areas, and streets to find out who deserves it and needs it. Some people are very smart but they will never get a job just because of how they look.

“Ale thinks of others before herself, she is the most caring person I’ve ever known. She’s got great leadership skills and she’s always giving her best at what she does.”

–Abell Lim

Then as an encouragement to schools and working areas I want to give them something like a monthly, or every semester price. I want to build that association, make my fur babies association bigger, and start another association to help teen moms in my country that didn’t get support from their families to provide them with education, food and a home until they are ready to have their own house and job. And for sure I am opening my own salon. I want to work really hard so I can have it in many countries and make my own schools back home.


That’s me. Someone that loves to help people, someone that loves teamwork because without a team no one will get far. For me, teamwork is a key for success. Together everyone achieves more and that’s why I want to encourage people to come with me and help me to help others. I really think I can achieve anything when I put my heart on it, I will always give my extra mile.



Ale is our January school-wide Student of the Month. We are amazed by her strength, drive, and determination. She is truly a Delmar ambassador.

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Student of the Month: Kylie Lebedeff

My name is Kylie Lebedeff, I am 22 years old. Hair school was not my first post-secondary institution I attended. Straight out of high school I attended university pursuing a degree in education. After 3 years I decided that education wasn’t for me. After talking to different schools and universities I decided Delmar College is where I wanted to be.

Working on styling in class

I started my education at Delmar in August 2016, and have loved each day. There is never a dull moment at school; each day is filled with new theory and practical. Even when we are practicing finger waves and perms all day long, I never feel that I am not enjoying my day at Delmar.

I really love this style I created

Getting better at the things I struggle with is all part of growing as a stylist. Cutting has so far been my favourite part of school. Andrew is a great instructor and has always pushed me to do my best and beat my goals.

Accepting my Student of the Month prize

Now that I have found the career path I feel most confident in I am thriving. My grades are the best they have been, my passion is growing every day and I love coming to school. I am confident this is where I should be and I cannot wait to grow further.



Kylie is our December Student of the Month. She was nominated by her instructors because of her contagious positivity and her reliability. She is truly a Delmar ambassador!

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November at Delmar: a Recap

We started November on a high note and welcomed our November Nail Technician class on the first of the month.


We hosted another graduation ceremony and reception on November 2. Congratulations to all of our graduates in attendance, and thank you to guest speakers Lina Chammoury of Edges Salon & Spa, and Lisa Coombs of Joico.


The $100 Gift Card for $50 Sale launched again!


Student of the Month, Jamie Osaka, was featured in our last blog post (click here to read it), and she won an awesome prize for, well, being awesome! She is our first ever school-wide student of the month recipient. How do you get this title? Simple. Just be a Delmar ambassador and your instructors could nominate you. From all those nominations, one name will be chosen per month.

Some of our students and staff spent a Sunday getting creative with some amazing presentations and demonstrations at the Grey Eagle Casino for the IBS Beauty Roundup.


Delmar College was happy to welcome our newest Professional Esthetics class in November!


Congratulations to our March Hair Design class on their graduation! We wish you all the success in the world.


We extended another huge Delmar welcome to our new November Hair Design class! They are doing some amazing things, and we cannot wait to feature some of their work.


We caught up with Delmar alumni, Morgan McLaren. She took over our blog and shared a piece with us about what inspired her to become a hair stylist. (Click here to read it)


MAKE UP FOR EVER stopped in and held an amazing class with our Esthetics and Makeup students. A huge thank you to Pro Business Manager Jacqie for coming in and sharing so much with us. All of our Makeup students receive an amazing kit from MAKE UP FOR EVER’s Pro line, and we are proud to be partnered with them.


Our Esthetics department held another Industry Scavenger Hunt day. Our esthetics students are paired up into teams and sent out into Calgary to complete some beauty industry related tasks. They win some pretty cool prizes, but more importantly, they get to meet people in the industry.


Congratulations to first period Apprenticeship grads! We look forward to seeing you all in second period.


We held another highly successful Eyelash Extension course. Here is one of our recent students Sarah, working on her lashing skills. For those who are interested, we will have another class running in January.


What an amazing month we had! Thank you to everyone who made it so. December brings the holidays, and all the cheer that goes with it. We can’t wait to showcase all the glitz and glam that will happen around the college! December also brings a giving spirit, and all of us at Delmar would like to embrace that and help our fellow Calgarians during what can be a hard time for so many. For the month of December we will be collecting nonperishable food items for the Calgary Food Bank. If you bring in a minimum of three of those items to your next appointment in December, you will receive 20% off your services that day.




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Hair + Creativity by Morgan McLaren


My outlook on hair is that it is another form of creative expression. Being someone who went to art school before hair school I can’t help but see the similarities. To me the transition has been just as fulfilling because I still get to use my creative skills every day.


When you look at hair, art, and design there are a lot of parallels. In hair we have to use our imagination and creative problem-solving  in order to create the desired look for clients. In art, a blank canvas is an opportunity and every client comes to us with their canvas (their hair). This is when creative problem-solving truly comes into play because you were working on a canvas that other artists before you have worked on.


Initially, we study the shape of our clients hair and work with that shape to create the most desirable form for their facial features. Then comes colour, where we have to work with their natural colouring as well as their artificial colouring to create our vision. To me colour is a lot like painting, our formulations are a mix of the primary colours just like when you paint. All this while figuring out the most flattering tones and which colours truly work best together. Popular today is the balayage technique, this free hand painting on your clients hair makes you truly feel like an artist. Each technique we learn can be expressed uniquely creating our own touch!


When it comes to styling, it really reminds me of sculpture work.  You are creating a desired texture with product to best showcase your form and colour. Also popular today is hair tattooing, which is like drawing into your clients’ hair. It’s so much fun doing that kind of work because you are challenged drawing on an uneven surface!

In regards to inspiration, like art and design, it is better to pull it from unlikely places. In hair, if you’re always looking at hair photos you are not pulling from abstract inspiration. I believe true creativity in hair comes from other places. You may be inspired by colour in nature, art, your daily life, food, and an infinite amount of other places. I think the combination of creativity and technical skill in hair makes it so fulfilling.


Like art, sometimes you get an artist’s block in hair. You may go through times where you feel uninspired. I think that is why education is so important. It challenges you to keep learning and expand your abilities. I am always left full of inspiration and fully motivated after a class.


Hairstylists use their creativity to create a look for their clients that suits their personality and lifestyle. Like design, you have certain parameters you have to work within and I think the hardest thing is controlling your creativity.




Morgan McLaren is a recent graduate of Delmar College. She is currently apprenticing at Karma Salon in Calgary, AB. You can call 403-282-2485 to book your hair service with her. You can also check her out on Instagram @morganm_hair

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*All images are used courtesy of Morgan McLaren*

June at Delmar: A Recap

In the beauty college world June can typically be a slow month. Not this one though! We are happy to say that we had a ton going on around the college. Lots of new students, lots of clients booking in, and in true Delmar fashion, LOTS OF FUN. Check it out below.

Another very successful Makeup 101 program ran in June. Here are some shots from that class.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Some of our Hair Design classes learned all about barbering and male grooming.


We recognized some stand out students for their perfect attendance. We love to reward student success!


We saw some students graduate from the Professional Esthetics program. Congratulations to Chassity and Genalin!


We featured more of our last student photo shoot. Thank you to Brandon from Analog Dog Creative, and to all of our students that work so hard to create these beautiful images.

Our March 2016 Hair Design class learned some classic techniques (and had some fun) when it came to perm wrapping and highlighting methods.


We welcomed Jody from Joico. She came in to educate some of our Hair Design classes on the Joico product line. Thank you Jody!


We already blogged all about it, but it was kind of a big deal, so we need to mention it again. Delmar Esthetic’s student Jordan competed on Team Alberta for a spot on Team Canada at the Skills Canada National competition in Moncton, NB. If you want to read all about it click here for a link to that blog post.

A brand new Professional Esthetics class started this month…


and so did a brand new Hair Design class. Welcome to you all!


Some very exciting news came our way. Last week we proudly made the announcement that we will be hosting a guest artist in July. Cameron Byrne is an award winning hair stylist from London, England. He is coming to share his creative knowledge with our students and staff. The countdown is on for all of us!

Two more exciting announcements, we launched our brand new website AND we can now say that our Hairstyling Pre-Employment program is eligible for student aid funding. Here’s a little shot of both combined. Click here to check out our fresh new look!


Thank you to all of our students, staff, and clients that made June such an amazing month here at Delmar. We wish you all a wonderful Canada Day, and we will see you in July!


Audrey Brown

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On the Road to Skills: Moncton 2016

“The ultimate victory in competition is derived from the inner satisfaction of knowing that you have done your best and that you have gotten the most out of what you had to give.” Howard Cosell

If you have been following our blog posts, you will already know that we were in Moncton, NB for the past week at the Skills Canada National Competition. Delmar student, Jordan Radke was representing us, and Alberta, in the Aesthetics competition. I was there as the Alberta representative for the National Technical Committee.


It has been quite the journey for Jordan and myself. We started training for a spot on Team Alberta many months ago now. When it came close to provincial competition time disaster struck in Fort McMurray and all the evacuees were housed in the Edmonton Expo Centre, a.k.a. Skills Alberta’s competition site. This meant that, along with every other trade competing, we had no venue. Most would freak out and just cancel everything, but the Skills Alberta team are resilient and resourceful, so we just found another way.

A lot of the trade competitions were then held at NAIT in Edmonton, just with a modified competition schedule. Some competitions were cancelled, but a medalist was chosen to be on Team Alberta by lottery system. Whoever took gold regionally went into the pot and were drawn. I am the chair for the Skills Alberta Aesthetics committee, and basically as long as we could find another venue to host us, we could still hold a modified competition. And that’s exactly what happened. My amazing committee came together and found a beauty college in Edmonton that would host us. Crisis averted.


Jordan took the gold medal at the provincial level and we started the process of preparing her for the national level. She trained hard, four days a week, for three weeks. We were ready.

On June 4 she joined Team Alberta and traveled across the country. I went the day before and started set up for the two days of intensive competition that lay ahead of these ladies. There were eight young women from eight different provinces in total. On the evening of June 5 they all came to meet us as their future judges and drop off their “tool boxes”. First thing I noticed was they all looked so professional and composed. Everyone was in the game at this point.


June 6, competition day one. Jordan started with the manicure and nail art component and moved into the advanced facial.


June 7, competition day two. The Moncton Coliseum is a million degrees and smells like camp fire. Sweat is literally dripping from these girls as they do the body treatment and makeup portions of the competition.

At the end of the day we all got together, wished each competitor well, and had some fun. These girls did such a great job and a huge round of applause was given.

June 8, we all get in buses and meet up at the Wesleyan Celebration Centre for the awards ceremony. The place is packed and everyone is in their respective teams.

It was such a great ceremony filled with amazing energy. Moncton definitely knows how to show it’s visitors a good time.

Team Alberta won the Team Spirit Award. Some of the Alberta competitors went through a great ordeal in order to make it to this competition, what with the Fort McMurray fires and being relocated for so long, but no matter what part of the province they are from, one thing is sure: they were there for each other.

Delmar College would like to extend a huge congratulations to the winners in the Aesthetics competition. We wish nothing but success to Gold medalist, Anne Matiowsky (Ontario). She has a long road ahead to qualify for Team Canada.

We also need to congratulate the Secondary and Post Secondary Hair Styling winners!

We have some strong competitors that are moving on to qualifiers for Team Canada. World Skills, here we come!

I spoke with Jordan after the awards ceremony and gave her a huge hug. She said she had such an amazing time and was so happy with the opportunity she had been given to be part of Team Alberta. It was such a pleasure training her and getting to know her better. She will be a success at whatever she puts her mind to.

For me, I am already planning for the Provincial and National Skills competitions for 2017. I am excited to meet some new competitors along the way and take them to Winnipeg as part of Team Alberta.


Audrey Brown

no gimmicks. just great education


Around the College: April and May at Delmar

We had a lot of very exciting things happen around the college in April and May, and we think it’s time for a little recap.

From the Skills Alberta Aesthetics competition to the Edmonton ABA’s, a lot of our students and staff got into competition mode and represented us well.

Hair Instructor, Brittany Connors took a silver medal at the Edmonton ABA show


Hair student’s, Youssef and Taylor both took 13th place in the Battle of the Barbers. Read more about it here.


Esthetics student Jordan competed at Skills Alberta and took gold in the Aesthetics division. She now is moving on to represent us on Team Alberta and compete at the Skills Canada competition in June. Read about her journey here.

We posted a ton of student work. Here’s just a sample

We stuck to one of our root values of giving back to the community by volunteering at a couple of events. One was a head shave challenge for Kids Cancer Care, and the other was an event to help women build up their confidence, hosted by the Elizabeth Fry Society.

We celebrated some graduates. Congratulations to our September 2015 Professional Esthetics class and our January Clinical Esthetics class!


Our very own Donna was presented with the 2015 Top Instructor Award for southern Alberta through the Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training Board


Our classes are fun! Even when it’s the serious stuff

Some of our staff and students attended the World of Wella show in April


And then we attended the Modern Rocks the Runway show in May

We had a wonderful time hosting the Regional Skills Alberta Hairstyling competition for Southern Alberta

We had so much fun doing the hair and makeup for the Miss Teen Calgary and Miss Calgary pageants


Our September and June Hair Design classes had their final photo shoot. We are so proud of them and all the hard work they put into it. Here are just a few of those images. If you are interested in seeing more click here. Thank you to Brandon Shaw at Analog Dog Creative for being our photographer.

We also have to send out a huge congratulations to both of those classes for finishing their 1400 hour hair programs


Tonight marks our first ever mixed graduation ceremony. It will be awesome to see some faces we may not have seen in the past few weeks, and to have all of our Hair Design, Esthetics, Clinical Esthetics, and Nail Tech grads under one roof. Stay tuned for next weeks blog were we tell you all about it.


Audrey Brown

no gimmicks. just great education